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Street Brewery, Pentlow Street Farm, Pentlow, Sudbury, Essex, England CO10 7JJ
Commenced brewing in Spring 1986 at Clare, Suffolk. Moved to current location (which is Essex, despite the Sudbury, Suffolk postal address) in 2004. In 2013 changed name to Growler. In 2014 the company was bought back by original owners and Brewery name reverted back to Nethergate.
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Nethergate April Fool 4.14/1/2008Rate 2.868
Nethergate Ashes Ale 4.21/2/2007Rate 2.836
Nethergate Augustinian (UK version) 4.55/2/2003Rate 3.077557
Nethergate Augustinian Ale (US Version) 5.21/5/2001Rate 2.9123150
Nethergate Aussie Flower 4.55/2/2006Rate 2.832
Nethergate Aussies to Ashes 3.68/22/2015Rate 2.981
Nethergate Autumn Ale 4.312/1/2006Rate 3.111
Nethergate Avro Lincoln 3.512/4/2006Rate 2.961
Nethergate Azzabadger 4.37/10/2008Rate 2.875
Nethergate Azzalord 4.110/7/2007Rate 2.945
Nethergate Azzanewt 4.49/15/2016Rate 31
Nethergate Azzaparrot 4.23/21/2008Rate 2.772010
Nethergate Azzarat 4.47/28/2004Rate 2.86429
Nethergate Azzaskunk 4.57/4/2007Rate 3.065
Nethergate Barfly 3.93/18/2007Rate 3.047010
Nethergate Basing Park Blonde 4.28/9/2012Rate 2.72
Nethergate Bigwigís Brew 3.83/26/2015Rate 2.81
Nethergate Bitter 4.111/20/2004Rate 2.965
Nethergate Black Shadow 3.58/6/2006Rate 3.155610
Nethergate Boneshaker 4.25/16/2007Rate 2.875
Nethergate Bowler 5.02/27/2013Rate 2.841417
Nethergate Brewers Drop 4.611/15/2000Rate 2.931011
Nethergate CAMRAís Remedy 6.65/25/2016Rate 3.042
Nethergate Chariot 5.08/10/2007Rate 2.842
Nethergate Charles Dickens 2012 Bicentenary Ale 3.99/8/2012Rate 2.81
Nethergate Classic Blonde 4.312/21/2011Rate 2.691
Nethergate Complete Howler 4.310/30/2016Rate 0
Nethergate Crossborder 4.16/10/2006Rate 2.95439
Nethergate Dapper Dog 4.810/14/2012Rate 2.912
Nethergate Dewdrop 3.94/12/2009Rate 2.965
Nethergate Dickís Special One 4.311/23/2015Rate 3.092
Nethergate Dirty Dickís Audit Ale (Bottle) 8.09/15/2011Rate 2.996
Nethergate Dirty Dickís Audit Ale (Cask) 5.212/31/2004Rate 2.998
Nethergate Dr Johns Panacea 4.35/8/2004Rate 2.894210
Nethergate Drunken Monkey 4.211/7/2007Rate 2.937
Nethergate Eddieís Best 3.912/11/2011Rate 2.771
Nethergate Edgars Pale Ale (alias) 3.58/20/2008
Nethergate Essex Beast 6.62/11/2009Rate 3.257426
Nethergate Essex Border 4.810/8/2007Rate 3.055956
Nethergate Excalibur Scotch Ale 8.55/15/2003Rate 3.023
Nethergate Five Golds 3.92/15/2012Rate 2.691
Nethergate Flaming Dame 4.15/20/2012Rate 2.952
Nethergate Florence Nightingale (alias) 3.97/24/2010
Nethergate Flying Yank 4.26/25/2012Rate 2.831
Nethergate Foxearth 4.09/8/2004Rate 2.972
Nethergate Frank Incensed 4.312/30/2004Rate 2.974815
Nethergate G.B. Pride 3.42/28/2013Rate 2.771
Nethergate GB (Growler Bitter) 3.95/3/2005Rate 3.046939
Nethergate Gladness (Bottle) 4.29/21/2013Rate 2.751816
Nethergate Gladness (Cask) 4.26/21/2013Rate 2.741619
Nethergate Golden Balls 4.67/6/2004Rate 2.841
Nethergate Golden Gate 4.57/31/2000Rate 2.9419
Nethergate Greedy Pike 4.211/18/2005Rate 3.077
Nethergate Green and Pleasant Land 4.110/14/2015Rate 31
Nethergate Growler Perle 30th Anniversary 4.44/2/2016Rate 3.041
Nethergate Hair Of The Dog (alias) 4.11/24/2016
