Also known as Tröegs Flying Mouflan
Commercial description
Behold Scratch 4-2007, the latest offering from Tröegs Brewing Company’s Scratch Beer Series. Dubbed The Flying Mouflan (for reasons that become clearer toward the bottom of the glass) this strong, alluring ale is two beers in one. Cracking one open this fall season unleashes hops and heat with more than 100 IBU’s emanating from three hop varieties and the sweet burn of 9.2% ABV. The Tröegs Brothers classify this beast as “pushing Nugget Nectar off the side of a cliff”—think hops dipped in candied sugar and rolled in dark chocolate nibs.For virtuous traditionalists who cellar big beers to release their dark secrets, The Flying Mouflan’s palette transforms into lush raisin and chocolate overtones. Cellaring The Flying Mouflan in a cool, dark place at 50 degrees for a minimum of four months will mellow out the hops and wash away the heat. If you can resist temptation, you will be rewarded with two memorable beers in a single bottle.
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Tröegs Flying Mouflan

The brewer markets this same or near-same product by more than one names. This can be the result of a brewer distributing this beer under different names in different countries, or the brewer simply changing the name, but not the recipe at different points in time.