This is group of highest raters of strong ales of Anglo provenance (IPAs of clear non Anglo provenance excluded). The following are those with the most ratings of the strong pale styles (Barley Wine, Strong Ale - American, Strong Ale - English, IPA, Imperial IPA, American Strong Ale, Old Ale) and with a favorite style as one of the same categories. IIPA DIPA - Hazy / Double NEIPA, IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA, IPA, IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark, IPA - Brut, IPA - English, IPA - Flavored, IPA - Hazy / NEIPA, IPA - Milkshake, IPA - Red, IPA - Rye, IPA - White
RatingsFavorite Style
2Theydon_Bois8912IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
5hopdog7158IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
6Ratman1976348IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
7MrTipple5519IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
8bb5259IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
9Tmoney994879IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
10Sammy4792Strong Ale - American
12Ibrew2or34158Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
13blipp4142IPA - Hazy / New England (NEIPA)
14Benzai3930IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
15saxo3918IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
18Hermod3667Strong Ale - American
19jcwattsrugger3566IPA - Hazy / New England (NEIPA)
22melush3511IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
24Cybercat3014IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
26RichTheVillan2952IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
27Christian2858Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
29jamestulloch2804IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
37superspak2573Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
38bookman102559IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
40Habanero2521IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
41Ron2479IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double Hazy (NEIPA)
42dwyerpg2411IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
43AshtonMcCobb2404Strong Ale - English
45nickd7172318Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
46Cunningham2285IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
Favorite BeerRatingsAvg
1Tree House King JJJuliusss44.38
2Fremont Brew 500064.37
3R Beavertown / Naparbier Bone King124.37
4R Oggis Hop Whompus54.36
5Tree House King Julius84.32
6Cigar City / Three Weavers Stakhanov's Barleywine54.32
7Toppling Goliath King Sue - Double Dry Hop64.32
8Fremont B-Bomb - Coconut64.32
9Tree House Jjjuliusss64.3
10Alpine Beer Company Keene Idea44.3
11Cloudwater / The Veil Chubbles³: Enhanced64.3
12Angry Chair Dave’s Barleywine - Peach Brandy Barrel44.3
13R Cloudwater NW DIPA Citra154.3
14R Goose Island King Henry174.3
15R Cloudwater DIPA - v13124.29
16Verdant Sniffing the Wrong People44.28
17Track Journeys to the Daylight44.28
18Cloudwater Be Well, Friends44.28
19Other Half More lACEd in Space44.27
20Tree House Very Gggreennn54.26
21R Arizona Wilderness DC Mountain Double IPA (- 2018)54.26
22Russian River Pliny the Elder434.25
23Trillium / Other Half Really Green Street44.25
24Russian River Pliny the Elder Double Dry-Hopped44.25
25Angry Chair Dave's Barleywine - Bourbon 44.25
26Other Half Hops Only44.25
27Hill Farmstead Aaron104.25
28Cloudwater You're On Mute74.24
29Cloudwater ¿Qué Desequilibrio De Género? (Crop Year 2019 Sabro 04 Single Hop IPA) 54.24
30Tired Hands Technicolor Splendor 54.24
31R Samuel Adams Millennium64.23
32Pizza Boy Murren River64.23
33Aslin Dunley Place44.23
34Evil Twin NYC I Seriously Can't Even Remember the Last Time I Drove a Car44.23
35Wylam Significant Drifting44.22
36Tired Hands Intensely Juicy Dank Beautiful (Copy & Paste)44.22
37R Barley John's Barrel-Aged Rosie's Ale (Batch 1)44.22
38R Hill Farmstead / Cigar City Nor44.22
39The Veil Worn44.22
40Cycle Maple MW44.22
41R Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine - Coffee84.22
42R Drafting Room 10th Anniversary Ale44.22
43Trillium Scaled Way Up44.22
44Polly's Brew Farrago44.22
45La Cumbre Full Nelson44.22
46Cloudwater PARTY! TIPA 7th Birthday54.22
47Other Half / Monkish / Cellarmaker Conjoined Triangles of Success54.22
48R Kuhnhenn Fifth Dementia Very Old Ale54.22
49Deya Sunshine64.22
50R Cloudwater DIPA - v11104.21