Appleton Brewing/Adler Brau

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
1004 South Old Oneida, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA 54915
Out of Business

Operated 1989 to 2004
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III Dachshunds Howling Hounds Honey Pilsner 5.71/3/2005Rate 0
Adler Brau 1848 Lager -1/3/2003Rate 0
Adler Brau Belgium-Luxembourg Mixed Up Ale 5.810/2/2002Rate 3.352
Adler Brau Bucky Brau Barley Wine -4/30/2002Rate 3.226
Adler Brau Cherry Creek 5.012/23/2002Rate 2.881
Adler Brau Classic Porter 5.79/8/2001Rate 3.14
Adler Brau Doppelbock 6.54/9/2003Rate 1.686
Adler Brau Downtown Brown Ale 5.710/18/2002Rate 2.976
Adler Brau Eagle Lager 5.01/24/2003Rate 2.782
Adler Brau ESB -1/3/2003Rate 2.321
Adler Brau Fox Classic River Ale 5.61/13/2003Rate 2.83
Adler Brau Holiday Ale 5.012/23/2002Rate 2.72
Adler Brau Honey Pilsner -7/19/2004Rate 2.672
Adler Brau Houdinis Escape Stout 5.09/5/2001Rate 2.841016
Adler Brau Marquette Pilsner 5.712/19/2002Rate 2.655
Adler Brau Oktoberfest -9/28/2002Rate 3.214
Adler Brau Pub Pale Ale 4.812/3/2004Rate 2.771
Adler Brau Pumpkin Spice -12/30/2000Rate 3.576
Adler Brau Tailgate Amber 5.51/13/2003Rate 2.722
Adler Brau Weiss 5.73/12/2003Rate 2.972
Adler Brau Winter Ale 5.02/15/2004Rate 32

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