Good Robot Brewing Company

14 Industrial Way , Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Canada B2S 2L4
Mon-Thur: 4 to 9 pm
Fri: 12 to 10 pm
Sat: 10 am to 10 pm
Sun: 10 am to 8 pm

Places associated: Good Robot Brewing Company, Good Robot Brewing - Elmsdale (Main Brewery)
fka: Wrought Iron Brewing Company - Production moved to Elmsdale Summer 2022
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Change Is Brewing / Good Robot Blackberry Freedom -7/11/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Li’l Creature BioTransformation IPA 4.57/4/2020Rate 3.252
Good Robot A Cunning Plan 4.612/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Awesome Beer, Great Job! Autumn Saison 6.45/16/2016Rate 3.151
Good Robot Banana Wizard 5.08/25/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Bank of Azealia -1/22/2016Rate 2.982
Good Robot Barrel-Aged Tom Stout 10.51/5/2022Rate 2.871
Good Robot Beer Mouth 5.58/11/2017Rate 3.131
Good Robot Bingo Bronson -12/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Blanket Fort IPA 6.98/7/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Burban Legend Pale Ale 5.05/7/2015Rate 3.264910
Good Robot CREAM - Cats Rule Everything Around Me 4.312/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Creature Feature Bio VI -10/3/2019Rate 3.061
Good Robot Creature Feature I 6.411/25/2019Rate 3.315
Good Robot Creature Feature V 5.611/25/2019Rate 3.131
Good Robot Creature Feature VII 5.212/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Creature Feature VIII 4.512/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Crop Top 4.110/15/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Crown on the Ground 4.78/2/2015Rate 3.196
Good Robot Damn Fine Coffee & Cherry Pie 5.512/19/2017Rate 3.041
Good Robot Damn Fine Coffee and Cherry Pie Pale Ale 5.15/6/2016Rate 3.25
Good Robot Dewolfe of Wall Street 6.41/4/2018Rate 3.151
Good Robot Easy Bruiser IIPS 8.012/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot El Espinazo Del Diablo 5.61/4/2019Rate 3.093
Good Robot El Zorro 4.412/2/2020Rate 0
Good Robot GleeBot: Great Minds Drink Alike 5.111/25/2019Rate 3.061
Good Robot Go Kart Jack Ass 4.812/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Golden Juniper 5.010/7/2021Rate 0
Good Robot Goodwill Beer 4.87/17/2022Rate 0
Good Robot Goseface Killah 5.05/7/2015Rate 3.23810
Good Robot Hard Limeade Switcha Fruited Radler 5.710/8/2021Rate 0
Good Robot Hey Now 4.48/11/2017Rate 3.091
Good Robot Hope Nation 5.712/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot La Luchadora Catrina 4.711/25/2019Rate 3.111
Good Robot Leave Me Blue 4.510/7/2015Rate 2.853
Good Robot Leave Me Blue - Corn 5.06/16/2016Rate 3.156
Good Robot Marmalade Forest 4.18/16/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Mississippi Goddam 11.910/19/2018Rate 3.021
Good Robot Mississippi Goddam (Bourbon Barrel-aged) 11.912/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Oatcake Computer 4.91/5/2021Rate 2.853
Good Robot Ol' Scurvy Bastard 6.212/11/2016Rate 3.061
Good Robot Purple Haze Terpene Beer 5.97/21/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Samsquamptch! 5.22/26/2016Rate 3.021
Good Robot Skratch Plaskett 5.812/11/2016Rate 2.961
Good Robot SMaSH Meowth 5.38/11/2017Rate 3.021
Good Robot Sour Cherry Camacho 6.010/24/2020Rate 0
Good Robot SpaceTime NaviGator IPA 6.011/21/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Taste the Rainbrew 4.08/15/2019Rate 31
Good Robot Ten Thousand Pound Pilsner 4.58/5/2021Rate 3.146
Good Robot The 4th Chamber 3.012/11/2016Rate 3.041
Good Robot The FrontLiner Golden Ale 6.04/23/2020Rate 0
Good Robot The Shocking Pink 5.08/11/2017Rate 0
Good Robot The SMaSHing 7.01/4/2018Rate 3.041
Good Robot ThemBot 5.58/7/2021Rate 3.123
Good Robot Thompson And Thomson 6.812/10/2019Rate 0
Good Robot Tom Waits For No One 7.95/7/2015Rate 3.218
Good Robot Tropical Storm El Dorado 7.04/2/2022Rate 3.021
Good Robot Tropical Storm Nectaron 7.08/17/2022Rate 0
Good Robot Tropical Storm Sabro 7.08/3/2022Rate 2.941
Good Robot Uncle Giggles Hazy APA 5.112/7/2020Rate 3.25
Good Robot Viking Holiday Pineapple Wheat Kveik 4.26/29/2020Rate 0
Good Robot Weizenbock 6.55/7/2015Rate 0
Good Robot X Schoolhouse Skratch Plaskett Electric Tambourine Ale 5.87/23/2016Rate 3.092
Good Robot Zoilent Green 5.612/10/2019Rate 0

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