RateBeer Sessionistas

The following are those with the most ratings of session styles with an average alcohol by volume of less than 4.5% ( Low / No Alcohol Beer - Dark, Kvass, Low / No Alcohol Beer - Pale, Low / No Alcohol Beer - Wheat, Radler / Shandy, Mild Ale, Berliner Weisse, Grodziskie / Grätzer / Lichtenhainer, Bitter - Ordinary / Best, ISA - Session IPA, Berliner Weisse - Flavored, ) and with a favorite style in one of these categories.
RatingsFavorite Style
1imdownthepub5960Bitter - Ordinary / Best
2chriso4132Bitter - Ordinary / Best
3harrisoni3701Bitter - Ordinary / Best
4Leighton3073Radler / Shandy
5WingmanWillis3038Mild Ale
6maeib2933Mild Ale
7downender2462Bitter - Ordinary / Best
8berkshirejohn2399Bitter - Ordinary / Best
9BlackHaddock2143Bitter - Ordinary / Best
10Fin1865Bitter - Ordinary / Best
11DonMagi1377Bitter - Ordinary / Best
12hughie1296Bitter - Ordinary / Best
13SaintMatty1209Bitter - Ordinary / Best
14Sigmund1182Bitter - Ordinary / Best
15burg3261019Berliner Weisse
16SarkyNorthener976Bitter - Ordinary / Best
17fombe89828ISA - Session IPA
18wheresthepath822Mild Ale
19Mungo781Bitter - Ordinary / Best
20Holmen2720Bitter - Ordinary / Best
21j12601636Berliner Weisse
22Rob_D_UK543Bitter - Ordinary / Best
23wigglyworm99527Berliner Weisse
24Ethereal523Bitter - Ordinary / Best
25dragnet101502Mild Ale
26bobinlondon494Bitter - Ordinary / Best
27Lowenbrau480Bitter - Ordinary / Best
28jcartamdg421Berliner Weisse
29Garrat408Bitter - Ordinary / Best
30JorgeLee394Bitter - Ordinary / Best
31TheGrandMaster384Mild Ale
32wutangfinancial382Berliner Weisse
33Gethinbeer310Bitter - Ordinary / Best
34skortila293Low / No Alcohol Beer - Pale
35Aurelius284Bitter - Ordinary / Best
36Beerman6686232ISA - Session IPA
37peponi224Low / No Alcohol Beer - Dark
38Doppelganger213Mild Ale
39Ernesto987202ISA - Session IPA
40MrWalker182Bitter - Ordinary / Best
41rondphoto171Bitter - Ordinary / Best
42punkska101168Berliner Weisse
43Davros IX167Bitter - Ordinary / Best
44davidm155Low / No Alcohol Beer - Dark
45gillhalfpint130Bitter - Ordinary / Best
46rarbring125Bitter - Ordinary / Best
47pdog555115Berliner Weisse
48seymour115Mild Ale
49a_cross110Bitter - Ordinary / Best
50Reid109ISA - Session IPA
Favorite BeerRatingsAvg
1Cloudwater Session IPA Vic Secret Mosaic44.22
2R Funky Buddha Passionfruit Berliner Weisse54.14
3Night Shift Ever Weisse54.08
4J. Wakefield Dragonfruit Passion Fruit (DFPF) Berliner Weisse84.07
5Night Shift Cape Codder Weisse54.06
6R J. Wakefield Miami Madness (2015-16, 3.5%)54.04
7R De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu44
8Wöllnitzer Weißbier44
9Boxcar Double Dark Mild44
10Westbrook Rhubarb Remix53.98
11J. Wakefield Haterade43.98
12R Off Color I Brewed This Myself Dod Yuzu? (Yuzu Fierce)43.98
13Mikkeller Session IPA Cascade43.97
147venth Sun Do You Even Sudachi Bro?43.95
15R Funky Buddha Raspberry Berliner Weisse53.94
16Carton Boat Session Ale63.93
17R Tiny Rebel Loki Lite43.92
18Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d'Été aux Cerises83.92
19Firestone Walker Bretta Weisse53.92
20Breakside / Lompoc / 10 Barrel Passionfruit Sour Ale53.92
21Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d'Été aux Framboises113.92
22Bissell Brothers Baby Genius43.9
23De Garde Currant Gin Bu63.9
24J. Wakefield Stush Berliner43.9
25Marble Table Beer 53.9
26Sante Adairius Maiden Fields43.9
27R Cheriton Pots Ale53.88
28Wylam Swipe Right Session IPA53.88
29Beerbliotek A Moment of Clarity43.88
30R Stillwater / Hudson Valley Hopvine Bling43.88
317venth Sun Time Bomb63.87
32Carton Monkey Chased The Weasel53.86
33Lawson's Finest Super Session IPA #253.86
34Night Shift Mainer Weisse53.86
35Lawson's Finest Spring Fever Session IPA43.85
36Magic Rock Circus of Sour43.85
37R Cloudwater Session IPA Simcoe Citra BBC [Spring Summer 2017]43.85
3810 Barrel Cucumber Crush53.84
39R Marble Summer Marbles53.84
40Garage Triangles53.84
41Dry & Bitter Citra Bale Ale53.84
42Brewski Candy Queen43.82
43Arizona Wilderness Bear Wallow Berliner Weisse53.82
44Fixed Wheel Mild Concussion73.81
45Buxton / Oedipus / Oproer Ring Your Mother 1832 XXXX Mild73.81
46R Siren / Evil Twin Summer Spreeze43.8
47Track Tuya43.8
48To Øl Thirsty Frontier53.8
49R Brew By Numbers 11/24 Session IPA - Citra & Summit53.8
50R Liverpool Organic Best Bitter43.8