Brewer rating: 97/100 1492 ratings
Palace of Arts Exhibition Park, Claremont Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne , Tyne & Wear, England NE2 4PZ
Associated place: Wylam Brewery and Tap Room
Opened August 2000. In 2015 the Brewery was moved to The Palace of Art in Exhibition Park in Newcastle with an associated Tap Room.
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Beer Rocks British
Brewed by/for Beer Rocks
3.911/6/2011Rate 2.662
Beer Rocks Obsession
Brewed by/for Beer Rocks
4.32/9/2012Rate 2.91
Beer Rocks On Tap
Brewed by/for Beer Rocks
4.46/25/2012Rate 2.93
Beer Rocks Spring Crazy
Brewed by/for Beer Rocks
4.43/27/2010Rate 2.853
Beer Rocks Toons Indulgence
Brewed by/for Beer Rocks
4.33/13/2010Rate 2.862
Tavernale Tavernale
Brewed by/for Tavernale
3.911/9/2014Rate 2.944
Toon Ale Blonde 4.75/11/2009Rate 2.761
Toon Ale Brunette 4.85/11/2009Rate 2.711
Wylam #3000 Gyles From Home 4.511/24/2016Rate 3.458121
Wylam / Cloudwater Worlds Collide 7.210/30/2016Rate 3.385227
Wylam / Left Handed Giant Ctrl Alt Del 4.93/22/2016Rate 3.258114
Wylam / Mad Hatter Little Fluffy Clouds 3.53/26/2016Rate 3.399311
Wylam / Mad Hatter Sour Puss 3.97/18/2017Rate 3.425910
Wylam / Magic Rock / Brighton Bier Rize Up 5.38/23/2017Rate 3.478810
Wylam / Northern Monk Bróðirblóð 6.03/7/2017Rate 3.38223
Wylam / Siren The Lights Are On 5.07/11/2015Rate 3.398312
Wylam / Track Open to Persuasion 8.09/17/2017Rate 3.799431
Wylam / Yeastie Boys WxY 7.01/23/2016Rate 3.598927
Wylam / Yeastie Boys WxY2 XPIPA 7.01/31/2017Rate 3.629224
Wylam 001 Simcoe 3.58/26/2016Rate 3.14
Wylam 002 Mandarina Bavaria 4.010/4/2016Rate 3.328
Wylam 003 Rakau 4.412/9/2016Rate 3.072
Wylam 004 Palisade 4.61/20/2017Rate 3.025
Wylam 005 Dr Rudi 3.83/6/2017Rate 3.177
Wylam 006 Comet 4.04/6/2017Rate 32
Wylam 007 Vic Secret 4.75/6/2017Rate 3.366
Wylam 008 Mosaic 3.96/13/2017Rate 3.326
Wylam 009 HBC-431 3.57/21/2017Rate 3.174
Wylam 010 Amarillo 3.99/6/2017Rate 3.224
Wylam 011 Loral 4.310/11/2017Rate 3.072
Wylam All Gone South 6.06/8/2016Rate 3.184312
Wylam Angel 4.37/22/2008Rate 3.29328
Wylam Armstong Ale 4.11/1/2011Rate 2.812
Wylam Attracting Humans 5.59/17/2017Rate 3.639726
Wylam Barrel Aged Billy 5.510/8/2016Rate 3.243
Wylam Barrel Aged Wee Heavy 10.99/9/2017Rate 3.69117
Wylam Bitter 3.85/18/2003Rate 2.98659
Wylam Bliss 332K 6.88/27/2017Rate 3.334522
Wylam Blow Out IPA 7.05/25/2017Rate 3.629227
Wylam Bohemia Pilsner 4.62/7/2004Rate 3.098338
Wylam Brodirblod (alias) 6.02/3/2017
Wylam Brown Cow 3.65/6/2016Rate 3.273
Wylam Calyx Barley Wine 12.45/22/2017Rate 3.283
Wylam Cascade 4.23/13/2014Rate 3.336623
Wylam Chara 5.76/19/2015Rate 3.266
Wylam Chinook 4.06/19/2015Rate 3.052
Wylam Club of Slaughters 8.812/31/2015Rate 3.281035
Wylam Club of Slaughters Barrel Aged 9.25/22/2017Rate 3.43
Wylam Collingwood Festival 4.12/15/2010Rate 35622
Wylam Crisp and Even 3.612/20/2009Rate 2.872
Wylam Dakar Rally 4.12/3/2007Rate 2.921
Wylam DH Table Beer 3.59/24/2017Rate 3.28389
Wylam Dognobbler 3.96/4/2009Rate 2.924
Wylam Double Jakehead 1211/13/2015Rate 3.474521
Wylam Durham Guzzler 4.010/12/2012Rate 2.791
