Beer Ratings: Rants

Farmstrong Bonney’s Whiskey Sour 1.9  
Farmstrong Brewing Company Mount Vernon, Washington
Toronado, Seattle. Insane, unappetizing aroma of farm manure run off and cheese. Soft amber orange. Robitussin sour cherry sip. So strange. Not flawed in character exactly, but in flavor. Incredibly unappetizing. luttonm

Natural Light 1.8  
Anheuser-Busch InBev St. Louis, Missouri
From old tasting notes. Pale straw gold color. Foamy white head. Faint grainy aroma. Little recognizable beer flavor. Highly carbonated and soul less. gripweed57

Cara Pils 1.0  
Haacht Boortmeerbeek, Belgium
Can: By the Eiffel Tower. It said premium on the label, that’s FAKE NEWS. Viola ghawener

Castello La Decisa 1.6  
Castello di Udine Spa San Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy
Can: Somewhere in Venice on the way the St Marcus Square, great city, OK beer. ghawener

Pedavena Birra Pedavena 1.8  Piazza delle Erbe, Verona. On a European vacation in beautiful Verona, Italy. ghawener

Schöfferhofer Zitrone Weizen-Mix 1.9  Bottle from a local supermarket in Tübingen. Pours pretty ugly straw colored. Nose is kinda artificial citrus, lemon. The taste is like the citrus cough candy with some weizen notes in the back. I like radlers, but not this. FinnIckler

Earthquake High Gravity Lager 10% 0.6  
City Brewery (La Crosse Plant) La Crosse, Wisconsin
Can: Clear yellow-gold with a soapy white head. Grain, lemon, corn scent. "Taste" was tangy-spoiled fruit, Likka malt, aluminum, and a harsh, burning grain-alcohol-ness. My sample was gifted to me by Shrubber85....that scamp..... It was in a clear, repurposed ginger ale bottle, filled all the way to the top and capped. I drank about 3 oz of it...then an additional ounce to truly appreciate the magnitude of it’s horribleicity.....after a moment of eye twitches and minor, yet alarming anal leakage, I walked out to the street, poured a modicum of it out for my dead homies, smashed the bottle, brandished the jagged neck menacingly, and shouted "GANG WAAAAR!!!!!!!".......sadly, no one was around.....(crickets) I cleaned up my mess like a good citizen, added the shards to the recycle bin and went back inside to think about my life.......... Well played, Roger........well played. Patrickctenchi

Spoken Beer 1.8  
Martens Bocholt, Belgium
(can 0,33l)
Aroma: Very light grainy, weak.
Appearance: Clear light yellow color. Medium white head.
Taste: Light sweet, light grainy.
Palate: Light body. Light astringent finish.
Overall: Below average, weak.

Omission Gluten Free IPA 0.6  
Omission Beer Company Portland, Oregon
First and foremost this is not a Gluten Free beer. It is extracted which does not make it a Gluten Free beer. Coeliacs will still have health issues in drinking this beer as they will with all extracted gluten beers. As a lager it is very average and lacks flavour of any sort. Lappy

Crate Watermelon Wheat 1.1  
Crate Brewery Hackney Wick, Greater London
Pours straw yellow with a touch of pinkness. Tastes slightly of watermelon but mainly of acid. No detectable hops, only a very slight wheat character. Finish is watery. One for the "let’s never try this again" list. Boothman

Heineken 0.0 1.6  
Heineken Nederland Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
Aroma; caramel, grass, sweet grain. Look; off white head, pale golden body. Taste; grass, caramel and bread. Quite dead finish. Feel; thin body, ok co2. Overall; alright as 0-abv, but thin stuff. [33cl.btl abv0.0% # [email protected] 2€ [email protected]&biere Finn’s] djoeye

Höhl Blauer Bock Speyerling Feinherb 1.8  
Landkelterei Höhl Hochstadt Maintal-Hochstadt, Hesse
04-05-17 // from the 1000ml bottle. Clear light golden,no head. Mild apple, mild sour, very watery. Maracuja05

Captain Morgan Mutineer Rum Flavoured Beer 0.6  04-05-17 // taster from the bottle. Taster is more than enough of this "drink". Very watery radler kind of drink, no rum flavours of Captain Morgan. Maracuja05

Blind Pig Honey and Smoked 1.6  
Bulmers Cider (Heineken UK) Hereford, Herefordshire
Bottle at Cafe Stoffel Tilburg. Clear golden color, no head. Smell and taste both are incredibly sweet, super sweet candy, bubblegum, sugar. Artificial. Big no. Benzai

Blind Pig Blueberry and Oaked 1.7  
Bulmers Cider (Heineken UK) Hereford, Herefordshire
Bottle @ Cafe Stoffel, Tilburg. Clear pee colored with no head. Smell and taste are both very sweet, very artificial, loads of sugar and bubblegum. Only for the real sweet tooth. Benzai


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