Saké - Futsu-shu

Futsu-shu means typical or ordinary sake. It almost always uses rice that has been polished less than 70% (more than 30% of the outside remains). Even table rice is used in the cheaper varieties. Brewer’s alcohol is added in more amounts than allowed in Honjozo and organic acids are usually added. Sanzoshu (triple sake) goes beyond Futsu-shu and allows enough alcohol to be added to triple the yield of a batch of sake. Also allowed are sugars and organic acids. Sanzoshu is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to sake. Futsu-shu isn’t far, but there are some rare respectable examples.

Serve In:

Top Beers of the Style
moto-i Futsuu Namasake (3.12423)
Masumi Karakuchi Gold Futsu-shu Sake (2.883438)
Ozeki (Champion) Nomo Nomo Sake (2.870624)
Doragon Sake (2.870311)
Dewatsuru Choinama Sake (2.851883)