Beer Ratings: Anomalous

Beer ratings which are abnormally high or low compared to the average.

Stone Bastard’s Midnight Brunch 2.2  -1.7
Stone Brewing Escondido, California
Bottle @ The Bruery. Thanks for sharing, Jake. Rust colored beer with a short lived off-white head. This is a mess. Boozy and hot af. Lots of brown sugar, rum raisin, toffee, and caramel sauce. Big time spirit flavor and not much of the maple. Has kind of a stale sugar thing going on as well. No bueno. brokensail

Mill Street Cobblestone Stout 1.6  -1.8Draught at the Cider House. Pitch black, creamy white head. Extremely faint aroma of coffee and chocolate. Very faint roasted coffee and chocolate flavour, with some mineral notes. Pretty sure I’ve had this before, but I could swear it was better before. Tastes kinda like nothing. crazy_cat_lady

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale 4.4  +1.6I’m a massive fan of this. Juicy an vibrant and easy going: slightly creamy and hazy in the mouth, bit of lemon in the aroma and the taste. Easily available. Love it when I’m in Chicago, love that I can also get it at the Morrison’s in East Kilbride. DavyK

Bruery Terreux Derde Golf 1.9  -1.4
Bruery Terreux Anaheim, California
On tap @ The Bruery. Ugly reddish brown color that almost seems to separate in the glass. This is kind of a disaster, I have to say. Notes of caramel, coffee, blueberry, raspberry, and red wine vinegar. Get some cardboard from it as well. Big time wood and tannins. I just don’t find the coffee and the sour fruit and vinegar character works well at all here. brokensail

Apocalypse Ale Works 6th Seal 1.9  -1.5
Apocalypse Ale Works Forest, Virginia
Pours up dark brown with a nice tan head. Plenty of carbonation. Aroma is dark chocolate, slight old cheap coffee, and rusty water. Taste is intense bitter dark cocoa, followed by vinegar, and something like easter egg dye. Maybe I had a bad bottle, but this was not good at all. An expensive Drain pour. HourGlass13

St-Ambroise Barrel Collection Barrique Porter Impérial / Imperial Porter 1.5  -1.82016 750 ml bottle. What a mess. Awfull tanins. Maybe infected. Glad I didn’t pay for this. Yuk. Colchaude

Marston’s Old Empire (Bottle) 1.0  -2
Marston’s Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
See ei ole mingi IPA! Peale sauna kőlbab libistada küll, aga selleks on ka odavamaid ja paremaid őllesid. neandertaal

Left Hand Braveheart Nitro 1.5  -1.5
Left Hand Brewing Company Longmont, Colorado
12-oz bottle @ fff. scotch nose, creamy but nowhere close to nitro, scotch lite, not as sweet as your regular scotch either. zebra

Spaten Optimator 1.8  -1.8Brown almost black in color. Licorice tasting, but not in a good way. Tastes so bad I had to grimace on every sip. I did finally finish the bottle, but it was a chore. Troegenator is my benchmark to compare other Dopplebocks and this one isn’t even in the same league. ginotarugo

House Beer American Crafted Lager 4.7  +2.2
House Brewing Company Santa Monica, California
Clean, crisp lager through and through. Extra hop bite is fantastic but not hop forward. Easy-drinking and my new party favorite. LaurenRADler

Titanic Plum Porter 5.0  +1.5
Titanic (UK) Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
A quality porter. You can really taste the plum in this porter which compliments the beer very well. I highly recommended this. NS80

Stone IPA (India Pale Ale) 2.4  -1.5
Stone Brewing Escondido, California
Piwo zakupione w markecie w PL , w puszce. Canned on 07MAR2017 Enjoy by 02DEC2017 Aromat: Nuty od chmielu raczej ziemiste, ziołowe, trochę przyprawowe i leciutko cytrusowe, owocowe, rozczarowujące jakością jak i intensywnością, poza tym chyba niestety lekki DMS oraz Diacetyl. Wygląd: klarowne złote, piana średniopęcherzykowa, ale redukuje się do cienkiej warstwy. Smak: Wytrawne, goryczka wysoka, ale nieprzyjemna ziołowo - łodygowa, zalegająca. Odczucie w ustach: Raczej lekkie, wysycenie średnie do wysokiego. Ogólnie: Wielkie rozczarowanie, bardzo słaba IPA. Marian1990

Epic Son of a Baptist 1.9  -1.9
Epic Brewing Company (UT/CO) Salt Lake City, Utah
Hard to tell which SOB I have. Can, seems like its flat. Smells like coffee, looks like coffee and tastes like guess what? That’s right, cold coffee. Why? Because it’s local coffee dude. Big and black, large & in charge. Terribly on style impy stout effects except for that blasted coffee. Strong. big and fricken rude mah fah. Yeah, just like any real goofy good nasty nellie impy stout. What else can be said? cheap

LandShark Lager 4.5  +2.7
Anheuser-Busch InBev St. Louis, Missouri
I am really surprised by some of the comments I read. Either I don’t know good beer, or I would be good with nice bottle of swill! In my life I have been blessed to have travelled around the world a number of times, spending a couple of years in Germany. I think I have been exposed to some really good and some not so good beers. Although I wouldn’t comare Landshark to a german brew, I would say that it is one of the most refreshing beers I’ve had. I was introduced to Landshark by a friend while approaching the 8th hole here in sunny south Florida. And I par’d that hole! So I am a believer. Thanks to Publix for the sale!!! harmonious47

Samuel Smiths Imperial Stout 2.2  -1.7
Samuel Smith Tadcaster, North Yorkshire
Aromat: świetny, bardzo przyjemny i harmonijny, są tu czekolada, suszone owoce- śliwki, jabłka, wiśnie,nuta porto -później się okaże dlaczego, trochę karmelu i rodzynek. Wygląd: ciemnobrązowe Smak: kwaśne, piwo nie przetrwało leżakowania, czuć czekoladę i wino. Na pewno to nie jest wina browaru, choć 7% imperial stout daje do myślenia. Jak spotkam świeże to wystawię nową, właściwą ocenę, edytując post. Jest tu tyle ocen tego piwa że na pewno nie zaniżę oceny. Jak na dziś dzień: 8+4+2+2+6=2.2 bjorn77


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