Stumpys Dog Daze 3.810/17/2004Rate 2.834
Stumpys Drunken Dog 7.65/24/2008Rate 3.274
Stumpys Haven 5.010/2/2004Rate 2.871811
Stumpys IKB 7.25/1/2006Rate 3.02299
The Garlic Farm (Black) Garlic Beer 4.11/28/2011Rate 2.48327
Yates Best Bitter 3.84/11/2009Rate 2.852
Yates Blonde Ale 4.59/4/2007Rate 2.914614
Yates Dark Side of the Wight 5.08/12/2014Rate 3.153121
Yates Golden Bitter 4.02/14/2012Rate 3.057218
Yates Holy Joe 4.96/10/2004Rate 2.964423
Yates Islander 4.07/11/2017Rate 3.197
Yates Isle of Wight Premium Lager 4.28/6/2016Rate 3.022
Yates Special Draught (YSD) 5.58/15/2004Rate 2.772910
Yates St Lawrence Ale (alias) 5.07/23/2005
Yates Sun Fire 4.37/31/2013Rate 2.96479
Yates Undercliff Experience 4.18/19/2004Rate 2.964530
Yates Ventnor Botanic Garden Tropic Ale 5.01/25/2012Rate 2.871812
Yates Wight Old Ale 6.01/31/2010Rate 2.883
Yates Wight Winter 5.08/15/2004Rate 3.13214
Yates Woys Boys 3.86/14/2014Rate 2.935
Yates Yule Be Sorry 7.612/16/2008Rate 3.419120

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