top distribution contributors

The following are those who've entered the most distribution information at RateBeer. Many thanks!

Name State Country Edits
1BuckeyeBoyIdaho United States 4640
2ManVsBeerWest Yorkshire England 4415
3TravlrNorth Carolina United States 3855
4JohnGalt1Idaho United States 3674
5melushSpain 3018
6oldrtybastrdFlorida United States 2740
7brokensailCalifornia United States 2584
8slowrunner77Nevada United States 2564
9FerrisBritish Columbia Canada 2342
10LeightonGreater London England 2139
11djd07Texas United States 2077
12berkshirejohnBerkshire England 1867
13rlgkSweden 1827
14Ratman197Colorado United States 1636
15GenDV138Virginia United States 1585
16MarhebCalifornia United States 1579
17jmgreenukMalaysia 1538
18rami_plPoland 1499
19superspakMichigan United States 1497
20gunnarNorway 1437
21bulldogopsAlberta Canada 1433
22DogbrickOhio United States 1432
23b3shineIndiana United States 1383
24bhensonbCalifornia United States 1349
25RichTheVillanWest Midlands England 1292
26labeerinthumItaly 1284
27ajneppleColorado United States 1278
28bytemesisCalifornia United States 1268
29imdownthepubOxfordshire England 1265
30MrTippleGreater London England 1259
31ben4321New Jersey United States 1247
32ScopeyGreater London England 1191
33RuneNorway 1185
34fombe89Spain 1175
35Mr_Pink_152Lincolnshire England 1159
36GarroldSouth Yorkshire England 1141
37JStaxOhio United States 1124
38Niko100Illinois United States 1123
39wfmsopacCalifornia United States 1120
40IdiosynkrasieGermany 1118
41Bulk_CarrierVermont United States 1117
42FROTHINGSLOSHPennsylvania United States 1099
43AirForceHopsNew Hampshire United States 1097
44AshtonMcCobbScotland 1091
45marcusCalifornia United States 1080
46LowenbrauSpain 1072
47CamonsDenmark 1070
48DocLockPennsylvania United States 1067
49BorupDenmark 1056
50deyhollaMinnesota United States 1025

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