Best Beers Of Bahamas

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Bahamas as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Pirate Republic Black Beer'd Stout 3.4725Stout
2Pirate Republic Island Pirate Ale 3.3020IPA
3Pirate Republic Yo Ho Ho 3.182Flavored - Other
4Pirate Republic Take No Quarter 3.164IPA
5Bahamian Strong Back Stout 3.1358Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
6Pirate Republic Gold & Haze of Piracy 3.1219Witbier / Belgian White Ale
7Pirate Republic Long John Pilsner 3.0612Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner
8Pirate Republic Eukanot Pale Ale 3.052Pale Ale - American (APA)
9Pirate Republic Citra Me Timbers 3.002Pale Ale - American (APA)
10Pirate Republic Old Ale 2.981Pale Lager - American
11Kalik Radler - Mango 2.961Radler / Shandy
12Bahamian Atlantis Ale 2.943Red Ale / International Amber Ale
13Pirate Republic Coconut Porter 2.924Porter - Flavored
14Pirate Republic Seven Seas 2.921Red Ale / International Amber Ale
15Pirate Republic Captain Kidd's Kölsch 2.8716Kölsch / Kölsch-Style
16Pirate Republic Lutra Express 2.871Flavored - Fruit
17Pirate Republic Imperial FCCK 2.831Stout - Imperial
18Kalik Radler - Cranberry 2.831Radler / Shandy
19Bahamian Sands Pink Radler 2.808Radler / Shandy
20Pirate Republic Cream Ale 2.722Cream Ale
21Kalik Crisp 2.722Pale Lager - American
22Grand Bahama Lucayan Lager 2.587Pale Lager - American
23Eclipse Beer 2.487Pale Lager - American
24Bahamian High Rock 2.4430Pale Lager - International / Premium
25Kalik Light Platinum 2.295Malt Liquor
26Kalik Lime 2.237Pale Lager - American
27Kalik Radler Lemon 2.236Radler / Shandy
28Kalik Gold 2.18132Malt Liquor
29Bahamian Bush Crack 2.1828Malt Liquor
30Bahamian Sands Light 2.1528Pale Lager - American
31Bahamian Sands Beer 2.1479Pale Lager - American
32Kalik 1.92439Pale Lager - American
33Kalik Light 1.7556Pale Lager - American