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Liberal Cup Achtung Oktoberfest 6.010/11/2008Rate 2.833
Liberal Cup Alewife Ale 4.411/4/2003Rate 2.762818
Liberal Cup Basement Bitter 4.25/10/2005Rate 3.1410
Liberal Cup Brickhouse Bitter 5.310/5/2015Rate 3.042
Liberal Cup Bug Lager 6.08/9/2005Rate 2.885420
Liberal Cup Bug Zapper Super Lager 7.35/19/2009Rate 2.772
Liberal Cup Cask Kickin' IPA 8.05/31/2013Rate 2.93
Liberal Cup Chazmo 5.410/5/2015Rate 2.944
Liberal Cup Dog Days Summer Wheat 5.86/17/2006Rate 2.93814
Liberal Cup Dummers Lane Brown Ale -1/10/2003Rate 3.058
Liberal Cup Dunkel Johns Band 5.34/17/2006Rate 2.9289
Liberal Cup Ex-Wife Extra Bitter 6.74/17/2006Rate 3.26
Liberal Cup For Richer or Porter 6.06/17/2006Rate 3.418
Liberal Cup Impact Pale Ale 5.67/4/2013Rate 2.846
Liberal Cup Mudflap SpringBock 5.74/1/2008Rate 3.022
Liberal Cup New Hallow IPA 5.610/5/2015Rate 2.981
Liberal Cup Old Hallow Ale IPA 5.610/9/2001Rate 2.96812
Liberal Cup Smelt Camp Strong Ale 7.312/30/2005Rate 2.92
Liberal Cup Sow Your Oats Stout 5.92/25/2011Rate 3.114
Liberal Cup State Budget Red Ale 4.92/25/2011Rate 3.124
Liberal Cup Summer Bitter Summer Not 4.98/9/2005Rate 3.12413
Liberal Cup Tarbox Cream Stout 4.58/9/2005Rate 3.153618
Liberal Cup Tented Kilt Scottish Ale 6.04/17/2006Rate 2.856
Liberal Cup We All (S)Cream Ale 5.78/21/2006Rate 2.673
Liberal Cup What's Hoppenin' XPA -9/3/2017Rate 3.041
Liberal Cup Winter Ale -2/14/2007Rate 3.142

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