Asda Election 05 Special Bitter
Brewed by/for Asda (Wal Mart)
4.04/21/2005Rate 2.31210
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale Zymatore - Moscatel Barrel -8/20/2015Rate 3.026
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale Zymatore - Tequila and Sherry Barrel Aged 131/3/2017Rate 3.111
J.W. Lees Moonraker Zymatore - Wild Yeast 7.511/16/2012Rate 3.216
Ind Coope Draught Burton Ale
Brewed by/for Carlsberg UK
4.58/24/2002Rate 3.166923
J.W. Lees / Cloudwater MCR Fold 4.86/11/2016Rate 2.851
J.W. Lees / Cloudwater Red Ale 5.06/29/2017Rate 3.04478
J.W. Lees / Seven Bro7hers Two Tribes 5.04/19/2017Rate 2.952
J.W. Lees Archer Stout 4.04/22/2005Rate 3.134
J.W. Lees Atomic 3.81/18/2017Rate 2.94
J.W. Lees Aura 4.03/21/2017Rate 2.932
J.W. Lees Autumn Glow 4.211/1/2008Rate 2.88515
J.W. Lees Bitter 4.08/14/2002Rate 2.934056
J.W. Lees Brewers Dark (Bottle) 2.810/7/2009Rate 2.821284
J.W. Lees Brewers Dark / GB Mild (Cask) 3.58/19/2002Rate 3.023650
J.W. Lees British Autumn Ale 4.19/21/2016Rate 3.077514
J.W. Lees British Jewels 4.18/20/2012Rate 2.863
J.W. Lees Brooklyn Best 5.05/14/2003Rate 3.297
J.W. Lees Centenary Ale 5.05/29/2005Rate 2.731
J.W. Lees Chester Pilgrim Ale 5.011/15/2000Rate 2.661
J.W. Lees Chocoholic 3.610/19/2010Rate 3.084330
J.W. Lees Christmas Cracker 4.812/21/2009Rate 2.823
J.W. Lees Christmas Plum Pudding 4.811/15/2000Rate 3.18243
J.W. Lees Cock & Bull 4.59/22/2009Rate 3.116
J.W. Lees Cora 3.99/4/2013Rate 2.965122
J.W. Lees Coronation St Premium Ale (Cask) 4.28/10/2009Rate 2.792217
J.W. Lees Coronation St. Premium Ale (Bottle) 4.26/23/2009Rate 2.974840
J.W. Lees Crackerjack 4.711/26/2004Rate 2.953
J.W. Lees Cyclhops 4.53/6/2016Rate 2.91399
J.W. Lees Dambuster 4.08/24/2005Rate 2.72
J.W. Lees Dark Side 4.21/28/2010Rate 2.785
J.W. Lees Dark Smooth 3.49/13/2006Rate 2.765
J.W. Lees Delta Wing 4.01/3/2016Rate 2.772
J.W. Lees Diamond Jubilee 4.25/31/2012Rate 2.81
J.W. Lees Dirty Dozen 4.25/12/2017Rate 2.956
J.W. Lees Dragons Fire (Bottle) 4.04/1/2006Rate 2.671814
J.W. Lees Dragons Fire (Cask) 4.04/27/2005Rate 2.94023
J.W. Lees Drayman's Cheer 4.11/6/2014Rate 2.831
J.W. Lees Drayman's Promise 4.15/12/2013Rate 2.721510
J.W. Lees Drayman's Reward 4.19/10/2015Rate 3.077724
J.W. Lees Epic 3.97/29/2017Rate 3.075
J.W. Lees Export Ale 5.08/12/2006Rate 31
J.W. Lees Extra Smooth Bitter 3.911/21/2010Rate 2.767
J.W. Lees Fools Gold 4.112/3/2010Rate 2.81
J.W. Lees Game On (Summer) 4.21/30/2010Rate 3.015017
J.W. Lees Game On (Winter) 4.21/30/2010Rate 3.088
J.W. Lees Gold Digger 3.89/1/2009Rate 2.772
J.W. Lees Gold Standard 4.02/11/2013Rate 2.811
J.W. Lees Golden Export 5.011/15/2000Rate 2.771
J.W. Lees Golden Original Lager 4.010/7/2012Rate 2.733
J.W. Lees Golden Peddler 3.96/12/2014Rate 3.16
J.W. Lees Googly 4.37/12/2005Rate 2.565
J.W. Lees Great Budworth Bitter (alias) 4.55/28/2012
J.W. Lees Greengate 3.43/10/2006Rate 2.785
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 11.512/19/2000Rate 3.87971091
