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the top women raters

Congratulations to these women who are the top beer raters at RateBeer.com and very probably the world. A wealth of beer knowledge is contained in the list below and we're very proud to host it.

State Country Ratings
1mabel Ontario Canada10793
2Maria Denmark10209
3Cybercat Georgia United States8516
4snoworsummer Maryland United States8041
5McTapps Germany7782
6kerenmk Israel6372
7Zita Denmark6333
8hotstuff Indiana United States5392
9Beershine British Columbia Canada5262
10LilBeerDoctor Pennsylvania United States5234
11BelgianBeerGal Florida United States4867
12Aniela Sweden4215
13queenholly Indiana United States3622
14Ascelja Czech Republic3511
15katrinaez Pennsylvania United States3510
16Minderbinder Quebec Canada3464
17Taboada Spain3110
18surething_ii Slovakia3025
19BeerdedDave United States3002
20jonno Western Sahara2750
21rafael52 Poland2593
22YogiBeera New Jersey United States2570
23Westchesterco Virginia United States2481
24Lunkie Australia2351
25tia Virginia United States2232
26nealblind Alabama United States2151
27mkobes New York United States2142
28ZodiacM Netherlands1900
29sdmmb Belgium1863
30otakuden Florida United States1783
31ansjelaah Netherlands1747
32vincentvega72 Netherlands1680
33Danyel Colorado United States1609
34magsinva Virginia United States1608
35thejackpacker East Sussex England1600
36dimeon South Africa1600
37EtTuCthulhu Missouri United States1391
38zebracakes Washington DC United States1339
39apoptosis Colorado United States1317
40guzgorog France1306
41darbeer75 Texas United States1301
42Malin_aiisa Sweden1269
43jbeatty New York United States1267
44Madsen1635 Denmark1226
45luckygirl Colorado United States1222
46LilKem Ohio United States1213
47stchloe Oregon United States1203
48bilcho1 Bulgaria1146
49lkowalkowski Poland1143
50jybi France1128