Cesu Porteris (2012)

Also known as Cesu Porteris ( -2014)
Commercial description
Cēsu Porteris is a saturated flavoured beer, produced from especially dark roast malt. As has been the custom during winter seasons, this year Cēsu alus is also offering the favourite Porter beer.For the first time in Latvia, Porter beer is available in a PINT (0.568 l) glass bottle. The Porter that we offer this year has a new and Latvian style design, as well as improved taste – saturated, distinct and dense.
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Cesu Porteris ( -2014)

The brewer markets this same or near-same product by more than one names. This can be the result of a brewer distributing this beer under different names in different countries, or the brewer simply changing the name, but not the recipe at different points in time.