Best Beers Of Russia

The following are the highest rated beers brewed in Russia as they appear in the ranks at Beer scores are weighted means so that more ratings for a beer increase the score's tendency to the beer's actual mean.

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1AF Brew Lobotomiya Sinistral Bourbon BA 3.7811Imperial Stout
2Bakunin Zatmenie (Eclipse) 3.7867Imperial Stout
3Victory Art Brew Ivan 3.76106Imperial Stout
4Salden's Triple IPA 3.7316Imperial IPA
5AF Brew Lobotomiya Dextral Brandy BA 3.699Imperial Stout
6Salden's Violent Twins Double IPA 3.6815Imperial IPA
7Jaws Brewery Atomnaya Prachechnaya 3.6849Imperial IPA
8Zagovor Blast Beat 3.687Imperial IPA
9Bakunin Burevestnik 3.6843Imperial Stout
10AF Brew Zimnaya Melankholiya 3.6825Baltic Porter
11AF Brew Redrum IPA Special Edition 3.6627Imperial IPA
12Victory Art Brew Black Sails IPA 3.6549Black IPA
13AF Brew ABV not IBU: Amarillo 3.6428Imperial IPA
14Victory Art Brew Tiramistout 3.6311Imperial Stout
15Jaws Brewery Russian Imperial Stout V1 3.638Imperial Stout
16Stamm Beer Urals Sherry Oloroso 3.6113Imperial Stout
17Victory Art Brew Red Sails IPA 3.6133India Pale Ale (IPA)
18Victory Art Brew Aleksander Pokryshkin 3.6110Imperial Stout
19Odna Tonna Choco Mammuth 3.6012Imperial Stout
20Zagovor Hop Water Music 3.608Imperial IPA
21AF Brew Mosaic IPA 3.5936India Pale Ale (IPA)
22Victory Art Brew Queen Mary 3.5933English Strong Ale
23Bottle Share Quadrobberry - BA Rioja 3.584Abt/Quadrupel
24KONIX Russian Imperial Stout (barrel # Whisky) 3.584Imperial Stout
25Victory Art Brew OTO IPA 3.5815India Pale Ale (IPA)
26Stamm Beer Urals Bourbon Barrel Aged  3.586Imperial Stout
27Bottle Share Sasha Grape 3.586Sour/Wild Ale
28AF Brew / Zagovor Jump the Line 3.579Imperial IPA
29Zagovor Egor 3.579Imperial Stout
30Victory Art Brew Pyotr 3.5611Imperial Stout
31Hophead Tsygan (Gypsy) 3.565Imperial Stout
32Stamm Beer Urals - BA Single Malt Whiskey 3.568Imperial Stout
33Stamm Beer / Zagovor Sour Passion Party 3.5521Sour/Wild Ale
34Victory Art Brew Smoked Porter 3.5517Porter
35Bottle Share Wrong Way - Coconut Bay 3.547Sweet Stout
36Bakunin Black Kangaroo 3.5429Imperial IPA
37Victory Art Brew Lord Of The Hops 3.5415Imperial IPA
38Craft Brew Riots / Vasileostrovskaya Raskolnikov 3.548Imperial Stout
39AF Brew Lobotomiya - Bourbon BA 3.5411Imperial Stout
40Salden's Russian Imperial Stout Aged In Single Malt Scotch Whisky Batch #1 3.547Imperial Stout
41Salden's Citra & Mosaic Double IPA 3.546Imperial IPA
42AF Brew / Pühaste Neodekadents 3.549Imperial Stout
43Victory Art Brew Red Machine IPA 3.5366India Pale Ale (IPA)
44AF Brew Old Sparky 3.5311Imperial IPA
45AF Brew Goseline Pump: Raspberry 3.5311Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer
46Jaws Brewery Chernaya Atomnaya Prachechnaya 3.539Black IPA
47Salden's Drunken Parrot Black IPA 3.5310Black IPA
48Salden's Australian Double IPA 3.527Imperial IPA
49Bakunin / Zagovor Komendantskij Chas 3.5250Imperial Stout
50KONIX Russian Imperial Stout (barrel #2) 3.524Imperial Stout