Bock - Dunkler Bock

The Dunkler Bock, or Dunkles Bock, is a dark, strong, malty German lager beer that emphasizes the malty-rich and somewhat toasty qualities of malts without being sweet in the finish. Any fruitiness is due to Munich and other specialty malts, not yeast-derived esters developed during fermentation. Darker, with a richer malty flavor and less apparent bitterness than a Heller Bock. Less alcohol and malty richness than a Doppelbock. Stronger malt flavors and higher alcohol than a Märzen. Richer, less attenuated, and less hoppy than a Czech Amber Lager.

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Top Beers of the Style
New Glarus Uff-da Bock (3.624791)
Maisel & Friends Marc's Chocolate Bock (3.622381)
Godspeed Haru (3.591043)
Sünner Hircus (3.581525)
La Trappe Bockbier (3.571457)