Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 62/100 578 ratings
No. 4, Sec. 1, Nanchang Rd, Jhongjheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

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M!ne Beer 5.07/2/2009Rate 2.086
M!ne Dark 5.08/14/2011Rate 2.763
Mugi No Itadaki 5.05/23/2013Rate 2.62
Mugi no Itadaki The Premium 5.06/2/2015Rate 2.751
SuperBrew Taiwan Beer 5.012/15/2006Rate 2.581
Taiwan Beer 4.5% Classic 4.510/15/2001Rate 2.0140223
Taiwan Beer 5.0% Gold Medal 5.04/11/2014Rate 2.0140156
Taiwan Beer Dark 4.510/16/2001Rate 2.51
Taiwan Beer Gold Medal (alias) 5.01/9/2006
Taiwan Beer Grape 2.810/18/2013Rate 2.237318
Taiwan Beer Green Plum 3.81/18/2015Rate 2.45
Taiwan Beer Honey 4.56/6/2015Rate 2.38813
Taiwan Beer Light 3.59/24/2002Rate 2.051
Taiwan Beer Mango 2.810/13/2012Rate 2.135225
Taiwan Beer Orange 2.810/18/2013Rate 2.433
Taiwan Beer Pineapple 2.812/26/2012Rate 1.92625
Taiwan Beer Premium 5.06/6/2015Rate 2.798
Taiwan Beer Strawberry 3.56/6/2015Rate 2.831
Taiwan Beer Strong Black 7.08/30/2010Rate 2.631
Taiwan Beer Sweet Touch Green Apple 3.57/22/2014Rate 0
Taiwan Beer Sweet Touch Lychee 3.57/22/2014Rate 2.398
Taiwan Beer Sweet Touch White Grape 3.57/22/2014Rate 2.246
Taiwan Beer Weissbier 5.07/22/2014Rate 2.721624
Taiwan Draft Beer 4.59/24/2002Rate 2.297312
Taiwan Draft Beer Only 18 Days 5.06/25/2013Rate 2.56918
TTL Junmai Saké 13.54/20/2017Rate 2.961
TTL Premium red standard pure Saké 224/20/2017Rate 2.771
TTL Premium red standard Saké 224/20/2017Rate 2.661
TTL Red mark Saké 19.54/20/2017Rate 2.831
TTL Red standard pure Saké (19.5%) 19.54/20/2017Rate 2.71
TTL Yuchun Saké 13.54/20/2017Rate 2.61
Yankee Lager 4.89/24/2002Rate 1.792

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