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Ratebeer News - July 3, 2005

A Weekly Roundup of the World’s Beer News
Brewers/Industry July 3, 2005      
Written by Oakes

Richmond, CANADA -

In the UK pubs that serve cask ale have been inspected by Cask Marque. The results showed a worringly high number of pub tenants that were serving warm cask beer. Paul Nunny, the director of Cask Marque said that there is a common misconception that cask beer is intended to be warm, whereas in reality it shouldn’t even be tepid, let alone warm. Proper beer is cool, refreshing and thirst quenching, The inspections showed that 44 percent of pubs were serving cask ale above the 11 to 13 degrees Celsius threshold.

A bill is making its way in order to create a New York State beer trail. The sponsors of this legislation think it will highlight the reemergence of breweries in New York and help brewers cash-in on the popularity of their beers. Under the bill, which has already passed the Senate, the Empire State Brewery Trails Program would create an "I Love NY Beer" promotion that will include a brewery trail, vacation itineraries, and "brewery passports" with information on breweries and surrounding attractions as well as discounts and other incentives.

Anheuser Busch will launch their caffeine, ginseng and guarana beer, Be in the UK market in July. Mike Benner, the chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) declared : “We’ve had alcopops, are we now to be faced with beer pops, too? “ He also made the following statement : “Brewers need to put their collective resources into promoting decent beer to younger drinkers, not into gimmicks which will fall out of favour in a couple of years.”

InBev and Pepsi announced a partnership that will enable Beck’s to be distributed in Poland. InBev will use Pepsi’s powerful distribution system to penetrate the Polish market with efficiency. The main reason of this decision by InBev is that Poland’s beer market is growing and that Polish beer drinkers are showing an increasing affinity for premium beer.

Fountain Brewery, one of Endinburgh’s last breweries is now closed. Scottish and Newcastle declared that they decided to close the brewery that was founded in 1856 because of over capacity and fierce competition in the beer market. They announced that they were to close the brewery a year ago and it had been running at half its capacity since.

We reported about a month ago that Labatt was to invest $50 million on their Montreal plant. They have also decided to uprade another plant in London, Ontario at a cost of $40 million. The upgrade will allow them to produce one million bottles of beer per year.

To celebrate American Beer Month Samuel Adams has published a beer drinkers Bill of Rights:

The Beer Drinker’s Bill of Rights (written by Samuel Adams Brewers)

Samuel Adams(R)

Beer Drinker’s Bill of Rights(TM)

We the Brewers of Samuel Adams, in order to create the perfect

beer, declare the following truths to be self-evident:

I. All beer drinkers are guaranteed a right to enjoy the highest

quality beer.

II. Beer shall be brewed employing only the four classic beer

ingredients; water, yeast, malt and hops.

III. Use of adjuncts such as corn syrup, rice or corn grits is

strictly prohibited as it lightens the true character of a

fine brew.

IV. Beer shall be brewed over a length of time to maximize flavor,

not a shorter time to maximize production.

V. The color of the bottle is essential to the quality of the

beer; hence, bottling shall occur only in brown bottles to

safeguard the beer from the damaging effects of light. No

skunky beer.

VI. Beer shall be offered in bottles, not cans, so that no brew is

jeopardized with the taste of metal.

VII. Beer shall be savored and enjoyed responsibly.

VIII. Beer shall be served at 35(degree) - 42(degree) F for

maximum flavor.

IX. Light beers have equal right to flavor and body, as do all

styles of beer.

X. Freshness of beer shall be considered of the utmost importance

to all citizens.

The founder of the Boston Beer Company declared that they believe that every beer drinker deserves the right to great taste, all-natural ingredients and the pursuit of high-quality beer.

The City Club in Portland will host a forum about the craft beer industry. The program will be entitled “Portland on Tap: How Microbrews Became Big Business” and will feature Karl Ockert, brewmaster BridgePort Brewery, and Jim Parker, former Executive Director of The Oregon Brewers Guild and now editor-in-chief of The New Brewer and Zymurgy magazines.



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