Best Beers Of Laos

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Laos as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Lao Bia 3.262Flavored - Other
2Patitoh Hawaiian Pale Ale 3.151Pale Ale - American (APA)
3Patitoh Casey’s Russian Imperial Stout 3.151Stout - Imperial
4Patitoh (By Paul) Stout 3.112Stout - Milk / Sweet
5Corebeer Stout 3.112Stout
6Patitoh (By Paul) Vienna Lager 3.061Amber Lager - International / Vienna
7Patitoh Casey’s Irish Dry Stout 3.061Stout - Dry / Irish
8Patitoh (By Paul) Cosmic Pale Ale 3.041Pale Ale - American (APA)
9Patitoh (By Paul) Hop Bomb 3.021IPA
10Some Farmer's Lao-hai 3.021Traditional Ale - Other
11Patitoh (By Paul) Emotion IPA 3.001IPA
12Corebeer Lager 3.002Pale Lager - International / Premium
13Patitoh (By Paul) Czech Pilsner 2.981Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech
14Patitoh (By Paul) Wheat Beer 2.981Weissbier - Hefeweizen
15Lao Co Beerlao IPA Style Beer Limited Edition 2.973IPA
16Golden Palm 2.961Flavored - Other
17Rock Brew Free Bird 2.941Pale Ale - American (APA)
18Thirsty Goat Ales Penny Wheat 2.941Wheat Ale
19Thirsty Goat Ale Ridgy Didge 2.921Pale Ale - Australian / New Zealand
20Beerlao White Lager 2.849Pale Lager - American
21Patitoh (By Paul) Mango Pale Ale 2.796Flavored - Fruit
22Beerlao Amber Lager 2.773Pale Lager - American
23Patitoh Casey’s White IPA  2.751IPA - White
24Beerlao Hoppy Lager 2.704Pale Lager - American
25Nam Khong Salongxay 2.671Pale Lager - American
26Beerlao Limited Edition 2562 2.672Pale Lager - American
27BeerSavan 2.622Pale Lager - American
28Lanexang 2.606Pale Lager - American
29Beerlao Dark 2.58346Dark Lager - International / Premium
30Beerlao Limited Edition 2560 2.552Pale Lager - American
31Nam Khong Special Brew 2.534Pale Lager - American
32Beerlao Pi Mai Limited Edition 2563 2.483Pale Lager - American
33Beerlao Gold 2.3341Pale Lager - American
34Beerlao Lager Beer 2.15617Pale Lager - International / Premium
35Nam Khong Beer 2.1419Pale Lager - American