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Weekly Ratebeer Rundown

Monday 2/9/2009 through Sunday 2/15/2009
Features February 18, 2009      
Written by 3fourths

Boulder, COLORADO -

With close to two million beer ratings and thousands of active raters constantly adding their notes and numbers, we have the ability to track trends in taste and popularity. In this feature we’ll look at a breakdown of what’s hot, what’s new, what’s gaining in popularity, and what beers are struggling.

<h3>What’s Hot This Week</h3> <small>(min 10 ratings)</small><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/4934/>Westvleteren Abt 12</xxyxx> (4.53)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/97034/>Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel</xxyxx> (4.51)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/43181/>Russian River Pliny the Younger</xxyxx> (4.35)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/14956/>Founders Breakfast Stout</xxyxx> (4.34)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/10569/>Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA</xxyxx> (4.27)</li>
</ul>Other notables: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/94349/>Russian River Consecration</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/2530/>St. Bernardus Abt 12</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/835/>Orval</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/82103/>Brooklyn Black Ops</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/5933/>Founders Imperial Stout</xxyxx>

Beer Geek Brunch Weasel is starting to see a wider distribution in the states, and scores tend to be increasing, which typically isn’t the case with these small-batch big stouts from overseas. The latest batch of fresh Pliny the Younger is showing up on tap across the west and slowly spreading east.

<h3>This Week’s Overachievers</h3><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/835/>Orval</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.32</font> (4.24-3.92)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/10569/>Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.21</font> (4.27-4.07)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/30812/>Tröegs Nugget Nectar Ale</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.18</font> (4.08-3.89)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/82103/>Brooklyn Black Ops</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.18</font> (4.22-4.04)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/14956/>Founders Breakfast Stout</xxyxx>, <font color=red>+0.18</font> (4.34-4.16)</li>
</ul>Other notable overachievers: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/3173/>Founders Porter, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/5933/>Founders Imperial Stout</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/15926/>Eylenbosch Kriek</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/89638/>Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/158/>Samuel Adams Boston Lager</xxyxx>

New batch of Nugget Nectar is getting some love, as are a number of Founder’s beers, and a 20 year old keg of Eylenbosch Kriek recently showed up at Ølbutikken in Copenhagen, receiving positive remarks.

<h3>This Week’s Underachievers</h3><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/95047/>Leinenkugels 1888 Bock</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.19</font> (2.72-2.91)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/69624/>Founders Backwoods Bastard</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.13</font> (3.71-3.84)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/421/>Stone Smoked Porter</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.12</font> (3.7-3.82)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/96186/>Lagunitas Cruising with Ruben and The Jets</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.11</font> (3.41-3.52)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/371/>Sierra Nevada Bigfoot</xxyxx>, <font color=darkgreen>-0.06</font> (3.83-3.89)</li>
</ul>Other notable underachievers: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/87480/>Stone Cali-Belgique IPA (Cali-België)</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/94952/>Terrapin Side Project Dos Cocoas Chocolate Porter</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/680/>North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/95748/>Stone/Nøgne Ø/Jolly Pumpkin Special Holiday Ale</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/165/>Samuel Adams White Ale</xxyxx>

A couple of new Stone brews (and one old standard) are seeing a slight dip in the numbers, and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot might not bring in it’s highest numbers until it has a bit of age.

<h3>What’s New (and Good) This Week</h3> <small>(avg. rating)</small><ul>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99084/>Grand River Curmudgeon IPA</xxyxx>, (4.1)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99295/>Elysian Oaked Night Owl</xxyxx>, (4.1)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99122/>McKenzie Organic Saison</xxyxx>, (4.07)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99017/>Ballast Point Brandy Barrel Aged Navigator Doppelbock</xxyxx>, (3.97)</li>
<li><xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99139/>Alba Vineyard Forbidden</xxyxx>, (3.95)</li>
</ul>Other notable new beers: <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99091/>Iron Hill Bourbonator Doppelbock</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99105/>Russian River Mortification</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99111/>Rock Bottom Chicago Bourbon Barrel-Aged Strong Scotch Ale</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99158/>Ninkasi Spring Reign Ale</xxyxx>, <xxyxx href=/beer/beername/99012/>Iron Hill Hopfection IPA</xxyxx>

A new quadrupel/Belgian strong ale from Russian River called Mortification debuted this week at the Toronado Barleywine Festival, an oaked version of Elysian Night Owl impressed Seattle locals, and a couple of new Iron Hill offerings have drawn some attention out east.



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