Brouwerij Cornelissen

Commercial Brewery
Itterplein 19, Opitter-Bree, Belgium 3960

Sixth generation headstrong Belgian true craft and traditional brewery, established in the early 1800's and on the same exact location were we are still today since 1859! Call us stubborn. But we are still a family with strong values. We still brew all our beers ourselves. We still use the original copper kettles. And we can guarantee our quality for at least another 150 years! We're headstrong. True craft brewers. And we're from Belgium!! These beers were not made in someone's garage as a hobby. For six generations, brewing is our family's passion. We do not follow hypes. We stay true to the craft. Without compromises on quality. And in this respect, you can call us stubborn.
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Bosbier 4.511/13/2001Rate 2.731106
Brussels Gold 4.61/22/2002Rate 2.61479
Brussels White 4.86/14/2001Rate 3.046273
Cornelissen Bokkereyer 6.012/10/2001Rate 2.82469
Cornelissen Lime Radler -7/25/2017Rate 2.871
Cornelissen luxury lager 5.59/17/2017Rate 0
Dilser Blond 5.512/31/2013Rate 2.831
Donn 5.511/18/2012Rate 2.09516
Drakendoder Blond 6.08/20/2014Rate 3.09489
Drakendoder Bruin 6.21/15/2015Rate 2.994
Gigant Premium Pils (alias) 5.02/5/2004
Herkenrode Noctis 7.03/12/2010Rate 3.113980
Herkenrode Tripel 7.07/30/2009Rate 3.143676
HIA White 5.012/29/2012Rate 2.811
Itters Bruin Tafelbier 1.253/22/2006Rate 2.257519
Keyser Lager 5.23/5/2004Rate 2.51
King Mule IPA 5.77/24/2017Rate 2.73
Kriekenbier Lager 4.57/25/2017Rate 2.71
Kriekenbier Wheat 4.011/14/2001Rate 2.693049
Limburgse Witte 5.011/15/2001Rate 3.2482140
Limburgse Witte Lemon 2.357/24/2017Rate 2.831
Limburgse Witte Rosé 3.57/10/2017Rate 2.793
Maasgouw Pils (alias) 5.01/20/2007
Ops-Ale 5.511/25/2001Rate 2.664564
Pax Limburgs Premium (alias) 5.012/15/2005
Pax Pils 5.06/9/2002Rate 2.14762
Plezir Blond 5.58/7/2011Rate 2.392626
Plezir Brown 7.18/6/2011Rate 2.81528
Plezir D Lux Blond 6.88/6/2011Rate 2.872620
Plezir D Lux Rosé 5.28/6/2011Rate 2.874312
Royalven Blond 5.06/10/2012Rate 2.291511
Sint Gummarus Dubbel 7.17/24/2002Rate 3.134191
Sint Gummarus Tripel 8.35/11/2002Rate 2.941096
Sint Jozef Prik & Tik Pils (alias) 5.06/9/2002
Sint Jozef Snake Bite 5.011/11/2007Rate 2.581
Vlaamsche Bandiet Blueberry 4.510/14/2016Rate 3.026
Vlaamsche Bandiet Kriek Bière Cerise 4.010/14/2016Rate 2.95
Vlaamsche Bandiet White 5.07/4/2014Rate 3.1364112
Vlaamsche Bandiet Witbier (alias) 5.05/23/2015
Bink Bloesem Speciaal Ka(Ta)rakter
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Kerkom
7.15/19/2008Rate 2.995628
Kerkom 80 Quercus
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Kerkom
9.01/23/2015Rate 3.188
Kerkom Bloesem Kriek
Brewed by/for Brouwerij Kerkom
4.55/25/2012Rate 2.94435

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