Yria-Guinea Pigs! / El Oso y el Cuervo Quimera White IPA
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
105/4/2013Rate 3.32330
Yria-Guinea Pigs! 95 Wood Aged Imperial IPA
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
7.54/25/2012Rate 3.78741
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Angelus Apatrida Fresh Pleasure
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
5.810/10/2013Rate 3.518717
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Flow IPAporter
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
8.55/1/2012Rate 3.789063
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Flow IPAporter Edicion Aniversario
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
9.56/28/2014Rate 3.42915
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Fray Cui
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
10.38/24/2013Rate 3.383630
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Hopvana Continuosly Hopped IPA
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
6.77/22/2012Rate 3.589158
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Mc Cui
Brewed by/for Cervezas Guinea Pigs!
7.210/7/2012Rate 3.345022
Yria / Hanscraft & Co. Achtung! Imperial Porter
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
8.511/2/2015Rate 3.687238
Yria / Medina First Blow DIPA
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
9.05/12/2015Rate 3.352919
Yria / Passarola Honey I’m Home!
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
7.57/3/2015Rate 2.94512
Yria / Reptilian Disciples Of The Beer Ninja Clan Vs Zombie Viking Army!
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
165/12/2015Rate 3.719438
Yria / Reptilian The Nuclear Mutant Beast Versus The Giant Reptilian From Hell
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
141/14/2015Rate 3.889939
Yria Beerbol Cedar Aged Imperial IPA
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
7.53/3/2015Rate 3.383520
Yria Cenosilicaphobia (alias)
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
Yria Man-Darina Xtra pale ale
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
5.06/14/2015Rate 3.579527
Yria MangoMan
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
5.84/26/2016Rate 3.588918
Yria Oscura Imperial Brown
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
7.212/26/2012Rate 3.529726
Yria Oscura Imperial Brown Wood Porto Aged Edition
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
7.26/28/2015Rate 3.091
Yria They Come From Amber
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
6.77/29/2015Rate 3.298814
Domus / Bayura Bamus 9.38/25/2014Rate 3.494724
Domus / Bayura Bamus 2 8.58/7/2015Rate 2.715
Domus / Boris / Universidad Alicante 7.25/25/2015Rate 3.021
Domus / Boris Brew Ninfa 8.53/1/2015Rate 3.716231
Domus / Boris Brew Ninfa (6.3%) 6.33/29/2017Rate 3.131
Domus / Cevada Pura Pangea 7.511/20/2016Rate 3.134
Domus / Moor Long Lunch 6.011/15/2015Rate 3.339418
Domus / Sr. Bu Snowhite 4.510/19/2012Rate 2.661314
Domus / Yria-Guinea Pigs! Saison 9.07/5/2013Rate 3.228
Domus 3.0 Hoppy Weizen 5.511/15/2015Rate 3.138
Domus Aurea 5.43/31/2011Rate 3.3853139
Domus Caminha Imperial Porter 8.01/22/2017Rate 3.061
Domus Cover Us 5.51/9/2015Rate 2.831
Domus Europa 6.55/9/2012Rate 3.153946
Domus Golden Passion 7.28/24/2014Rate 2.922710
Domus Greco 8.22/4/2013Rate 3.348732
Domus Iberus 7.08/31/2016Rate 3.217
Domus IPA -5/15/2015Rate 3.061
Domus La Colorá 6.04/23/2016Rate 3.315012
Domus Madiba 8.16/9/2014Rate 3.341511
Domus Pacific Ale 5.07/23/2013Rate 3.325
Domus Pacific Lager 5.05/9/2012Rate 3.327
Domus Regia 4.37/24/2010Rate 2.651652
Domus Salmántica 4.39/10/2013Rate 2.691
Domus Sevilla 4.65/15/2014Rate 2.863327
Domus Summa 7.29/10/2010Rate 3.23268
Domus Super Aurea 9.08/13/2014Rate 2.957
Domus Take Five Imperial Stout 7.03/1/2014Rate 3.13413
Domus Toledo 4.85/19/2015Rate 3.057
Domus Winter Summa 8.25/25/2015Rate 3.041610
Domus Zircus Lime’s Ale 5.56/15/2013Rate 2.711

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