Commercial Brewery
Tregear House, Longueville Road, St Saviour, Jersey JE2 7WF
Places associated: The Mermaid Tavern , Cock & Bottle (Liberation), Post Horn (Liberation)
Originally the Ann Street Brewery, operating from a site in St Helier from 1905. From the 1950s production was mainly keg beer under the Mary Ann brand. Acquired and closed the Guernsey Brewery in 1988. Took over the Tipsy Toad brewpub in 1997. In 2002 came under the ownership of CI Traders, formed by a merger of Ann Street Group and Le Riche Group. Jersey Brewery and Tipsy Toad were relocated to the current site in 2004. In 2008, following a management buyout, the brewery came under the ownership of Liberation Group. Beers currently branded as either Liberation or Mary Ann. In 2011 Brewery renamed to Liberation but still use previous brand names. In 2015 the Liberation Brewing Group took
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Liberation Bailiwick Best 3.67/20/2010Rate 2.92
Ann Street Jersey Best Bitter 3.58/26/2006Rate 2.643
Guernsey Sunbeam 4.210/11/2005Rate 2.913
Jersey Force 135 3.810/11/2005Rate 3.071
Liberation 140 7.08/26/2013Rate 3.232519
Liberation Ale 4.08/7/2009Rate 2.883585
Liberation Ambree 4.28/4/2010Rate 2.98
Liberation American Brown Ale 4.210/3/2014Rate 3.287430
Liberation Blonde (Cask) 3.87/20/2010Rate 2.995428
Liberation Blonde (Keg) 3.88/13/2014Rate 2.946
Liberation Crowd Pleaser 4.24/13/2014Rate 2.926
Liberation EPA 4.49/4/2013Rate 3.026924
Liberation Flying Ruck 4.19/24/2015Rate 2.891
Liberation Herm Island Gold 4.28/2/2014Rate 2.772320
Liberation IPA (Bottle) 4.88/12/2014Rate 2.92632
Liberation IPA (Cask) 5.28/24/2011Rate 3.156633
Liberation Noire 4.88/5/2010Rate 3.16329
Liberation Pilsner 3.89/21/2016Rate 2.895318
Liberation Pony 3.78/9/2014Rate 3.13
Liberation Rouge 4.58/5/2010Rate 2.984927
Liberation Smugglers (alias) 4.212/6/2017
Liberation Smugglers Delight 4.210/30/2016Rate 1
Liberation South Island Pale Ale 4.48/29/2013Rate 2.846
Liberation Tennerfest Craft Beer 3.73/7/2015Rate 2.811
Mary Ann Best Bitter 3.512/10/2001Rate 2.681047
Mary Ann Brown Ale 3.511/10/2001Rate 2.612
Mary Ann Christmas Ale 4.88/7/2009Rate 2.892413
Mary Ann Jubilee 8.05/2/2003Rate 1.957
Mary Ann Pale Ale 3.51/26/2002Rate 2.592
Mary Ann Pilsner Lager 3.61/26/2002Rate 2.281
Mary Ann Special (Cask) 4.510/11/2005Rate 2.922718
Mary Ann Special / Jersey Special Keg 4.51/26/2002Rate 2.21015
Tipsy Toad Ale 4.810/17/2006Rate 2.972
Tipsy Toad Jimmys Bitter 4.24/7/2004Rate 34

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