Thomas Hardy Burtonwood (Molson Coors)

Contract Brewer
Brewer rating: 60/100 95 ratings
Burtonwood Brewery, Bold Lane, Burtonwood, Cheshire, England WA5 4PJ
Associated place: Thomas Hardy Burtonwood (Molson Coors)
Burtonwood Brewery commenced Brewing in 1867. It latterly operated the brewery and a substantial tied pub estate. In 1997 Eldridge Pope, of Dorset, split off itís brewing operations into a new company named Thomas Hardy. In 1999 Burtonwood and Thomas Hardy merged and the brewery in Dorset was subsequently closed. In 2005 the Burtonwood pub estate was acquired by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries (subsequently Marstons plc). Thomas Hardy Burtonwood continued as an independent brewing and packaging business. Currently (2012) only keg & pasteurised contract brewing takes place at Burtonwood. In 2015 the Thomas Hardy Burtonwood site was purchased by Molson Coors with production to continue there.
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Lowenbrau Pils (UK)
Brewed by/for AB InBev UK
5.68/10/2002Rate 2.278
Greenalls Mild
Brewed by/for Carlsberg UK
3.18/23/2013Rate 2.963
Bulldog Strong Ale
Brewed by/for Heineken UK
6.38/7/2000Rate 2.9727117
Newcastle Exhibition Ale
Brewed by/for Heineken UK
4.32/5/2003Rate 2.964711
Newcastle Founderís Ale
Brewed by/for Heineken UK
4.81/2/2012Rate 2.8413270
Greenalls Bitter
Brewed by/for J.W. Lees
3.43/26/2011Rate 2.914
Manns Brown Ale
Brewed by/for Marstonís
2.81/16/2001Rate 2.789172
Manns Chestnut Mild
Brewed by/for Marstonís
3.09/28/2008Rate 3.084217
Manns Light Ale
Brewed by/for Marstonís
3.21/15/2004Rate 2.613
Morrells Bicentenary Ale
Brewed by/for Marstonís
5.011/29/2004Rate 2.863
Morrells Colonels Choice
Brewed by/for Marstonís
8.07/24/2003Rate 3.151
Morrells Graduate
Brewed by/for Marstonís
5.210/9/2003Rate 2.771
Morrells Grumpy Cow
Brewed by/for Marstonís
3.76/6/2002Rate 2.743
Morrells Oxford Blue
Brewed by/for Marstonís
3.710/16/2001Rate 2.727
Morrells Trinity
Brewed by/for Marstonís
4.17/14/2002Rate 2.536
Morrells Varsity
Brewed by/for Marstonís
4.35/4/2002Rate 2.822915
Sharps Sea Fury
Brewed by/for Sharps (MolsonCoors)
5.04/19/2016Rate 3.228261
Burtonwood Forshaws 67 4.71/9/2002Rate 2.87
Burtonwood Top Hat 4.810/4/2003Rate 2.845
Litten Tree Best Bitter (alias) 3.23/31/2004
Websters Green Label Best 3.27/31/2002Rate 2.46310
Websters Yorkshire Bitter 3.57/2/2002Rate 2.21134
Websters Yorkshire Bitter (Cask) 3.57/1/2003Rate 2.238
William Sharvattís London Velvet 5.09/2/2013Rate 2.79531
Ushers 1824 Particular
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
6.211/25/2001Rate 3.183310
Ushers Bishops Tipple
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
5.21/19/2001Rate 3.328021
Ushers Dark Horse Porter
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
5.211/25/2001Rate 2.965
Ushers Founders Ale (Bottled)
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
4.71/19/2001Rate 3.0547111
Ushers Founders Ale (Cask)
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
4.712/5/2003Rate 2.661
Ushers IPA
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
5.011/25/2001Rate 2.755
Ushers St George & the Dragon Ale
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
4.24/28/2004Rate 2.972
Ushers Tawny Ale
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
6.211/25/2001Rate 3.529734
Ushers White Ale
Brewed by/for Wychwood (Marstonís)
6.511/25/2001Rate 2.799

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