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6-8 Romsey Industrial Estate, Romsey, Hampshire, England SO51 0HR
Commenced Feb 1992 on Alton Trading Est. Reloctaed to Romsey in 1997. Closed Nov 2008.
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Becketts Old Town Bitter
Brewed by/for Becketts
3.71/30/2002Rate 2.743
Becketts Porterquack SwanSupping
Brewed by/for Becketts
4.04/11/2004Rate 3.071
Hampshire 1066 6.04/29/2003Rate 3.225820
Hampshire Angry Trout 4.25/20/2004Rate 3.031
Hampshire Ankle Biter 3.58/14/2008Rate 2.483
Hampshire Arthur Pendragon 4.87/8/2003Rate 3.187430
Hampshire B4 3.712/29/2007Rate 2.621
Hampshire Bees Knees 4.69/9/2004Rate 33
Hampshire Bewitched 4.52/21/2005Rate 3.114610
Hampshire Bohemian Rhapsody 5.011/23/2003Rate 2.838
Hampshire Bonfire Bitter 4.25/2/2005Rate 2.833
Hampshire Californian Red 5.011/26/2002Rate 3.094
Hampshire Desperate Dans IPA 5.05/13/2002Rate 2.841
Hampshire Fallover 6.07/9/2006Rate 2.872116
Hampshire Fools Paradise 4.54/25/2007Rate 2.913
Hampshire Gold Reserve (alias) 4.811/20/2002
Hampshire Good King Censlas 5.011/27/2002Rate 3.134114
Hampshire Greece Lightning 4.28/2/2004Rate 2.796
Hampshire Grim Reaper 4.41/30/2002Rate 2.95913
Hampshire Hare 5.05/27/2003Rate 2.861214
Hampshire Heaven Can Wait 4.85/5/2003Rate 3.023514
Hampshire Indian Summer Ale 4.29/15/2005Rate 2.625
Hampshire Ironside 4.26/6/2002Rate 3.179443
Hampshire King Alfreds 3.86/26/2003Rate 2.884027
Hampshire Kings Ransom 4.81/30/2002Rate 3.017125
Hampshire Laughing Leprechaun 4.53/18/2004Rate 2.982313
Hampshire Lionheart 4.511/2/2003Rate 2.752634
Hampshire Manneken 4.66/15/2002Rate 3.054
Hampshire Mayhem 4.15/1/2005Rate 3.014315
Hampshire Merlins Magic 5.012/4/2003Rate 3.068
Hampshire Not Tonight Josephine 5.03/20/2002Rate 2.995812
Hampshire Penny Black 4.51/23/2002Rate 3.13229
Hampshire Pink Elephant 5.49/23/2007Rate 2.73910
Hampshire Play Up Pompey 4.25/16/2008Rate 2.771
Hampshire Ploughmans Punch 4.59/9/2004Rate 2.972
Hampshire Porky & Best 4.58/19/2002Rate 2.986514
Hampshire Premier Crew 6.01/3/2007Rate 2.881
Hampshire Pride of Romsey 5.012/15/2001Rate 3.3788141
Hampshire Propose Ale 4.32/11/2008Rate 3.162
Hampshire Ray of Light 4.33/24/2008Rate 3.071
Hampshire Screamin Eagle Liberty 4.77/5/2004Rate 3.023
Hampshire Seduction 4.53/5/2004Rate 3.054610
Hampshire St Clements 4.85/12/2004Rate 2.71913
Hampshire Strongs Best Bitter 3.811/13/2002Rate 2.873223
Hampshire Tale Of The Dragon 4.27/10/2003Rate 2.83725
Hampshire Temptation 4.25/7/2002Rate 3.114
Hampshire They Think Its All Over 3.56/29/2004Rate 2.912
Hampshire Thunderbolt 4.55/10/2004Rate 2.751717
Hampshire Tinsel Tickler 4.512/16/2004Rate 2.777
Hampshire Trappist Monkey 4.36/15/2005Rate 2.846
Hampshire Uncle Sam 5.09/9/2004Rate 3.147
Hampshire Victorys Home 4.210/12/2005Rate 2.843
Hampshire Wild Thing 4.210/11/2003Rate 2.812415
Hampshire Wobbly Frame 3.82/5/2007Rate 2.53

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