Naparbier Pumpkin Tzar (2016)

Also known as Naparbier Pumpkin Tzar
Commercial description
Pumpkin Imperial Stout with habanero chili. Russian Imperial Stout with pumpkin and habaneros. Made by Shelton Brothers’ very own Robert Merryman and some friends before he left Spain. If you like big stouts this is pretty killer. You don’t really notice the pumpkin but you would if it wasn’t in there. Dark chocolate and smoke notes in the nose, some roasted malt. The hot pepper creeps up on you but it’s not over the top.
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Naparbier Pumpkin Tzar

The brewer markets this same or near-same product by more than one names. This can be the result of a brewer distributing this beer under different names in different countries, or the brewer simply changing the name, but not the recipe at different points in time.