Beer Ratings: Anomalous

Beer ratings which are abnormally high or low compared to the average.

Tree House Spring 2.0  -1.4
Tree House Brewing Company Charlton, Massachusetts
Can shared. The beer is a hazy yellow with a white head of foam. Notes of cat piss and herbal pine with a bit of mango in the background. Medium body and medium carbonation.

Wicked Weed Ferme de Chien 1.1  -2.4
Wicked Weed Brewing (AB InBev) Asheville, North Carolina
14/IV/19 - sample @ Leuven Innovation Beer Festival (Leuven), BB: n/a - (2019-539) Clear pale bright red beer, small creamy light pink head, little stable, non adhesive. Aroma: very funky, dirty, lots of sulphur, chemical, acetone, this is not good, not good at all… MF: lively carbon, medium body. Taste: dirty start, unclean acidity, weird, some cow stable, pretty acidic. Aftertaste: weird, dry, some tannins, lemon juice, very acidic, vinegar, dirty sour finish. Don’t like this one at all!

Boddingtons Pub Ale (Can) 0.8  -2
Samlesbury (AB InBev UK) Preston, Lancashire
Can, Amber color with plenty of head and carbonation. Notes are so lacking and thin for the style. Some moldy bread, water, grain, rust and cream. Light to medium bodied. One and done on this beer for the rest of my life. Actually I would sip this one if the world was coming to an end in the very near future

De Dolle Arabier 2.0  -1.7
De Dolle Brouwers Diksmuide, Belgium
Geel oranje bier met overdreven witte schuimkraag. Gist, hoppig met droge en heel bittere afdronk.

Dogfish Head Lupu-Luau IPA 1.3  -2.1
Dogfish Head Brewery Milton, Delaware
Pours clear dark golden with a thick white head. Aroma of lemongrass hops. Taste has heavy coconut notes with slight hops elements accompanying. Palate is entirely dominated by a coconut nose note. Not great if you don't like coconuts.

Urban South Paradise Park 1.5  -1.5
Urban South Brewery New Orleans, Louisiana
Draft. Most definitely not an "amber lager" ... this is clear yellow, fizzy and clear. Super sweet and overall biscuity. It is what it is ... (#7451, 6/2019)

Black Sheep Pineapple Milkshake IPA 1.0  -2.3
Black Sheep Brewery Masham, North Yorkshire
Smelt like sick, worst milkshake IPA I’ve ever had. First drain poor in about 2 years

Adnams Jack Brand Mosaic Pale Ale 0.5  -2.8
Adnams Southwold, Suffolk
(nez ananas pourri, levure morte de ménagère, bouche foiraille bad level au possible, rien à en tirer (noz))

Cerveza Monterrey 5.0  +3.1
Cerveceria Centro Americana Guatemala City, Guatemala
Absolutely love this beer. A couple of limes and sweet perfection. Comparable to Corona with a higher APV(5.3).

Karlskrone Premium Pilsener 4.0  +1.6
Aldi-Discount (Nord/Süd & Hofer - EU + Intl.) Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Dotarło do Polski w smaku dobre lekkie nie gorzkie barwa jasna ogólnie do posiedzenia się nadaje

New Holland Dragon's Milk 1.2  -2.6
New Holland Brewing Company Holland, Michigan
Me and my friend drank one and didn't even finish it. It's very powerful, and has a blend of bourbon to top it off. Super stout blend that will definitely leave you drunk if you want to polish a six pack. 11% will definitely do the trick.

DAB Pilsener 4.9  +2.3
Dortmunder Actien Brauerei (Oetker Group) Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia
Persönlich gesagt, ist das für mich der geschmacksbester Pilsener der in Dortmund gebraut wird

Hacker-Pschorr (Hefe) Weisse (Weissbier) (tap & bottle) 1.2  -2.3
it's not the best hefe weisse, but it's not the worst. SO I suppose if I had to describe it, it gets a Meh on my "it's shit" - "WOW" list.

Bitburger Premium Pils 1.1  -1.7
Bitburger Brauerei Th. Simon Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate
It's pretty much the Budlight of Germany. Not exactly anything special. My first 6 months in Germany i drank it all the time, just to get bored with it. Rusty tasting light beer with a sorta dirt taste to it, SO obviously nothing impressive.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bottle/Can) 0.5  -3.1
you want my description of this? here it is...It tastes like 52 year old left over Brussels sprout piss water. The only enjoyment you'll get from this, is it's not actually piss. It tastes like a cat took a dump in the bottle, then it was left on a radiator for 15 years straight. Swamp water has a better blend than this swill. Drink moldy bong water left out in the sun to save you the trouble...

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