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Calvados) 11.55/20/2004Rate 3.7894479
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Lagavulin) 11.55/20/2004Rate 3.7491511
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Port) 11.55/20/2004Rate 3.7289422
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Sherry) 11.55/20/2004Rate 3.7793393
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2008 11.511/27/2012Rate 3.576952
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2008 (Cask) 11.58/8/2015Rate 3.859715
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2011: 25th Anniversary Version 11.512/7/2012Rate 3.698652
J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2016 11.51/18/2017Rate 2.873
J.W. Lees Helmsman 4.52/13/2015Rate 2.71
J.W. Lees Hope Street Gold 4.57/28/2014Rate 2.831
J.W. Lees Hopmeister 3.69/11/2011Rate 2.853412
J.W. Lees Hopping Mad 3.53/21/2009Rate 2.953118
J.W. Lees Hoptimist 4.43/9/2014Rate 2.822
J.W. Lees Ice Breaker 4.01/17/2005Rate 2.796
J.W. Lees Jester Magic 4.24/12/2015Rate 2.761
J.W. Lees John Willies (Bottle) 4.53/21/2003Rate 2.964761
J.W. Lees John Willies (Cask) 4.52/17/2004Rate 35038
J.W. Lees John Willies 100 4.29/29/2014Rate 2.893920
J.W. Lees Jumbo Star 3.911/15/2000Rate 3.073
J.W. Lees Kaleidoscope 3.83/6/2016Rate 2.948
J.W. Lees Liberty 4.18/12/2011Rate 2.82
J.W. Lees Manchester Pale Ale 3.710/18/2013Rate 2.893639
J.W. Lees Manchester Rambler 3.84/18/2007Rate 2.841
J.W. Lees Manchester Star Ale 7.39/5/2004Rate 3.799396
J.W. Lees Maypole Madness 4.55/24/2004Rate 2.912
J.W. Lees Moonraker (Bottle) 7.511/15/2000Rate 3.3988376
J.W. Lees Moonraker (Cask) 6.51/30/2003Rate 3.225580
J.W. Lees Pioneer 4.12/7/2016Rate 2.92
J.W. Lees Prism Mild 4.16/14/2012Rate 2.761
J.W. Lees Rambler 3.82/3/2007Rate 2.72
J.W. Lees Razzmatazz Festival Ale 4.410/1/2003Rate 33
J.W. Lees Rising Sun 4.01/15/2012Rate 2.852
J.W. Lees Ruddy Glow 4.510/23/2002Rate 2.912623
J.W. Lees Scorcher 4.27/13/2003Rate 2.531226
J.W. Lees Snow Yoke 4.02/3/2013Rate 2.712
J.W. Lees Square Albert (alias) 4.511/20/2014
J.W. Lees Strawbeery 3.88/4/2010Rate 2.718
J.W. Lees Streaker 3.710/12/2013Rate 2.941
J.W. Lees Summer Sizzler 3.88/18/2008Rate 2.675
J.W. Lees Supernova 3.57/5/2009Rate 3.124724
J.W. Lees Tackler's Gold 3.87/20/2015Rate 32
J.W. Lees The Governor (Bottle) 4.18/22/2011Rate 2.721333
J.W. Lees The Governor (Cask) 3.86/5/2011Rate 2.741438
J.W. Lees Top Brass 3.610/21/2012Rate 2.872
J.W. Lees Two Faced Janus 4.23/11/2003Rate 3.053
J.W. Lees Victory at Waterloo 4.54/7/2015Rate 2.893712
J.W. Lees Vindehop 3.83/27/2011Rate 2.741
J.W. Lees Vulcan Wheat Beer 4.14/5/2004Rate 3.352
J.W. Lees Weaver's Shuttle 4.19/12/2017Rate 3.036011
J.W. Lees White Bear 4.211/15/2000Rate 2.841
J.W. Lees Zygote 4.89/17/2011Rate 2.852
Khukuri 5.09/4/2003Rate 2.195982
Greenalls Bitter 3.43/26/2011Rate 2.914
Ansells Bitter / Best Bitter
Brewed by/for Leeds (Carlsberg UK)
3.76/11/2002Rate 2.71149

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