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Bottleworks 10th Anniversary Celebration

Notes and Photos
Brewers/Industry February 27, 2009      
Written by glkaiser


For those not familiar with <xxyxx target=_new href=/Place/washington/seattle/bottleworks/59.htm>Bottleworks , it is a world-class bottle shop located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. In past years, they have celebrated their anniversaries by commissioning various breweries to produce an exclusive beer just for release at Bottleworks. Participating breweries have included Russian River, Flyers Brewing, La Conner Brewing, Elysian Brewing and the Rogue Issaquah Brewery. For their tenth anniversary, they recruited New Belgium and Hair of the Dog to make some very special beers for the occasion.

The <xxyxx target=_new href=/beer/new-belgium-bottleworks-10th-anniversary-wild-ale/97874/>N ew Belgium Bottleworks 10th Anniversary Wild Ale is a blend of three different beers from New Belgium’s aging vessels that was then spiked with Brett. The <xxyxx target=_new href=/beer/hair-of-the-dog-matt-commemorative-ale/99157/>Hair of the Dog Matt (named after Brouwer’s owner Matt Vandenberghe and operations manager Matt Bonney) was also a blend of beers that was then aged in apple eau-de-vie barrels and 33 year-old bourbon casks for a year. Several people have said that Brewer/Owner Alan Sprints has declared that this is the most impressive beer he has come out with yet, and many would agree.

On Wednesday, February 25th, a mob of craft beer enthusiasts hit Bottleworks for their 11am opening to stock up on the new anniversary beers. In addition to the new beers, Bottleworks also decided this was a good time to release a ridiculous amount of riches from their cellar, including rarities such as Stone Veritical 030303, Lost Abbey Deviation, and older vintages of De Dolle Stille Nacht and various Cantillon’s; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. At 5pm, Hair of the Dog’s Alan Sprints and New Belgium’s Eric Salazar and Jamie Mastin were on hand at Bottleworks, along with the Matt’s, for a tasting of the new beers. Then, everyone headed over to Brouwer’s Café (also owned by the Matt’s) to enjoy the new anniversary beers on tap. Brouwer’s was packed to the brim with various members of the Seattle craft beer industry, as well as quite a few of us ratebeer folk excited for the opportunity to drink these gems for the first time.

Cheers to the Matt’s, New Belgium and Hair of the Dog for coming through with some fantastic beers this year.

-Geoff Kaiser

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<center><xxyxx target=_new hrefhttp://flickr.com/photos/russ3ll/3310301323/> src=/images/features/3310301323_580522b668.jpg border=0></center><p align=right><small><xxyxx target=_new hrefhttp://flickr.com/photos/russ3ll/>photo credit: +Russ</small>

<center><xxyxx target=_new hrefhttp://flickr.com/photos/russ3ll/3311130566/> src=/images/features/3311130566_a6ca0932a9.jpg border=0></center><p align=right><small><xxyxx target=_new hrefhttp://flickr.com/photos/russ3ll/>photo credit: +Russ</small>

<center><xxyxx target=_new hrefhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/9478115@N04/sets/72157614412039287/><img width=500 src=/images/features/matt_bottle.jpg border=0></center><p align=right><small><xxyxx target=_new hrefhttp://seattlebeernews.com>photo credit: Geoff Kaiser</small>




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nice pictures

168 months ago
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I'll see the light tonight

168 months ago
yngwie says:

Read with great envy, almost salivating...

168 months ago

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