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Ratebeer Beer News

A Weekly Roundup of the World’s Beer News from Ratebeer.com
Brewers/Industry May 20, 2005      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

The Supreme Court rules on Monday that states cannot discriminate between in-state and out-of-state shipments of wine. The ruling is expected to apply to beer as well, though at this point that has not been explicitly stated. While states still have the option of barring all shipments, it is expected that many will opt to allow all shipments, opening up the interstate beverage trade.

The 11th annual Connecticut Craft Brewers’ Beer Festival will be hosted at the Mountview Plaza Wines and Liquor in Naugatuck on May, 21st. More than 40 breweries and more 100 beers will be available. The brewery list includes big names like Allagash, Dogfish Head, Ommegang, Rogue and Smuttynose.

Craft beer seems to be gaining favor while mass market beers and imports are struggling. The craft breweries have been experiencing a strong performance in the last 18 months, Charlie Papazian, President of the Brewers Association declared that Americans are increasingly turning to the flavor and diversity of locally made craft beer.

After closing their breweries in Toronto, Ontario and New Westminster, B.C., Labatt Breweries are planning to invest more than $50 million in its Montreal brewery. After a market share increase of 2.5% Labatt thinks that the Montreal plant will have to meet growing demand.

Brysons Brews of Heysham, UK has resumed brewing. Motivated by distributors, pubs and the drinking public demand for his beer, brewer George Palmer has decided to resume operations after being closed for seven months.

SAB Miller has decided to buy a majority of the shares of Topvar Brewery in Slovakia. The 8 million pounds deal was made to boost SAB Miller’s presence in central Europe.

Beer seems to be losing favor in Germany. A survey showed that 95 percent of German breweries are exepecting their sales to decline or stagnate in the coming years. The German’s beer consumption has fallen by 11 percent in the last 10 years while the wine consumption has risen by 17 percent over the same period.

Erdinger’s Weissbier is being released in Alberta. It is now available on tap at Calgary’s Melrose Cafe and Bar and as of the beginning of June it will be available in retail outlets. Erdinger Weissbier is now exported to 70 countries around the world.

British brewer Greene King is facing an action over beer prices. 90 Greene King pub tenants are taking action over anti-competitive beer prices. The pub tenants say that they can’t compete with Greene King managed pubs, which are able to purchase the beer at a much lower price. The lawyer hired by the tenants considers that Greene King has infringed the Competition Act.

Pittsburgh’s Penn Brewery will host the 11th annual Pennsylvania Microbrewers Fest. Held on June, 4th it will feature 28 domestic microbreweries and brewpubs.

Andres Wines has agreed to purchase Cascadia Brands, a wine and beer firm operating out of Kelowna, BC. Cascadia makes the Granville Island beers. GI’s seasonal beers, made at a pilot plant in Vancouver, are well-regarded.


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