Wylam Easy Beers Tyne Born 3.56/9/2015Rate 31
Wylam ESB 6.32/3/2017Rate 3.213
Wylam ESB Aged On French Brandy Oak 6.36/10/2017Rate 3.25
Wylam Flannel Hammer 7.48/20/2009Rate 3.412510
Wylam Flaxen 5.511/9/2013Rate 2.871
Wylam Friends of Ham Ham-Fisted 9.57/15/2017Rate 3.617012
Wylam Galatia 3.96/14/2016Rate 3.229011
Wylam Galaxia 3.92/13/2015Rate 3.23919
Wylam Galena Gall 4.43/16/2015Rate 2.81
Wylam Gold Tankard 4.03/31/2004Rate 2.994839
Wylam Haugh Porter 4.67/11/2004Rate 3.244816
Wylam Häxan 6.210/7/2014Rate 3.237441
Wylam Häxan Barrel Aged 6.55/22/2017Rate 3.295
Wylam Hedonist 3.86/2/2004Rate 2.823010
Wylam Hickey The Rake 4.23/26/2016Rate 3.468658
Wylam Houblon Nouveau 4.211/10/2006Rate 2.762
Wylam Into the Mystic 5.84/8/2017Rate 3.639719
Wylam Jackhead 6.28/20/2013Rate 3.348
Wylam Jakehead Embryo 6.36/9/2015Rate 3.163
Wylam Jakehead IPA 6.34/15/2014Rate 3.649393
Wylam Jumpin' Hop Club 3.83/22/2017Rate 0
Wylam Keep Taking the Pilsner 3.910/21/2016Rate 3.092
Wylam Landlords Choice 4.64/12/2009Rate 2.82
Wylam Le Saisonnier 5.45/25/2015Rate 3.294134
Wylam Legless Santa 4.612/17/2007Rate 2.63
Wylam Leighton Brau 5.011/23/2007Rate 2.581
Wylam Locomotion No.1 5.07/28/2008Rate 3.036024
Wylam Magic (Summer Magic) 4.26/22/2003Rate 2.924918
Wylam Magick 4.21/4/2013Rate 2.816
Wylam Magnificent 7 Pot 5.18/31/2013Rate 2.883
Wylam Nomi Sorachi 5.36/13/2016Rate 3.458643
Wylam Northern Kite 4.511/22/2007Rate 36723
Wylam Parting Gift 4.25/12/2014Rate 2.791
Wylam Pieces of What 7.58/29/2016Rate 3.568716
Wylam Points Drift 5.05/24/2013Rate 3.123
Wylam Puffing Billy 5.51/25/2014Rate 3.376528
Wylam Red Kite 4.54/8/2013Rate 3.152612
Wylam Remain In Light 5.09/17/2015Rate 3.478747
Wylam Rocket 5.08/23/2002Rate 3.278949
Wylam Sheer Chai 3.610/12/2014Rate 2.917
Wylam Shot Pit 4.74/11/2012Rate 3.058
Wylam Silver Ghost 5.03/27/2004Rate 3.044713
Wylam Simply Hops The Upside Down 6.44/20/2017Rate 3.699618
Wylam Slackjaw IPA 6.07/17/2017Rate 3.436313
Wylam Snods Edge Garlic Festival Ale 4.412/10/2005Rate 2.431
Wylam Solar Terminator 5.810/16/2016Rate 3.379725
Wylam Splatterberry Sour 4.59/24/2017Rate 3.135
Wylam Spring Thing 3.411/3/2004Rate 2.843010
Wylam Squire Blackett 4.89/3/2007Rate 3.048
Wylam Sticky Bud DIPA 8.74/12/2017Rate 3.759126
Wylam Summer Magic 4.27/14/2011Rate 2.962
Wylam Swipe Right Session IPA 4.75/20/2017Rate 3.559426
Wylam Tavernale 3.98/19/2014Rate 3.193
Wylam Terminator 5.92/19/2005Rate 2.82
Wylam The Blaydon Races 3.97/7/2013Rate 2.691
Wylam The Haugh (alias) 5.13/31/2004
Wylam The Writers Block 4.18/3/2011Rate 3.356
Wylam Toon Waal Ale 4.111/13/2011Rate 3.076
Wylam Tornado 4.111/2/2012Rate 2.772
Wylam Turbinia 4.28/1/2007Rate 2.94
Wylam Tyneside 35mm 4.12/24/2014Rate 2.841
Wylam Whistle Stop 4.412/5/2005Rate 3.022
Wylam Wit 5.09/3/2007Rate 2.662
Wylam Yankee Hop Charge Apollo 5.012/25/2011Rate 2.842
Wylam Yankee Hop Charge Centennial 4.18/19/2011Rate 3.24917
Wylam Yankee Hop Charge Chinook 4.011/1/2011Rate 3.16
Wylam Yankee Hop Charge Galena 4.49/22/2012Rate 2.862

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