Beer Ratings: Anomalous

Beer ratings which are abnormally high or low compared to the average.

Destihl Wild Sour Series: Blueberry Gose 1.6  -1.8
Destihl Brewery Normal, Illinois
355ml can (Sip, Tallinn) (4:2:3:1:6=1.6) Blander than the apricot synchopathic we just had, but just as acidic. Some blueberry here, but it's terrible. Lilac-coloured battery acid. Noppers.

Beck's Alkoholfrei (Non-Alcoholic) 3.3  +1.7
Having one at La Rusticana in Howald. Clear golden with a frothy head. Grainy, malty smell. Malty taste with an agreeable bitterness and a hint of acidity. A refreshing beer.

Destihl Wild Sour Series: Synchopathic Apricot 1.9  -1.6
Destihl Brewery Normal, Illinois
355ml can (Sip, Tallinn) (4:3:3:2-:7=1.9-) Disgustingly sour fruity aroma, apricot clear. Harsh acidic palaate. Apricot and battery acid taste. Nope.

Destihl Wild Sour Series: Synchopathic 1.4  -2.2
Destihl Brewery Normal, Illinois
355ml can (Sip, Tallinn) (3:2:3:1:5=1.4) Lemon juice aroma. Lemon juice palate. Harsh floral perfumey lemon juice taste. A sour harsh mess, almost undrinkable.

Nine Band Ghost Cow Oktoberfest 1.0  -2.1
Nine Band Brewing Allen, Texas
Wow! I’ve never had such a sour beer! I tried the Ghost Cow Oktoberfest as part of a six pack mix and match at a local beer store and immediately threw it out. Completely undrinkable.

Steady Hand Cloudland Hazy IPA 5.0  +1.8
Steady Hand Beer Company Atlanta, Georgia
I rated this a 5/5, or 20/20, because it’s absolutely one of the best hazy IPAs on the market. My first taste was at a beer festival in ATL over a year ago. The taste, a hoppy, slightly bitter, tropical, citrus IPA, just leaped above all the other brews at the Beer Fest. This IPA was not in distribution at the time, but they are now, so if you like IPAs, order it, buy it, taste it, you’ll love this one!

Shacklands Tripel 1.3  -1.8
Shacklands Brewing Company Toronto, Ontario
On tap at Shacklands, pours a clear pale blonde with a small white head. Aroma is quite estery, with candied sugar, phenols, and Belgian yeast. Flavour is just disgusting, with phenols and who knows what other off-notes. This is rancid.

Verdant / Collective Arts Five A.M. 2.2  -1.6
Verdant Brewing Co Falmouth, Cornwall
Ettersom jeg ikke skal på What's Brewing er en planke på B&B et enkelt alternativ: uklar, nærmest grumsete korngul med fint skum som varer. Heftige saker dette her med (litt for) mye humle, helhetsinntrykket blir så beskt at det kjennes ut som om plombene skal løsne. Completely unbalanced and distinctly uncharming. Repulsive aroma as well, but it turned out that this was dregs from the bottom of the keg. Must re-rate.

Destihl Wild Sour Series: Synchopathic Apricot 1.9  -1.6
Destihl Brewery Normal, Illinois
Can (thanks FatPhil). Straight from the can. This is just pure battery acid. No thanks.

Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale 2.3  -1.6
Not my kind of Pale Ale. The flavors just are not to my liking. Too bad, but 7.2% alcohol is nice.

Molson Ice 5.0  +3
Another quality Ice beer. Molson Ice seems just the slightest bit more complex than some of the other Ice brews. Very enjoyable. Cheers.

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer 5.0  +1.9
One of the best beers I have ever tried. Serve with an orange. Best from on tap, but decent from the bottle.

Lambrini 4.3  +2.2
Halewood International Liverpool, Merseyside
my absolute failsafe beverage, whether its pre drinks or a full session, everybody should measure liquids in 'bottles of lambrini'. It gives you the best drunk and its even easy to drink the next day, permitting you dont have much of a hangover

Jennings Hop Commotion 0.5  -2.2
Jennings Brewery (Marston's) Cockermouth, Cumbria
This is utter piss, what the actual hell were they thinking putting cheap strawberry flavour in a supposed hop forward beer? This is an utter abomination, it is awful. How can I not swear? Utter utter utter isht. Do the anagram, don't drink this. Rate beer, my rating is zero, but you won't accept this

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale 1.4  -1.6
Typical golden ale. Urine flavour reigns prominent after the immediate taste. There are some tropical notes, but the body is much too thin to sustain them.

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