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Alaskan / BrewDog Survival Beer 5.38/13/2014Rate 2.872
Alaskan Amber 5.35/6/2000Rate 3.32881192
Alaskan Aurora Cherryalis 4.09/12/2017Rate 3.111
Alaskan Azacca (Rough Draft) 5.411/15/2014Rate 3.428317
Alaskan Big Mountain Pale Ale 5.72/10/2014Rate 3.5895106
Alaskan Biggie Smalls 7.27/8/2016Rate 3.182
Alaskan Bitter Billiken Ale 5.73/11/2013Rate 3.238714
Alaskan Black Imperial IPA (alias) 8.11/29/2009
Alaskan Black IPA 6.412/29/2011Rate 3.4650219
Alaskan Boogie Bitter 5.37/6/2004Rate 3.022
Alaskan Breakup Bock 7.05/25/2004Rate 31
Alaskan Cherry Sour (Rough Draft) 4.08/18/2017Rate 3.091
Alaskan Cherry Vanilla Baltic Porter (alias) 9.810/2/2011
Alaskan Chipotle (Rough Draft) 6.812/5/2014Rate 2.92
Alaskan Cran Spruce Ale (Rough Draft) 5.211/7/2014Rate 3.247621
Alaskan Cream Ale 5.328/27/2010Rate 2.811
Alaskan Dim Wit -5/10/2010Rate 2.932
Alaskan Dry Hop (Rough Draft) (alias) 7.511/22/2014
Alaskan Dunkel 5.91/31/2005Rate 32
Alaskan Eisbock 12.51/19/2014Rate 3.15
Alaskan English Brown Ale (Rough Draft) 5.24/10/2017Rate 31
Alaskan English Mild Ale -6/13/2010Rate 2.731
Alaskan ESB 5.011/22/2000Rate 3.5199236
Alaskan Explorer Pale Ale 6.05/28/2017Rate 3.111
Alaskan Freeride APA 5.39/22/2011Rate 3.4485311
Alaskan Fresh Hop ESB 5.31/14/2011Rate 2.944
Alaskan Ghost Town Brown -3/17/2012Rate 2.922
Alaskan Ginger Shandy (Rough Draft) 4.26/13/2017Rate 2.871
Alaskan Gold Creek Session Ale 4.58/30/2013Rate 3.096913
Alaskan Graham Porter (Rough Draft) 7.05/8/2015Rate 2.932
Alaskan Grapefruit Shandy 4.210/4/2017Rate 2.762
Alaskan Headwind Pale Ale (Rough Draft) 6.06/25/2015Rate 3.227
Alaskan Heritage Coffee Brown Ale 7.07/9/2007Rate 3.6399115
Alaskan Hoar Frost IPA 7.56/11/2013Rate 3.063
Alaskan Honey Hemp (Rough Draft) 5.14/3/2016Rate 0
Alaskan Hop Turn 7.59/2/2014Rate 3.426354
Alaskan Hopothermia Double IPA 8.59/27/2012Rate 3.5553320
Alaskan Hot Scotch (Rough Draft) 7.08/6/2015Rate 3.111
Alaskan Husky IPA 7.012/21/2016Rate 3.477161
Alaskan Icy Bay IPA 6.23/8/2015Rate 3.2738220
Alaskan Imperial Apricot Ale 7.94/27/2012Rate 2.861
Alaskan Imperial Winter Ale (Barrel Aged) 7.31/22/2010Rate 3.154
Alaskan IPA 6.23/30/2005Rate 3.2536587
Alaskan Kicker 4.53/5/2016Rate 3.243960
Alaskan Marionberry Cream 6.32/5/2017Rate 2.981
Alaskan Marzen -11/4/2011Rate 3.165
Alaskan Mocha Milk Stout (Rough Draft) (alias) 7.03/17/2016
Alaskan Mosaic IPA (Rough Draft) 7.09/6/2016Rate 3.131
Alaskan Oak Aged Barley Wine 11.11/18/2013Rate 2.911
Alaskan Oatmeal Stout (alias) -2/17/2012
Alaskan Oh My Gourd Pumpkin Porter (alias) 7.410/21/2012
Alaskan Ol Century 10.152/24/2002Rate 3.411
