Sprecher Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 96/100 5863 ratings
701 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale, Wisconsin, USA 53209
11am to 6pm

Places associated: Sprecher Brewing, Sprecher’s Pub, Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub

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Buffalo Water Bison Blonde 4.411/26/2007Rate 3.210045
Chameleon Fire Light Ale 4.52/16/2010Rate 2.36445
Chameleon Hop on Top 4.22/16/2010Rate 2.22060
Chameleon Ryediculous IPA 5.731/30/2011Rate 3.152461
Chameleon Witty 4.02/16/2010Rate 2.994453
Game On Chop Block Oktoberfest
Brewed by/for Game On Beer Company
6.05/3/2012Rate 3.08809
Game On Grand Stand Amber Lager
Brewed by/for Game On Beer Company
5.44/30/2012Rate 2.918
Game On Halfpipe Winter Lager
Brewed by/for Game On Beer Company
5.755/3/2012Rate 2.822
Game On Rookie Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Game On Beer Company
6.04/14/2012Rate 3.083314
Game On Shoot Out Mai Bock
Brewed by/for Game On Beer Company
6.04/28/2012Rate 3.085812
Game On Takedown Black Lager
Brewed by/for Game On Beer Company
6.04/16/2012Rate 3.166112
Hardtail Amber Lager 5.277/6/2011Rate 2.573914
Remember Pearl Harbor Dark Lager -2/28/2014Rate 2.881
Hydra Immortal
Brewed by/for Hydra Beer Company
5.05/4/2015Rate 3.265
Hydra Pale Horse
Brewed by/for Hydra Beer Company
4.55/4/2015Rate 3.123
Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer
Brewed by/for Pizza Beer Company
4.72/19/2008Rate 2.5113296
El Rey Mexican Style Ale 5.211/27/2009Rate 2.41522
Sprecher Abbey Triple 8.412/18/2001Rate 3.1538407
Sprecher Acapulco Gold 5.012/19/2015Rate 2.832
Sprecher Antler Ale (alias) -7/16/2003
Sprecher Barley Wine Ale 9.713/23/2006Rate 3.3237158
Sprecher Belgian Progression Series: 1 - Enkel 5.36/15/2017Rate 0
Sprecher Belgian Progression Series: 2 - Dubbel (alias) 6.56/15/2017
Sprecher Belgian Progression Series: 3 - Tripel (alias) 8.46/15/2017
Sprecher Belgian Progression Series: 4 - Quad (alias) 10.56/15/2017
Sprecher Belgian-Style Dubbel 6.56/28/2010Rate 3.256151
Sprecher Beyond 2014 Braggot 111/30/2014Rate 3.013121
Sprecher Black Bavarian 6.05/11/2000Rate 3.72100806
Sprecher Black IPA -1/18/2011Rate 2.84160
Sprecher Black Widow IPA (alias) -10/24/2012
Sprecher Bodeans Original Ginger Brew -12/15/2016Rate 2.751
Sprecher Bootlegger’s Bourbon Barrel Hard Root Beer 5.01/26/2013Rate 2.619115
Sprecher Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine 118/9/2006Rate 3.394544
Sprecher Bourbon Barrel Dopple Bock 9.03/2/2007Rate 3.489089
Sprecher Bourbon Barrel Scotch Style Ale (alias) 9.55/13/2006
Sprecher Brewmasters Premium Reserve Abbey Triple (alias) 8.46/15/2006
Sprecher Brewmasters Premium Reserve Barley Wine Ale (alias) 9.7110/8/2006
Sprecher Brewmasters Premium Reserve IPA (alias) 7.77/27/2006
Sprecher Brewmasters Premium Reserve Russian Imperial Stout (alias) 7.97/29/2006
Sprecher Cherry Lambic (alias) 5.06/28/2010
Sprecher Chilton’s Choice (alias) -5/29/2009
Sprecher Cidre de Pomme 7.04/20/2016Rate 3.025
Sprecher Citra Bomb -12/11/2012Rate 3.13722
Sprecher Commando Scotch Style Ale 105/14/2006Rate 3.3652141
