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Ontario Brewpubs

Abe Erb Brewing Co, Waterloo

Al Friscos, Toronto

Ashton Brewing, Ashton

Banded Goose, Kingsville

Bandit Brewery (Ontario), Toronto

Bar Hop Brewco, Toronto

Barnstormer Brewing, Barrie

Batch (Creemore), Toronto

Beer Academy, Toronto

Bellwoods Brewery, Toronto

Big Rig Brewery, Ottawa

Big Rock Liberty Commons, Toronto

Black Creek Historic Brewery, Toronto

Blue Elephant Craft Brew House, Simcoe

Boshkung Brewing Co., Minden

Brew (Windsor), Windsor

Burdock, Toronto

Ceeps Brew Pub, London

Charlys Brew Pub and Grill, Windsor

Clocktower Brewpub, Ottawa

Craft Heads Brewing, Windsor

Denisons Brewing Co. (Victoria St.), Toronto

Dog & Pony Brewlab, Ottawa

Draft Horse Brewery, Navan

Duggan’s Brewery, Toronto

Feathers, Toronto

Folly Brewpub, Toronto

Georgian Lanes Brew Pub, Parry Sound

Get Well, Toronto

House Ales, Toronto

Indie Alehouse Brewing Co., Toronto

Kingston Brewing Co., Kingston

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, Kenora

Lake on the Mountain Brewing Company, Picton

Lansdowne, Toronto

Last Castle, Port Stanley

Laylow Beer Bar & Eatery, Toronto

Lion Brewery and Restaurant, Waterloo

Louis Cifer, Toronto

Lowertown, Ottawa

Mascot Brewery, Toronto

Merchant Ale House / Murray Street Brewing, Saint Catharines

MERIT Brewing Company, Hamilton

Mill Street Brewery (AB InBev), Toronto

Motor Craft Ales, Windsor

Niagara Brewing Company, Niagara Falls

Niagaras Best Brewery and Pub, Niagara Falls

Northern Superior Brewing, Sault Ste Marie

Olde Heidelberg Restaurant and Brewery, Heidelberg

Olde Stone Brewing, Peterborough

Outlaw Brew Co (ON), Southampton

Pepperwood Bistro Brewery, Burlington

Publican House Brewery, Peterbrough

Radical Road Brewing Company, Toronto

Redline Brewhouse, Barrie

Rorschach Brewing Co., Toronto

Rust City Brewery, Hamilton

Stock Pot Ales, Ottawa

Syndicate Brewery, Niagara Falls

The Strand Restaurant & Brasserie (Amsterdam Brewing Co.), Toronto

Tobermory Brewing Company, Tobermory

Toboggan Brewing Company, London

Tracks Brew Pub (Canada), Brampton

Waller St. Brewing, Ottawa


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