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Birling Place Farm, Stangate Road, Birling, West Malling, Kent, England ME19 5JN
Commenced in late 2010, brewing at Larkins until their own brewery is completed. Started brewing at their own brewery in April 2011.
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Kent / Gipsy Hill Yuzu Pale 5.04/2/2015Rate 3.194423
Kent Abandon Hope 3.73/20/2014Rate 3.32
Kent Abbey 2016 6.212/3/2016Rate 3.074
Kent Altered States 4.72/22/2013Rate 3.317829
Kent American Pale Ale 4.53/19/2016Rate 2.832
Kent Beating Bronze 4.48/26/2012Rate 2.871
Kent Berry Mild Porter 4.93/28/2013Rate 3.164
Kent Beyond The Pale 5.41/17/2012Rate 3.188618
Kent Black Gold 4.13/9/2011Rate 3.229530
Kent Black Mirror 4.510/2/2016Rate 3.178
Kent Bramling Cross 4.56/24/2013Rate 2.986
Kent Brewers Reserve 5.012/9/2012Rate 3.377722
Kent Cascade 4.54/23/2014Rate 3.025
Kent Cherry Saison 4.510/7/2016Rate 3.153
Kent Chili Ginger 4.112/13/2011Rate 2.731
Kent Chilli Pale 4.08/23/2011Rate 2.761
Kent Citra 4.58/13/2015Rate 3.133
Kent Club Cascade 4.08/23/2011Rate 2.861
Kent Cobnut 4.16/4/2011Rate 3.348432
Kent Coffee Cream Porter 5.512/10/2011Rate 2.982
Kent Craft Brighton Rock 7.51/31/2015Rate 2.811
Kent Craft Clerkenwell Pale 3.86/29/2011Rate 3.28852
Kent Craft Common Sense 5.012/16/2015Rate 3.286
Kent Dead of Night 5.511/9/2013Rate 2.923
Kent Dragon’s Breath 4.711/18/2012Rate 3.023
Kent Egham Session 3.74/5/2012Rate 2.982
Kent Elderflower Saison 4.59/20/2013Rate 3.162512
Kent Enigma 5.53/5/2012Rate 3.33019
Kent Éostre 4.23/29/2017Rate 3.091
Kent Firestarter 4.91/31/2014Rate 3.168
Kent George’s Gorgeous Gold 4.04/23/2011Rate 33
Kent Going for Gold 4.47/27/2012Rate 3.035
Kent Gold Fountain 4.410/13/2012Rate 33
Kent Green Giant 6.010/13/2012Rate 3.34414
Kent Green Hop Black IPA 6.010/7/2016Rate 3.034
Kent Harvest Moon 4.610/22/2011Rate 3.024
Kent Honey & Lemon 5.09/18/2014Rate 2.783
Kent Hop Dog 4.511/8/2014Rate 3.036
Kent KGB (Kent Golding Bitter) 4.15/19/2011Rate 3.179125
Kent Mad Cow Imperial Milk Stout 7.45/7/2015Rate 3.38
Kent Magic Bullet 5.58/7/2014Rate 3.093
Kent Mandarina 4.511/18/2016Rate 2.871
Kent Maple Wheat IPA 5.810/2/2015Rate 3.23359
Kent Mauri 4.54/27/2013Rate 3.155
Kent New World Brown 6.54/22/2013Rate 2.933
Kent Pale 4.012/1/2010Rate 3.49826
Kent Pig’s Ear PA 5.82/9/2017Rate 0
Kent Porter 5.512/1/2010Rate 3.447919
Kent Prohibition APA 4.84/4/2015Rate 3.326526
Kent Pumpkin Saison 4.59/18/2014Rate 2.994
Kent Revolution 9.27/5/2014Rate 2.99311
Kent Sacred Grounds 5.14/24/2016Rate 3.194
Kent Saison 4.95/20/2016Rate 2.943
Kent Session Pale 3.73/28/2013Rate 3.259218
Kent Simcoe 4.53/11/2014Rate 3.36415
Kent Simcoe Cascade 4.54/13/2014Rate 33
Kent Special Pale Ale 4.02/14/2012Rate 2.843
Kent Spring Wheat 4.84/5/2012Rate 3.016
Kent Summer 3.78/10/2014Rate 2.994
Kent Summit 4.511/28/2015Rate 3.087
Kent TrIPA 108/7/2014Rate 2.823
Kent Twelfth Night 7.43/18/2012Rate 3.191710
Kent Twelfth Night Squared 9.43/22/2016Rate 3.151412
Kent Velo Dog 4.510/1/2016Rate 3.041
Kent White Cliffs Pale Ale 5.02/3/2017Rate 3.061
Kent Zingiber 4.112/1/2010Rate 3.227023
Three Friends Amber
Brewed by/for Three Friends
5.012/8/2013Rate 3.197
Three Friends Centennial Rye Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Three Friends
4.77/2/2013Rate 3.127
Three Friends Pale (Motueka)
Brewed by/for Three Friends
3.92/26/2014Rate 3.057112
Three Friends Pale (Motueka, Columbus, Cascade)
Brewed by/for Three Friends
3.94/3/2014Rate 2.871

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