Beer Ratings: Anomalous

Beer ratings which are abnormally high or low compared to the average.

Columbus Citra Noel 1.0  -2.4
Columbus Brewing Company Columbus, Ohio
Shorter stubby bottle. Pour is darker brown. Smell is odd oily hop nose. Taste is weird dirty oily hops with lots of astringent bitterness, way over the top, way to much personality. I'm used to spiced beers but if this brew has any spice in there, it is forced into the background by the rude ass hops. Quite difficult and almost medicinal in its feel Nasty nellie with an industrial kick. Whew. Not impressed.

Swamp Head Wild Night 5.0  +2
Swamp Head Brewery Gainesville, Florida
Awesome. I love beer. All beer. This was a surprise. Honey ale wtf. Nice. Northern Florida boy so was expecting the worst. Great light taste. The honeys there. it rocks! I guess i was wrong good things do come out of Glanville😁

Flensburger Gold 4.0  +1.6
Flensburger Brauerei Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein
Poured from 330ml bottle into pint glass. A thin white head falls rapidly with mild lacing. Color is clear gold with moderate streaming carbonation. Aroma of toasted barley, lemon, grass, Mouthfeel is light to medium with a mostly dry finish. Flavor of biscuit, cracker, some floral and grassy hops. Overall: very good.

Schneider Weisse Tap 3 Mein Alkoholfrei 0.6  -1.8
Co tu się stało, aromat zupy grzybowej, sporo karmelu, mocno brzeczkowe, poszło do kranu

Great Lakes Christmas Ale 0.6  -2.9
I've enjoyed Great Lakes beers for years . Always the finest quality until December 2019 . I bought a 6 pack of GLCA expecting a real treat . I was unpleasantly surprised . The beer tasted like vinegar . Very sour . I contacted GL and they don't care . They were unwilling to offer and restitution or even an explanation of what the problem might have been . A company with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE does not deserve my money .

Port Brewing Shark Attack Double Red Ale 0.5  -3.2
Aroma: malt, nuts, floral hops Taste: malt, toffee, hints of pines. Some citrus on the background. Tart full bodied beer

Spencer Monk's Reserve Ale 2.2  -1.6
Spencer Brewery Spencer, Massachusetts
The booze flavour drowns out most of the nice trappist style taste and aroma I expected. Compared to the Belgian ones, save your money and buy those.

Jever Pilsener 0.9  -2.2
Beer has very bad bitter aftertaste. I have drunk this beer in Wilhelmshaven

Breckenridge Nitro Series: Nitro Irish Stout 1.9  -1.5
Purchased a four pack of pints from my local liquor store.Thick brown head on top of a opaque black body. It smells like a stout but not clearly of coffee or chocolate. It tastes flat. It's not the worst tasting stout I've ever had, but the lack of carbonation is off putting and I don't think I'd buy it again

Wicked Grove Hard Cider 5.0  +2
Aldi (UK) Atherstone, Warwickshire
I love this drink. Idk if its powerful enough to get me drunk, but enough to make me lazy. I tried Redd's Apple Ale and it almost tastes the same exact thing. I still got more ciders to try but I would suggest to drink this cider

Goose Island Madame Rose 1.0  -2.8
Rood bier zonder schuim en met zeer veel koolzuur. Het bier smaakt zuur en muffig met daardoor het aroma van kersen. Op het einde komt de smaak van de gebruikte houten vaten sterk naar voren. (Beery Christmas 2018)

Almanac Paris of the West 5.0  +1.6
Almanac Beer Company San Francisco, California
Acquired at Woodcrest Liquor for $9.99, Paris of the West is a Quadruple Ale brewed with flame raisins, candi sugar, and oranges crafted by Almanac Beer Company. The aroma of prunes, raisins, and yeast are noted as you drink. The appearance is a dark brown with a low vanilla head. When held up to light, a dark ruby amber colors the beer. The alcohol content is 9.5%. Prunes are prominent to the yeasty complexion. French ale yeast offers a silk like touch to the mouthfeel. Flame raisins blend with the yeast and seemingly give off a light hot sweetness. Plums round out the yeast, raisin, and prune body. Candi sugar texture the prune and raisin comprehension. Cherries tart the take and easily picked out in the finish. Orange peel is distinguished with the flame raisins. Caramel glows with the plum and yeast tone. Vanilla is sensible with the yeast, prunes, and caramel. Paris of the West is a spectacular Quad. The French ale yeast and flame raisins combine into a one of a kind experience. The caramel, plums, yeast, and vanilla have an incredible tone upon the mouthfeel. This Quad is absolutely delicious, complex, and insanely easy to drink. This is heaven in a glass. Cheers. Prost. Drink for the love of beer. For more beer reviews, visit and like my blog “Drink For the Love of Beer.”

Wild Blue 4.9  +2.6
Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) St. Louis, Missouri
It’s like a the best hug you have ever gotten from your grandma. This beer is the best one I’ve bet had. Girls absolutely love it. It’s like alcoholic blueberry juice that’s super sweet. Highly fucking recommended.

Kirkland Signature Light Beer 4.8  +2.8
To all those who hate this beer. Just do this, put in a place and forget about it for about 3 or 4 years then crack one open. It’s so worth it and I highly recommend.

Trumer Pils (US) 4.9  +1.7
Trumer Brauerei (US) Berkeley, California
One of the best pilsners in the world. Slightly more hops than a traditional Czech Pilsner. ---Rated via Beer Buddy for iPhone

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