Also known as Brooklyn Gold Standard Export Kellerbier
Commercial description
Brooklyn re-creates another amazing style, this time the "ungespunded" (unbunged), a beer matured in wooden casks with the yeast still active, but with the bung ("spund" in German) not tightened. As the yeast ferments, the remaining sugars convert into additional carbon dioxide, which is allowed to escape through the loosened bung hole ("spundloch"). When tapped under the right atmospheric pressure, a traditional Kellerbier is yeast-turbid, and has next to no head because of the lack of carbonation. It finished dry, with both noticeable hop and malt tones in balance.
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Brooklyn Gold Standard Export Kellerbier

The brewer markets this same or near-same product by more than one names. This can be the result of a brewer distributing this beer under different names in different countries, or the brewer simply changing the name, but not the recipe at different points in time.