Due South Brewing Co.

2900 High Ridge Road #3, Boynton Beach, Florida, USA 33426
Sunday: noon – 8 pm
Monday: CLOSED
Tues-Thurs: noon – 10 pm
Fri-Sat: noon - 11 pm

Associated place: Due South Brewing Co.

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Due South / Barrel of Monks Apostate 6.012/24/2016Rate 3.091
Due South / Brewzzi India Black Lager 6.012/4/2012Rate 3.085
Due South / Cigar City Brewpub Desert Inn Rye IPA 7.12/26/2013Rate 3.246
Due South / Devour Straight Outta Boynton White IPA 6.05/10/2016Rate 3.061
Due South / Tomoka Ginger Snap Imperial Brown 8.512/27/2013Rate 2.952
Due South 88 Shilling Scotch Ale 7.51/19/2013Rate 3.038
Due South Asylum Harbor Red Ale 6.112/27/2013Rate 3.126
Due South Atlantis Ale 4.58/20/2011Rate 0
Due South Banana Caramel Cream Ale 5.010/15/2015Rate 3.232
Due South Barrel Aged Blackberry Barleywine 9.42/18/2016Rate 0
Due South Blackberry Barley Wine 9.29/19/2015Rate 3.023
Due South Blue On Black Blueberry Porter 5.72/5/2014Rate 3.024
Due South Bodacious Belgian Blonde 6.11/10/2013Rate 3.086
Due South Brett IPA 6.612/21/2014Rate 3.096
Due South Brown Betty Brown 5.28/20/2011Rate 0
Due South Cafe Ole Espresso Porter 5.58/20/2011Rate 3.549136
Due South Cafe Ole Espresso Porter - Toasted Nut & Cinnamon 5.78/14/2013Rate 2.91
Due South Calling All Cars 5.76/13/2013Rate 3.519010
Due South Caramel Cream Ale 5.08/20/2011Rate 3.339495
Due South Caramel Cream Ale - Apple Brandy Barrel 5.02/16/2013Rate 2.931
Due South Caramel Cream Ale - Maple Pumpkin 5.010/12/2012Rate 2.841
Due South Caramel Latte 8.01/11/2015Rate 2.871
Due South Category 3 IPA 6.14/21/2012Rate 3.3548117
Due South Category 4 IPA 7.74/21/2012Rate 3.58119
Due South Category 5 IPA 8.54/21/2012Rate 3.5760106
Due South Category 5 IPA - Grapefruit 8.51/5/2017Rate 3.282
Due South Category 5 IPA - Oak Aged 8.512/24/2015Rate 3.433
Due South Chocolate Peppermint Stout 5.612/24/2015Rate 0
Due South Citrafied 5.111/10/2016Rate 3.254914
Due South Coastalicious -11/9/2013Rate 2.92
Due South Coconut Bay Breeze 4.23/25/2014Rate 32
Due South Coffee Dry Hopped Coastline 4.01/15/2018Rate 0
Due South Craft American Lager 4.64/2/2014Rate 2.826315
Due South Curse of the Irish Red 5.53/12/2013Rate 2.985
Due South Descension Tripel 8.78/6/2014Rate 3.142
Due South Doppelbock 6.61/5/2017Rate 3.131
Due South Dortmunder 5.310/15/2014Rate 2.81
Due South Dry Hopped Series Pale Ale (Simcoe) 5.111/22/2016Rate 3.162
Due South Dry Hopped Series: Pale Ale (Citra) 5.110/26/2015Rate 3.147
Due South Dry Hopped Series: Pale Ale (El Dorado) 5.12/19/2016Rate 3.213
Due South Dry Hopped Series: Pale Ale (Equinox) 5.112/9/2015Rate 2.941
Due South Dry Hopped Series: Pale Ale (Falconer's Flight 7Cs) 5.16/14/2016Rate 3.324
Due South Dry Hopped Series: Pale Ale (Mosaic) 5.13/26/2016Rate 3.444
Due South Dunkelweizen -10/15/2015Rate 2.932
Due South El Verde Wet Hop Pale Ale 4.810/11/2013Rate 2.912
Due South Everymen Brown Ale 5.511/10/2014Rate 2.881
Due South Florida Blonde 4.28/10/2012Rate 2.793210
Due South Gateway Session IPA 4.011/13/2014Rate 2.811
Due South Ginger Snap Imperial Brown (alias) 8.512/28/2013
Due South Grapefruit Honey Wheat 3.610/15/2015Rate 2.982
Due South Honey Vanilla Wheat 4.88/20/2011Rate 3.187414
Due South Hopicana Orange Rye IPA 7.17/18/2013Rate 3.497913
Due South Hopoluxo IPA 6.812/9/2013Rate 3.24
Due South Imperial Brown Coconut -12/14/2013Rate 2.931
