Blue Frog 10th Anniversary Ale 10.512/5/2009Rate 3.594438
Blue Frog 5th Anniversary Ale 11.212/18/2004Rate 3.245
Blue Frog A Frog Kissin 6.025/1/2006Rate 2.961
Blue Frog Belgian Brown -10/6/2011Rate 2.922
Blue Frog Black Gold Stout 6.54/11/2014Rate 2.71
Blue Frog Black Hops -9/13/2010Rate 2.863
Blue Frog Black IPA (alias) -10/6/2011
Blue Frog Blonde Frog Ale 6.753/5/2003Rate 2.964655
Blue Frog Broken Silo 5.27/14/2009Rate 2.94
Blue Frog C4 Triple IPA 10.51/17/2016Rate 3.315
Blue Frog Dred Imperial Red 7.810/6/2012Rate 2.91
Blue Frog Dunkelweizen -10/16/2014Rate 2.661
Blue Frog Frog in the Rye 7.8412/18/2004Rate 3.036
Blue Frog Füf 7.43/23/2012Rate 2.841
Blue Frog Ginger n' Meyer Ann 6.58/6/2011Rate 2.771
Blue Frog Hazey Frog Porter -10/14/2009Rate 2.952
Blue Frog Hefeweizen 6.253/5/2003Rate 35535
Blue Frog Hop Test 3 8.45/16/2009Rate 2.853
Blue Frog Hop Trip #2 7.05/11/2009Rate 2.841
Blue Frog Horney Toad Barley Wine 10.53/5/2003Rate 3.111
Blue Frog India Pale Ale 6.33/5/2003Rate 3.061670
Blue Frog India Wheat Ale -2/2/2010Rate 2.922
Blue Frog La Rana Pazzo Belgian White 7.371/10/2006Rate 3.162
Blue Frog Last Hop Standing 7.210/23/2006Rate 3.151914
Blue Frog Liberation Ale 6.49/9/2009Rate 2.81
Blue Frog Liberty Ale -1/9/2009Rate 2.892
Blue Frog Luck O Da Irish Stout 6.05/1/2006Rate 2.92
Blue Frog Maibock! 6.465/28/2007Rate 2.874
Blue Frog McPhrog Scottish Ale -11/22/2009Rate 2.912
Blue Frog Oatmeal Stout 7.873/5/2003Rate 3.16
Blue Frog Ode to Kermit 5.61/5/2010Rate 2.81
Blue Frog Peligroso 2007 9.011/12/2007Rate 3.397
Blue Frog Pell Ell 6.35/28/2007Rate 3.151
Blue Frog Poor Richards Ale 6.02/18/2006Rate 31
Blue Frog Porter 5.412/18/2004Rate 3.194
Blue Frog Red Ale 7.659/22/2001Rate 3.111322
Blue Frog Red Frog Ale 6.04/7/2007Rate 3.075460
Blue Frog Strawberrry Blonde -9/26/2009Rate 2.841
Blue Frog The Big DIPA 8.02/17/2007Rate 2.912121
Blue Frog The Big DIPA 3 8.49/30/2009Rate 3.261748
Blue Frog The Big DIPA 3 (Chardonnay Barrel) 8.81/1/2011Rate 2.861
Blue Frog The Big DIPA 3 (Syrah Barrel) 8.81/1/2011Rate 2.861
Blue Frog The Froggy Bottom Pilsener 5.737/29/2007Rate 2.845
Blue Frog The Frogs Shadow Schwarzbier 5.491/10/2006Rate 2.881
Blue Frog Vapor 5.94/9/2007Rate 2.811
Blue Frog Walkin The Dog Brown Ale 5.277/12/2008Rate 2.823
Blue Frog WASP 5.59/30/2014Rate 2.711
Blue Frog Winter Wassail -1/6/2007Rate 3.17
Blue Frog Wit's End 4.657/14/2009Rate 2.515

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