Alaskan Old Ale (Barrel Aged) 8.91/24/2012Rate 3.345
Alaskan Old Growth Barleywine (Rough Draft) 11.25/2/2016Rate 3.111
Alaskan Pale 5.211/22/2000Rate 3.2491290
Alaskan Perseverance Russian Imperial Stout (30th Anniversary) (alias) 9.09/9/2016
Alaskan Pilot Series: Troppelbock 10.53/7/2013Rate 3.549392
Alaskan Pilot Series: Baltic Porter 9.84/19/2008Rate 3.8496345
Alaskan Pilot Series: Barley Wine Ale 10.71/22/2003Rate 3.8296521
Alaskan Pilot Series: Birch Bock 8.52/9/2012Rate 3.4180116
Alaskan Pilot Series: Double Black IPA 8.57/13/2010Rate 3.7194166
Alaskan Pilot Series: Heritage Coffee Brown (alias) 7.09/24/2015
Alaskan Pilot Series: Imperial IPA 8.58/9/2009Rate 3.5249136
Alaskan Pilot Series: Imperial Red 8.510/1/2012Rate 3.6788152
Alaskan Pilot Series: Imperial Rye 8.58/9/2014Rate 3.565867
Alaskan Pilot Series: Jalapeño Imperial IPA 8.51/22/2008Rate 3.549797
Alaskan Pilot Series: Mocha Milk Stout 7.01/8/2017Rate 3.69126
Alaskan Pilot Series: Perseverance Ale 9.08/16/2011Rate 3.7470276
Alaskan Pilot Series: Pumpkin Porter 7.010/29/2012Rate 3.5397195
Alaskan Pilot Series: Raspberry Wheat 6.55/21/2008Rate 3.3289132
Alaskan Pilot Series: Smack Of Grapefruit IPA 7.21/8/2017Rate 3.568635
Alaskan Pumpkin Ale 6.011/3/2014Rate 3.227360
Alaskan Raspberry Stout -6/4/2008Rate 2.921
Alaskan Rauchbier -10/12/2009Rate 3.064
Alaskan Resonator Doppelbock (Rough Draft) 6.94/18/2017Rate 3.091
Alaskan Ridge Hop IPA 7.37/15/2017Rate 3.34
Alaskan Rye IPA 4.09/21/2014Rate 2.871
Alaskan Sea Smoke (Rough Draft) 6.53/31/2017Rate 3.111
Alaskan Sentinel Rye 5.74/23/2013Rate 3.348017
Alaskan Smash Galaxy 9.42/21/2015Rate 3.586343
Alaskan Smoked Porter 6.54/26/2000Rate 3.881001798
Alaskan Smoked Porter (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 8.31/20/2010Rate 3.8810018
Alaskan Spruce Berliner (Rough Draft) 4.09/1/2016Rate 31
Alaskan Spruce IPA 7.011/5/2017Rate 3.348
Alaskan Squatch Records Side A IPA 7.57/7/2012Rate 3.254422
Alaskan Stout 6.211/22/2000Rate 3.4464446
Alaskan Strawberry Blonde -6/28/2014Rate 2.81
Alaskan Strong Ale Cuvee '13 8.82/6/2013Rate 2.912
Alaskan Summer Ale 5.33/31/2002Rate 3.0870589
Alaskan Sweetheart Chocolate Ale 6.62/20/2014Rate 2.952
Alaskan Taku River Red -12/22/2013Rate 3.269019
Alaskan Tartan Rye Scottish Ale -1/18/2013Rate 2.843
Alaskan Wee Heavy (Barrel Aged) -1/27/2011Rate 3.093
Alaskan Wet Hop Pale Ale 6.010/30/2016Rate 3.021
Alaskan White Ale 5.35/22/2008Rate 3.0649401
Alaskan White IPA (Rough Draft) 6.011/13/2015Rate 3.092
Alaskan Winter Ale 6.411/8/2001Rate 3.2538620
Alaskan XXtra Tuf IPA (alias) 8.68/9/2009

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