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Beer Style Quota of Min. Rate Count: ABV Range: -
    score count style
1Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch4.54162  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
2Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter4.48578  Stout - Imperial
3Westvleteren 12 XII4.423668  Quadrupel / Abt
43 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera4.40167  Lambic - Unblended Jonge / Oude
5Toppling Goliath Mornin' Delight4.40297  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
6Cycle / 3 Sons Rare Scooop4.3838  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
7Three Floyds Dark Lord - Bourbon Barrel Aged4.36417  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
8Russian River Pliny the Younger4.35757  IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
9Three Floyds Dark Lord - Bourbon Vanilla Bean4.34444  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
10AleSmith Speedway Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged4.33915  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
11AleSmith Speedway Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged Vietnamese Coffee4.31206  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
12Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Apple Brandy Barrel Aged4.31183  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
13Founders Barrel Aged CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)4.301511  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
14Bell's Black Note Stout4.301011  Stout - Imperial
15Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxas4.30280  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
16AleSmith Speedway Stout4.293119  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
17Side Project Anabasis4.2938  Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
18Hill Farmstead Ann4.29127  Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette
19Trappistes Rochefort 104.295135  Quadrupel / Abt
20Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout4.291045  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
21Lost Abbey Yellow Bus4.28117  Sour / Wild Beer - Flavored
22Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)4.283078  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
23Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout4.271869  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
24Russian River Pliny the Elder4.272790  IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
25Bell's Expedition Stout4.273163  Stout - Imperial
26Goose Island Bourbon County Stout4.272955  Stout - Imperial
27Modern Times Monster Tones4.2549  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
28Funky Buddha Morning Wood4.25215  Porter - Imperial Flavored
29Cigar City Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged4.25219  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
30Hill Farmstead Aaron4.24168  Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
31Närke Stormaktsporter4.24401  Stout - Imperial
32Szałpiw Buba Extreme Jack Daniels BA4.2490  Quadrupel / Abt
33Bokke Framboos Noyaux4.2450  Lambic - Flavored
34Toppling Goliath Assassin4.24254  Stout - Imperial
35Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake (Bourbon Edition)4.24304  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
36Bell's Bourbon Barrel-Aged Expedition Stout4.24182  Stout - Imperial
37The Alchemist Heady Topper4.231628  IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double Hazy (NEIPA)
38Cantillon La Vie est Belge4.2370  Lambic - Gueuze
393 Fonteinen Framboos (Framboise)4.23526  Lambic - Flavored
40Närke Konjaks! Stormaktsporter4.23224  Stout - Imperial
41Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA4.232097  IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
42Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel4.231850  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
43Prairie / Evil Twin Bible Belt - Barrel Aged4.23360  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
44Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation4.23241  Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
45Omnipollo / Siren / David Strachan Lorelei - Barrel Aged Extra Maple4.22167  Porter - Imperial Flavored
46Firestone Walker Parabola4.211250  Stout - Imperial
47Evil Twin Double Barrel Jesus4.21198  Stout - Imperial
48Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter Pure Swedish Oak4.2188  Stout - Imperial
49Funky Buddha Last Buffalo in the Park4.21198  Porter - Imperial Flavored
50Surly Darkness4.201120  Stout - Imperial

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