Oakland 2 Mile Wide Impact Crater 10.511/11/2012Rate 3.185
Oakland Andy's Big Red -11/2/2011Rate 3.033
Oakland Argent et Noir 6.24/29/2011Rate 3.054
Oakland CME IPA 7.410/30/2011Rate 3.14299
Oakland Cul du Singe 6.55/8/2012Rate 2.831
Oakland Double Up "840" 9.05/8/2012Rate 32
Oakland Erin Go Bragh 3.93/27/2012Rate 2.923
Oakland Five and Dime 7.42/13/2012Rate 2.932
Oakland Fly Trap 6.112/2/2014Rate 3.339211
Oakland Green Cone IPA 6.83/23/2011Rate 2.932
Oakland Huge Action Harvest Amber (alias) 6.511/29/2011
Oakland Impact Crater 102/25/2012Rate 3.14
Oakland Kriekenhaas Sour 6.52/12/2012Rate 3.085
Oakland Lapin Sauvage -11/2/2011Rate 2.811
Oakland Les Joues Roses 6.02/13/2012Rate 3.123
Oakland Mad Adder Session IPA -8/9/2011Rate 2.831
Oakland Needs More Dog 5.16/28/2011Rate 2.811
Oakland Oatmeal Stout 6.011/2/2011Rate 2.811
Oakland Paddy Yourself on the Back 6.03/27/2012Rate 2.811
Oakland Paleodox 5.83/28/2011Rate 2.962
Oakland Red Rum -11/2/2011Rate 2.831
Oakland Saison Su Madre 6.112/22/2012Rate 3.064
Oakland Saut du Lapin 6.03/13/2011Rate 3.075
Oakland Sea of Hands 7.09/2/2011Rate 2.881
Oakland Sticky Zipper 7.23/23/2011Rate 3.467639
Oakland Thugs Passion 6.24/11/2011Rate 3.042
Oakland Total Slacker IPA 6.56/28/2011Rate 2.982
Oakland Tower of Sour 5.210/23/2012Rate 3.154
Oakland White Elephen' t'Ale Kuyt -5/13/2016Rate 31

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