Also known as Idaho Brewing Maggie's Dog Slobber Brown Ale
Commercial description
Originating in the coal mining areas of England and Wales, brown ale was originally designed for generous consumption at the end of the work day. The style is sweeter and paler than porter, with a light body. IBC’s Brown Ale is an American style brown using Simco and Mount Hood hops. It has a smooth, full malty taste from Pale, Crystal, Munich, Chocolate and Roast malt. Food friendly, IBC Brown Ale is great with most meals, including Mexican cuisine, burgers and spaghetti.
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Idaho Brewing Maggie's Dog Slobber Brown Ale

The brewer markets this same or near-same product by more than one names. This can be the result of a brewer distributing this beer under different names in different countries, or the brewer simply changing the name, but not the recipe at different points in time.