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Beer ratings which are abnormally high or low compared to the average.

Blackberry Farm Native Series - Blackberry Rye 2.1  -1.5
Blackberry Farm Walland, Tennessee
Poured a dark orange with a white head. Aroma was of underattenuated malt, lota of brett. Flavor similar, way too carbed, completely brett dry. Not good. Beerman6686

Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter 1.4  -2.1
Horny Goat Brewing Company MIlwaukee, Wisconsin
Was expecting a much different taste for a chocolate peanutbutter porter not much of a peanut butter or chocolate taste more of a porter taste with a very faint hint of something not sure how to describe it. jt78

De Garde Petit Citra 2.0  -1.7
De Garde Brewing Tillamook, Oregon
This beer took too long to get to me, no real hop presence and very very vinegar tart. Its tooth enamel removal tart. Very difficult to drink. Ernesto987

Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy 0.9  -2Poured into a pint glass, the appearance was a ruddy burnt semi-dark orange color with a fizzling bubbly head. No lacing. I have a feeling I know where this is going. The aroma had some mulled cider, acidic vinous sourness, soapiness and cooked ginger. Hmmmmm....Not sure if I should proceed. But I will, the flavor was sharp acidic cidery/vinous sourness. Soapiness comes back to provide a pretty gross effect on my taste buds that runs into the aftertaste hugely. No finish. On the palate, cloying stickiness hits like no tomorrow. Under carbonated. Overall, this is an embarrassment of a shandy/radler. Though I’m not truly into the style, I think Germany would laugh at the USA if someone over there had this. Bulk_Carrier

Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout 5.0  +1.9Great taste, Great body, Wish it was available year round! So glad it’s decaf! havanadaves

Badger Fursty Ferret (Bottle) 4.4  +1.6
Badger (Hall & Woodhouse) Blandford Forum, Dorset
A very robust flavour, but can sometimes leave a sharp sugary taste on the tongue immediately after drinking. Otherwise, one of my favourites. ThePotnoodleBoy

Dogfish Head Beer for Breakfast 1.7  -2
Dogfish Head Brewery Milton, Delaware
Aroma: chicory and licorice combine for a unique beer aroma, which is not all good; Appearance: black with thin white head that dissipates quickly; Taste: very smoky, meaty and licorice sweet; unpleasant; Palate: heavy body with long, smoky finish; Overall: bizarre. Would not get again. darbeer75

Boddingtons Pub Ale (Can) 1.0  -1.8
Samlesbury (AB InBev UK) Preston, Lancashire
Canned at Tin Can. One of the worst beers I’ve ever had. Thin mouthfeel that rides on the roof of the mouth. No real malt character. Msdrbeat

Mongozo Coconut 3.5% 3.9  +1.8
Brouwerij Huyghe Melle, Belgium
Příjemné oslazené pivo s tropickou chutí kokosu, které bodne v parném létě i při příjemném večeru stráveném s přáteli . djcampbell

Mountain State Cold Trail Ale 5.0  +2.1
Mountain State Brewing Co. Thomas, West Virginia
Yummy beer! Light but very flavorful with unusual and tasty notes! Perfect with a pizza from Sirianni’s after a weekend of snowboarding! BrewGuide29

Aeronaut Hop Hop and Away 1.9  -1.5
Aeronaut Brewing Company Somerville, Massachusetts
Can @ Caps & Taps. Cloudy orange beer with a white head. Has a funky plastic aroma to it, some rubber, pineapple, and peach. The flavor is kind of on the sweet side but also has a weird chlorine and soap note. Bitter rubber and plastic things going on. Kind of vegetal as well. This is just a complete swing and miss for me. brokensail

Coors Light 3.9  +2.6Clear pale yellow pour with a bubbly white head and poor retention. No lacing. High carbonation. Clean, soft and smooth mouthfeel. Light body. Classic thirst-quenching lager. Kleg

Insel-Brauerei Baltic Dubbel 5.0  +1.9
Rügener Insel-Brauerei GmbH Rambin auf Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
0,33l bottle out of Craftbeer Advent Calendar. Tasty, fruity, creamy, bittersweet. Despite the high ABV extremely high drinkability. Delicious and perfectly balanced strong beer. ---Rated via Beer Buddy for iPhone 16erBlech

Finch Hardcore Chimera 1.8  -1.8
Finch Beer Co Chicago, Illinois
Shared can at local tasting, ABV 9%. Cloudy golden colour, white head. Aroma of stale orange marmalade and grain. The flavour is fairly sweet, very bitter and unbalanced. Not something I would buy again. Sigmund

Adriaen Brouwer Wintergold 5.0  +1.6
Brouwerij Roman Oudenaarde, Belgium
Cette bière est plutôt une quadruple qu’une belgian strong, tant ses qualités intrinsèques sont fortes et belles. Niveau abv de 10 %. Mon exemplaire était à 4 mois après sa date, et entrait donc dans une période de réflexion vraiment intéressante. J’ai voulu l’interviewer sur ce qu’il avait à me dire. Le bel Adriaen avait coiffé pour la circonstance un bonnet de Noël, dont il s’était beaucoup servi ces derniers temps, m’a-t-il dit. Je lui ai répondu que c’était fort à propos, et que je prolongeais moi-même Noël quelquefois... Couleur brun roux, et un superbe auburn en transparence, à la clarté nette. Bulles fines en fontaine centrale, par centaines et très vives. Mousse brun clair en nappage soyeux, stable à 2 mm. Arômes de fût de Bourgogne, fruits mûrs, fruits confits, pruneaux, pointe de cannelle. 1ère bouche veloutée au magnifique ensemble bois/fût/porto/marrons. Arrière-bouche large, aux fruits mûrs merveilleux. 2ème au grand partage des saveurs entre fruits et bois. Arrière-bouche à la limite du porto, splendide. 3ème avec des nuances de liqueur très belles, amples, veloutées. Arrière-bouche longue et complexe. Longueur qui va travailler cette merveilleuse base pour la porter jusqu’au firmament. Jambes huileuses, longues. Levure fine, complète, très belle ligne. Alcool courageux au possible, il donne tout pour travailler l’ensemble. Finale suave, magique. CONCLUSION : ah, qu’est-ce qu’une vraie bière fait du bien, après une tasse de vinaigre sans nom !! On est baigné dans une sorte de bonheur... J’en faisais part à Adriaen, qui m’a adressé son plus beau sourire pour me dire qu’il ne touchait jamais au vinaigre !! J’ai admiré sa sagesse, et je lui ai dit que dorénavant je lui emboîterais le pas .. C’est beau quand on peut communiquer réellement avec un personnage comme Adriaen .. corkyrory66


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