Best Beers Of Malaysia

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Malaysia as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Danish Royal Stout 5.5% 3.22153Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
2Modern Madness Lemongrass Lager 3.183Pale Lager - American
3Modern Madness Black IPA 3.145IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
4Modern Madness Session IPA 3.134ISA - Session IPA
5Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Malaysia/Hong Kong/China) 3.11162Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
6Modern Madness Teh Tarik Beer 3.112Flavored - Other
7Modern Madness Nutty Stout  3.091Stout - Milk / Sweet
8Danish Royal Stout 6.8% 3.061Stout - Extra / Foreign / Tropical
9Modern Madness Jasmine Ale 3.052Flavored - Other
10Modern Madness Mosaic Rules Session IPA 3.054ISA - Session IPA
11Modern Madness Pandan Delight 3.041Flavored - Other
12Modern Madness Kenny’s Bitter Life 3.041ISA - Session IPA
13Modern Madness Chilli Stout 3.021Stout
14Modern Madness Rose is Rose 3.021Flavored - Other
15Modern Madness Citrarasa Session IPA 3.021ISA - Session IPA
16Modern Madness Bak Kut Teh 3.026Flavored - Other
17Connor's Original Stout 3.0228Stout - Dry / Irish
18Modern Madness Chocolate Coffee Porter 3.014Porter
19Modern Madness Ginger Ale 3.001Flavored - Other
20Modern Madness Flower Ale 3.001Pale Ale - English
21Modern Madness Roasted Black Soba 3.001Porter
22Tiger Amber Lager 3.001Märzen / Oktoberfest Bier
23Modern Madness Soba Ale 3.001IPA - Rye
24Modern Madness Happy Hoppy 3.001ISA - Session IPA
25Modern Madness Juicy Session IPA 3.001ISA - Session IPA
26Modern Madness Centennial Session IPA 3.001ISA - Session IPA
27Taps Beer Bar Life's a Peach 3.001Pale Lager - American
28Taps Beer Bar Summer Summer Ale 3.001Blonde Ale / Golden Ale
29Modern Madness Dim Sum Beer 3.002Flavored - Other
30Modern Madness Prosperity Ale 3.002Blonde Ale / Golden Ale
31Modern Madness Ginseng Ale 2.982Flavored - Other
32Modern Madness Madness IPA 2.982IPA
33Modern Madness Jasmine Flower Ale 2.981Flavored - Other
34Modern Madness Watermelon Gose 2.981Flavored - Fruit
35Modern Madness Tangerine Punch 2.961Pale Ale - Flavored
36Modern Madness Yuzu Beer 2.932Flavored - Fruit
37Modern Madness Citra Express 2.933ISA - Session IPA
38Modern Madness Black Kut Teh 2.921IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
39Modern Madness Assam Boi 2.912Flavored - Fruit
40Napex Legend Black Premium Lager 2.912Schwarzbier / Black Lager
41Modern Madness Kopi Stout 2.904Stout
42Skol Super 7.2% 2.812Malt Liquor
43Guinness Bright 2.7715Flavored - Other
44Modern Madness Maple Chocolate Vanilla 2.762Stout - Flavored / Pastry
45Apple Fox 2.724Apple Cider
46Napex Legend Premium Lager 2.576Pale Lager - American
47Skol 2.511Pale Lager - International / Premium
48Carlsberg Special Brew (Malaysia) 2.427Pale Lager - Strong
49Carlsberg Smooth Draught 2.4116Pale Lager - International / Premium
50Anchor Smooth Draught 2.355Pale Lager - American