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Ratebeer Beer News - April 22, 2005

A Weekly Roundup of the World’s Beer News from Ratebeer.com
Brewers/Industry April 21, 2005      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

MolsonCoors Brewing Co. has purchased small Ontario brewer Creemore Springs. The conglomerate seeks to cash in the popularity of microbreweries. Rumors mention that they would make Creemore Springs a national brand. At present, plans are to run Creemore Springs as a separate entity, though they may brew the beer elsewhere.

Consumer group Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has expressed their fears about the possible takeover of Jennings Brewery by Wolerhampton & Dudley breweries. They think that the takeover would be bad for both consumers and the 78 employees of the brewery. A CAMRA representative stated that the Wolverhampton & Dudley promises of keeping the brewery was not a guarantee about it’s future.

A drought in eastern parts of Washington and Oregon has the potential to impact this year’s hop harvest. If water supplies continue to run low, there may not be sufficient water available for irrigation in the late summer and early fall, a crucial time when the size and flavour of the hops is determined.

Warren Buffet, the so-called “Sage of Omaha”, purchased this week a significant share in Anheuser-Busch.

Duluth, MN mayor Herb Bergson has uncovered and will be enforcing an old law that states Minnesota-brewed beer must be for sale wherever beer is sold in publicly owned or operated buildings.

Czech brewery Budejovicky Budvar annouced that thet won the latest round of their legal fight against Anheuser-Busch Ltd. The court accorded Budejovicky Budvar the right to sell their beer under it’s original brand name in Cambodia.

The 32nd Cambridge Beer festival will be held from May 23 to May 28 at the Cambridge university. The organisers, Campaign for Real Ale, aim to have 57 586 pints of British beers on sale when the festival begins.

New Zealand’s own beer festival, BrewNZ, will have it’s fourth edition in July. Brewers nationwide will have the opportinity to showcase their beers.

In Michigan, Grand Rapids city council has approved a request for a new brewpub’s liquor licence. The brewpub will open in the 137 years old Waldorff building and will be named Waldorff Brewpub and Bistro.

The Fountainbridge brewery will finaly be closed next month. Scottish & Newcastle announced that the brewery will close a year after it annouced that the plant was to close. Scottish & Newcastle has transferred the production of it’s McEwen brand to their Caledonian Brewery on Slateford Road.

Labatt’s Sapperton Brewery in New Westminster, BC closed this week, marking the end of a brewing tradition on the site dating back to 1879. A complete history of the brewery can be found <ahttp://www.ratebeer.com/Story.asp?StoryID=464>here.

Two microbreweries in Colorado saw an increase in their sales in 2004. Fort Collins’ New Belgium Brewery had their sales gain 16% while Denver’s Breckenridge Brewery had a increase of 3%. The Brewers Association director Paul Gatza said that the main reason was the increase of the quality of craft beers.

The organic beer industry has seen an increase in demand lately. California’s Butte Creek Brewery had to increase it’s number of brewing tanks to be able to raise the brewery’s capacity of 4 000 barrels to 8 000 barrels. Founded in 1995, Butte Creek is one of the pioneers of of the organic beer industry.

Cobra Beer launched an alcohol-free beer in South Africa, UK and its European and Asian export markets. Cobra’s founder and CEO, Karan Bilimoria, stated that Cobra 0.0% is by far the best alcohol-free beer available.

Russia’s new law on beer drinking and retail restrictions is now effective. The law prohibits retail and drinking of beer in educational, medical and children’s organisations.



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