Sprecher Czar Brew Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout 9.06/9/2007Rate 3.5236154
Sprecher Dopple Bock 7.8510/28/2001Rate 3.5695264
Sprecher Dunkle Weizen 4.6510/30/2009Rate 3.014636
Sprecher Extra Pale Ale 6.07/3/2009Rate 2.875
Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer 5.05/23/2015Rate 3.024517
Sprecher Fire Light (alias) 4.512/19/2015
Sprecher Generation Porter 5.7312/30/2004Rate 3.1834222
Sprecher Germanfest 6.09/25/2013Rate 2.881
Sprecher Grapefruit Radler Wheat Ale 4.51/9/2016Rate 2.759610
Sprecher Hard Apple Pie 5.06/23/2015Rate 3.117016
Sprecher Hard Cherry Cola 4.66/26/2016Rate 2.754
Sprecher Hard Cola 4.76/26/2016Rate 2.565
Sprecher Hard Ginger Beer 4.59/24/2014Rate 2.82814
Sprecher Hard Orange Cream Soda 5.06/26/2016Rate 2.851
Sprecher Hard Root Beer (alias) 5.04/13/2015
Sprecher Hefe Weiss 4.25/11/2000Rate 3.1883288
Sprecher Hometown Brew 6.39/29/2015Rate 2.695
Sprecher Hooligan English Pale Ale 4.94/19/2012Rate 3.158217
Sprecher Hopfuzion 5.09/22/2011Rate 2.916917
Sprecher India Pale Ale 8.65/11/2000Rate 3.158315
Sprecher IPA2 (Double India Pale Ale) (alias) 7.76/24/2007
Sprecher Irish Lite Ale -8/24/2004Rate 2.841
Sprecher Irish Style Stout 5.739/10/2001Rate 3.3475158
Sprecher Juju (alias) -8/9/2006
Sprecher Kriek Lambic 5.010/9/2010Rate 3.1729102
Sprecher Krystal Paradise Wit 4.58/5/2016Rate 2.92
Sprecher Magnum PA 6.08/9/2016Rate 3.023
Sprecher Mai Bock 6.05/22/2001Rate 3.2791263
Sprecher Malt Duck 5.911/26/2016Rate 2.425
Sprecher Mango Radler 4.54/26/2016Rate 3.05989
Sprecher Mbege Ale 7.012/20/2006Rate 2.383597
Sprecher Mellow Aged Brewmaster Reserve Abbey Triple (alias) 8.43/23/2006
Sprecher Micro-Light 4.167/1/2003Rate 2.37550
Sprecher Naughty Elf Lager (alias) 5.412/28/2012
Sprecher Oktoberfest 6.010/3/2001Rate 3.3497244
Sprecher Orange Radler 4.54/26/2016Rate 2.869710
Sprecher Pale Lager 4.55/11/2000Rate 3.127830
Sprecher Peach Radler 4.54/20/2016Rate 3.077
Sprecher Pineapple Express 8.44/12/2016Rate 3.112
Sprecher Pipers Scotch Ale 8.276/5/2002Rate 3.3348263
Sprecher Pub Brown Ale 4.85/11/2000Rate 3.145219
Sprecher Pub Pilsener (alias) -9/3/2012
Sprecher Pub Porter 5.56/30/2016Rate 2.981
Sprecher Rathskeller Razz -7/3/2004Rate 2.593
Sprecher Red Ale (alias) -3/15/2010
Sprecher Redhead Ale 6.03/15/2010Rate 2.964024
Sprecher Rock The Green Special Amber (alias) 5.08/25/2011
Sprecher Russian Imperial Stout 7.95/11/2000Rate 3.5236365
Sprecher Rydiculous IPA (alias) -8/10/2014
Sprecher Shakparo Ale 5.710/15/2006Rate 2.4910126
Sprecher Special Amber 5.45/11/2000Rate 3.295352
Sprecher Strawberry Wheat 4.26/16/2007Rate 1.981233
Sprecher Summer Pils 5.07/4/2011Rate 37240
Sprecher Vampire Blood Ale (alias) -10/30/2009
Sprecher Winter Brew 5.755/11/2000Rate 3.3594198
Sprecher Winter Lager (alias) 5.7512/28/2015
Sprecher Wisconsin Fresh Hop Amber Lager (alias) 5.010/24/2012
Sprecher Wisconsin Pale Lager (WIPL) 5.011/26/2016Rate 3.162
Sprecher Witty (alias) -8/10/2014
Sprecher XII Belgian-style Quad 10.58/24/2015Rate 3.292311
West Bend Lithia Bucky Blonde Ale -6/9/2011Rate 2.822912
West Bend Lithia Regner Red 6.39/13/2010Rate 3.034721

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