Due South Imperial Caramel Cream Ale 8.47/17/2013Rate 3.429815
Due South Island Hopper Double IPA 8.52/16/2013Rate 3.424414
Due South Isle of MaGourdo Pumpkin Ale 5.510/12/2012Rate 3.237427
Due South Kevin's Bacon 8.26/5/2016Rate 3.072
Due South Leerye Jenkins 6.49/22/2015Rate 3.023
Due South Legendairy Milk Stout 5.85/21/2015Rate 3.24359
Due South Lost City 5.412/24/2015Rate 0
Due South Mango Pale Ale 5.17/6/2015Rate 2.941
Due South Manuel's Dojo 3.62/15/2017Rate 3.162
Due South Maple Orange Imperial Caramel Cream Ale 8.23/25/2014Rate 3.319616
Due South Mariana Trench - Rum Barrel Aged 9.88/2/2016Rate 3.395
Due South Mariana Trench Imperial Stout 9.88/20/2011Rate 3.462720
Due South Mariana Trench Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.83/25/2014Rate 3.574313
Due South Mariana Trench Imperial Stout - Palm Ridge Barrel 9.82/17/2014Rate 3.042
Due South Mexican Standoff 8.57/18/2013Rate 3.21831
Due South Mexicana Trench 9.82/15/2017Rate 3.061
Due South Midnight Marauder Black IPA 6.55/22/2014Rate 3.373913
Due South Mr. Crowley 9.25/30/2015Rate 3.142
Due South Nigel Hasselhoff 6.61/27/2017Rate 3.111
Due South Northern Exposure 5.010/11/2012Rate 2.81
Due South Oktoberfest 5.410/11/2012Rate 3.055
Due South Olympus Mons Imperial Red Ale 9.25/22/2014Rate 3.313
Due South One Across the Bow English IPA 6.45/8/2013Rate 3.127
Due South One Eyed Tiki 5.77/6/2013Rate 3.335
Due South One Night in Ybor 7.912/14/2013Rate 3.035
Due South Pale Ale 5.17/6/2015Rate 2.853
Due South Peanut Butter Apple Ale -5/10/2014Rate 3.262
Due South Peanut Butter Pepper Imperial Caramel Cream Ale 8.52/7/2016Rate 0
Due South Peppermint Paddy (alias) 6.13/16/2014
Due South Peppermint Stout 6.112/28/2013Rate 3.226
Due South Pico Duarte Imperial Stout 9.12/16/2013Rate 3.372012
Due South Pico Duarte Imperial Stout - Apple Brandy Barrel 9.17/2/2013Rate 2.972
Due South Pico Duarte Imperial Stout- Oak Aged 9.011/9/2015Rate 3.255
Due South Pink Lemonade 3.62/16/2017Rate 3.041
Due South Portside Red 5.64/21/2012Rate 0
Due South Pumpkin Chocolate -10/5/2013Rate 2.81
Due South Radler 3.85/11/2016Rate 32
Due South Raspberry Blonde 4.210/8/2012Rate 2.855
Due South Red Hoptober 5.58/30/2011Rate 2.841
Due South Red Reef Ale 5.67/13/2012Rate 33
Due South Roasted Cocoa Stout 6.18/20/2011Rate 2.931615
Due South Roggenbier 5.610/9/2014Rate 2.963
Due South Saigon Blonde 4.35/10/2014Rate 3.385
Due South Saigon Weekender 3.61/29/2017Rate 3.191
Due South Scorpion IPA 6.19/28/2015Rate 3.041
Due South Session Pale Ale 4.84/16/2014Rate 3.034
Due South Short Bus IPA 7.43/22/2015Rate 3.386
Due South Silky Johnson 5.712/8/2015Rate 3.123
Due South Southbound Brown 5.79/19/2011Rate 3.064717
Due South Southern Saison 5.91/26/2012Rate 3.243717
Due South Summerland Saison 5.15/7/2016Rate 2.93
Due South Sweater Weather 9.01/13/2015Rate 3.424
Due South Triple Threat 8.98/17/2015Rate 3.264
Due South UXO American Strong Ale 8.18/15/2013Rate 3.232726
Due South UXO American Strong Ale - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.15/10/2014Rate 2.931
Due South Van Damme That's a Good Belgian IPA 6.75/27/2015Rate 3.223
Due South Vanilla Wheat (alias) 5.05/14/2012
Due South Weekender Weisse 3.64/21/2016Rate 3.217
Due South What The Hef? 5.310/15/2015Rate 3.023
Due South, 88 Shilling Scotch Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.11/29/2017Rate 3.122

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