Unit 12, Saville Bridge Mills, Saville Road, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England WF12 9AF
Associated place: Beck (Partners)
Commenced trading in October 2000 as Anglo Dutch Brewery. In 2011 started Partners Brewery on same site and dropped the Anglo Dutch title. Took over Bob’s Brewing Co in 2016 and incorporated some of their beers into the Partners range, with production moved to Partners’ brewery.
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Anglo Dutch Artillery Ale 4.611/4/2009Rate 2.791
Anglo Dutch At t' Ghoul & Ghost (Bottle) 5.22/18/2004Rate 3.071
Anglo Dutch At t'Ghoul & Ghost (Cask) 5.22/28/2004Rate 3.023
Anglo Dutch Aunt Agatha 4.211/20/2010Rate 2.923
Anglo Dutch Auntie Glad's Ghoul 5.27/21/2010Rate 2.841
Anglo Dutch Autumn Ale -10/23/2006Rate 2.811
Anglo Dutch Aye Thats Stout 4.010/17/2010Rate 2.842
Anglo Dutch Best Bitter 3.87/23/2009Rate 2.761
Anglo Dutch By Thor 3.95/14/2011Rate 2.81
Anglo Dutch Christmas Beer (alias) 4.812/17/2007
Anglo Dutch Crown Imperial 4.62/3/2003Rate 2.921
Anglo Dutch Crunch Tout 4.02/23/2009Rate 2.661
Anglo Dutch Dusk till Dawn 4.08/3/2009Rate 2.974
Anglo Dutch Ghost On The Rim (alias) 4.57/3/2004
Anglo Dutch Giddy Kipper 3.810/3/2007Rate 2.723
Anglo Dutch God's Own Ale 4.29/6/2008Rate 2.733
Anglo Dutch Grand Job 3.94/24/2009Rate 2.761
Anglo Dutch Heaven Scent 4.73/14/2004Rate 2.841
Anglo Dutch Imperial Pale Ale 5.07/9/2004Rate 2.873
Anglo Dutch Jasper's Ale 4.47/3/2004Rate 2.85368
Anglo Dutch Jasper's Pale Ale 4.43/15/2011Rate 2.931
Anglo Dutch Joys Of Spring 3.94/13/2011Rate 2.771
Anglo Dutch Kletswater (alias) 4.04/22/2012
Anglo Dutch Magnum 3.73/16/2009Rate 2.691
Anglo Dutch Midsummer Ale 4.05/22/2011Rate 2.772
Anglo Dutch Mild Rabarber 4.08/21/2002Rate 3.245
Anglo Dutch Mitch's Brew 4.14/13/2003Rate 3.133
Anglo Dutch Old Staff 4.211/23/2010Rate 2.771
Anglo Dutch Pacific Gem 3.89/4/2009Rate 2.841
Anglo Dutch Sarah Barnes' Stark Raven Wild 6.07/7/2010Rate 2.81
Anglo Dutch Special 4.36/23/2005Rate 2.914
Anglo Dutch Spike's On T'Way (alias) 4.27/3/2004
Anglo Dutch Spring Ale 3.96/8/2006Rate 2.881
Anglo Dutch St. George 4.74/22/2012Rate 0
Anglo Dutch Summer Kolder 4.04/22/2012Rate 0
Anglo Dutch Sweet Jane 4.05/27/2008Rate 2.738
Anglo Dutch Tabaatje 5.06/19/2007Rate 3.083
Anglo Dutch Tabatha the Knackered (alias) 6.010/19/2004
Anglo Dutch Two Man 4.44/26/2011Rate 2.81
Anglo Dutch When You're in a Hole Stop Digging 5.02/23/2004Rate 3.022
Anglo Dutch Wild Flower 4.24/22/2012Rate 0
Anglo Dutch Yorkshire Relish 4.77/3/2004Rate 2.984
Bob's Black Lion 4.03/3/2017Rate 2.843
Bob's Brown Lion 3.93/3/2017Rate 2.982
Bob's Chardonnayle 5.112/4/2003Rate 3.077519
Bob's Silver Bullet 4.78/29/2014Rate 3.015
Bob's White Lion 4.312/6/2003Rate 3.168525
Bob's Yakima Chief 5.28/18/2008Rate 3.278
Partners 150 Year Dewsbury Porter 4.55/28/2012Rate 2.871
Partners 6 Nations 4.02/11/2013Rate 2.996
Partners Aspistus 4.03/2/2009Rate 2.824
Partners Blonde 3.94/14/2012Rate 2.894213
Partners Bock 6.52/26/2014Rate 2.994
Partners Bohemia 4.34/11/2015Rate 2.741
Partners Cascade 4.03/10/2015Rate 3.055
Partners Champion 4.012/16/2014Rate 2.691
Partners Christmas Cracker 4.212/25/2014Rate 3.042
Partners Christmas Devil 4.012/13/2012Rate 2.91
Partners Citra 4.67/8/2015Rate 3.175
Partners Evolution 4.012/31/2015Rate 2.921
Partners Ghost 4.58/9/2004Rate 34024
Partners Going For Gold 5.57/31/2014Rate 2.791
Partners Head 'n' Feed 4.210/23/2015Rate 31
Partners IPA 5.08/5/2013Rate 3.023
Partners J.Y.B 3.55/3/2014Rate 2.933
Partners Kletswater 4.08/10/2003Rate 2.94417
Partners Mungo 4.44/9/2013Rate 2.977
Partners Pilsner 4.86/7/2015Rate 2.973
Partners Pudsey Bear 4.010/20/2014Rate 2.932
Partners Pure Gold 3.54/22/2012Rate 2.985
Partners Red Mist 4.34/6/2015Rate 3.022
Partners Shoddy Porter 4.511/5/2011Rate 3.265012
Partners Spike's 4.25/14/2003Rate 2.974822
Partners Stout & About 3.911/21/2015Rate 3.074
Partners Tabatha 6.03/21/2004Rate 2.971340
Partners The Devil's Knell 4.812/17/2007Rate 3.044
Partners The Olympian 4.28/5/2012Rate 2.792
Partners Triple Hop 4.23/5/2013Rate 3.012514
Partners Working Class Hero 3.810/28/2013Rate 2.75149
Partners World Cup Brazil 2014 5.57/13/2014Rate 2.811

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