Best Beers Of Romania

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Romania as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

Include Retired

1Hop Hooligans Never Over: Buffalo Trace BA 3.9318Stout - Imperial
2Wicked Barrel Blizzard 3.8620Stout - Imperial
3Wicked Barrel / Bereta The Black Pot 3.8539Stout - Imperial
4Hop Hooligans Never Over: Heaven Hill BA 3.7614Stout - Imperial
5Oriel Quadrupel (Jack Daniels BA) 3.7513Abbey Quadrupel / Abt
6Bereta Juicebag 3.7328IPA - Hazy / New England
7Bereta One Down 3.7213IPA
8Ground Zero Ticket to the Stars 3.7211Stout - Imperial
9Wicked Barrel Piece of Cake 3.719Porter - Imperial / Double
10Bereta / Wicked Barrel The Black Pot - Bourbon Chips and Vanilla 3.7111Stout - Imperial
11Hop Hooligans Crowd Control 3.7153IPA - Hazy / New England
12Hop Hooligans Time 3.7112Stout - Imperial
13Hop Hooligans Koschei 3.6943Stout - Imperial
14Hop Hooligans / Sunstone Sinking Ship 3.6928Smoked
15Bereta / armando_otchoa Big Bang But Some Fucking Bureaucracy First 3.6810Saison
16Ground Zero XperimentALE #2 - COX Imperial Stout 3.677Stout - Imperial
17Oriel Quadrupel (Belize Rum BA) 3.675Abbey Quadrupel / Abt
18Hop Hooligans Jilava Cake 3.6614Stout - Imperial
19Hop Hooligans Tonka Rush 3.6336Stout - Imperial
20Hop Hooligans Game Over 3.6323IPA
21Bereta Juicebag Simcoe Dry Hop 3.6216IPA
22Bereta Brewing Community Double IPA (Collab with Draso) 3.614IPA - Imperial / Double
23Oriel Blond Wild 3.598Belgian Ale
24Hop Hooligans Shock Therapy v3 Azacca & Simcoe 3.5712IPA
25Bereta / Wicked Barrel Morning Shot 3.577Stout - Imperial
26Wicked Barrel Jaw Drop 3.5710IPA
27Hop Hooligans Night Lights 3.5729IPA - Black / Dark
28Hop Hooligans / Bereta Nutbusters 3.5720IPA
29Hop Hooligans / Wicked Barrel New Lands 3.5510IPA
30Hop Hooligans Shock Therapy v7 Sorachi Ace 3.557IPA
31Bereta Citro 3.5521Pale Ale - American
32Hop Hooligans / Bereta Pulp Friction 3.5412IPA
33Hop Hooligans Bubbles Are Forever 3.5413IPA - Hazy / New England
34Hop Hooligans Earth Is Not Flat 3.5411IPA - Hazy / New England
35Wicked Barrel Killer Bunny 3.5311Stout - Imperial
36Ground Zero Morning Glory 3.5338IPA
37Oriel Winter 3.539Belgian Strong Ale
38Oriel Blond 3.5113Belgian Ale
39Hop Hooligans Shock Therapy v8 Citra & Ella 3.519IPA
40Hop Hooligans Wild Alert 3.5110IPA
41Hop Hooligans Modern Mosaic 3.5119IPA - Imperial / Double
42Ground Zero / Bereta Roots Hoppy Roots 3.515IPA - Imperial / Double
43Capra Noastră Noaptea Mâței 3.5010Belgian Strong Ale
44Hop Hooligans Shock Therapy v17 Enigma Citra Ekuanot 3.5011IPA
45Bereta Times Are Changing 3.5013IPA - Imperial / Double
46Bereta / Ground Zero Imperial Juice 3.5016IPA - Imperial / Double
47Hop Hooligans Melting Pot 3.5023Barley Wine / Wheat Wine
48Hop Hooligans Shock Therapy v6 Centennial & Mosaic 3.5010IPA
49Hop Hooligans Winter Socks 3.4929English Strong Ale
50Hop Hooligans Summer Punch 3.4928Pale Ale - American