Nethergate Hair of the Dog 4.11/22/2013Rate 2.754
Nethergate Hares Breadth 4.47/23/2003Rate 2.898
Nethergate Harvest Stout 4.09/16/2016Rate 3.193
Nethergate Hell Hound 4.92/25/2014Rate 3.16213
Nethergate Hello Sailor 4.01/11/2008Rate 3.031
Nethergate Hogwash 4.28/6/2007Rate 2.916
Nethergate Holy Smoke 4.79/2/2003Rate 2.792
Nethergate Hound Dog 4.212/16/2012Rate 2.914310
Nethergate Innorowt 3.87/7/2016Rate 2.811
Nethergate IPA 3.67/12/2003Rate 2.944547
Nethergate IPA Ian & Paulís Ale 3.59/21/2013Rate 2.873129
Nethergate IPA Reserve 4.79/5/2011Rate 2.885
Nethergate Jack Oí Lantern 4.411/2/2009Rate 2.845
Nethergate Jamieís Tipple 3.89/9/2013Rate 2.81
Nethergate Jolly Roger 4.210/29/2005Rate 2.896
Nethergate Lamplighter 4.89/29/2012Rate 2.892
Nethergate Lemon Head (Bottle) 4.010/5/2014Rate 2.813422
Nethergate Lemon Head (Cask) 4.110/9/2005Rate 2.913938
Nethergate Lightning 4.17/22/2012Rate 2.845
Nethergate Limehouse Cut 4.53/10/2013Rate 2.95
Nethergate Lord of the Rings 4.23/24/2012Rate 2.733
Nethergate Lounge Lizard 4.35/30/2009Rate 2.913
Nethergate Mad Bob 4.51/19/2006Rate 38
Nethergate Magma Carta 4.25/5/2015Rate 3.061
Nethergate Maple Leaf 4.312/3/2016Rate 2.891
Nethergate Maryís Ruby Mild 4.55/28/2009Rate 3.247944
Nethergate Mild (alias) 3.55/8/2013
Nethergate Monks Habit 4.212/1/2003Rate 3.016
Nethergate Night Boat 4.24/23/2014Rate 2.761
Nethergate Old Chap 4.29/18/2005Rate 2.743
Nethergate Old Growler (Bottle) 5.511/20/2000Rate 3.2948490
Nethergate Old Growler (Cask) 5.04/6/2003Rate 3.376398
Nethergate Old Growler Extra 5.512/12/2010Rate 2.842
Nethergate Ole Cock Special Bitter 4.411/21/2015Rate 0
Nethergate Painted Lady 4.29/16/2010Rate 2.874
Nethergate Petersfield Porter 5.012/15/2012Rate 3.085
Nethergate Portrait (John Constable) 4.710/6/2006Rate 3.071
Nethergate Prince of Ales 4.511/13/2006Rate 2.471
Nethergate Priory Mild 3.54/1/2003Rate 3.14678
Nethergate Pub Boar 4.310/22/2007Rate 2.862
Nethergate Red Poll 4.22/11/2009Rate 2.955121
Nethergate Red Rooster 4.52/13/2004Rate 2.895
Nethergate Red Santa 4.212/5/2007Rate 2.94232
Nethergate Red Santa 4.211/30/2013Rate 2.918
Nethergate Royal Pup 4.49/22/2013Rate 2.771
Nethergate Rugby Ruck 3.82/15/2017Rate 3.023
Nethergate Saison Blonde 4.53/21/2011Rate 3.098817
Nethergate Santa Paws 3.74/19/2013Rate 2.811
Nethergate Saxon Glory 4.010/22/2016Rate 2.941
Nethergate Scutchers Ale 4.32/12/2004Rate 3.083
Nethergate Sheeps Eye 4.18/23/2003Rate 2.83349
Nethergate Six Nations Glory Ale 3.83/31/2015Rate 2.862
Nethergate Small Beer 2.81/27/2012Rate 2.833
Nethergate Something Else 3.86/16/2004Rate 2.672
Nethergate Spring Waimea 4.55/9/2015Rate 3.092
Nethergate Square & Compass Stokers Ace IPA 3.57/3/2011Rate 2.761
Nethergate St Georgeís Ale 4.24/28/2009Rate 2.871
Nethergate Stinger 4.11/23/2007Rate 2.826
Nethergate Stour Valley Border 4.811/24/2011Rate 2.791
Nethergate Stour Valley Gold 4.211/20/2014Rate 2.97469
Nethergate Stour Valley Strong (SVS) 6.51/13/2006Rate 2.78513
Nethergate Suffolk County (alias) 4.09/11/2014
Nethergate Suffolk County (Bottle) 4.012/6/2002Rate 2.954544
Nethergate Suffolk County (Cask) 4.06/24/2003Rate 3.015752
Nethergate Summer Daze 3.58/3/2007Rate 2.691
Nethergate Sweeney Todd 4.07/21/2010Rate 2.986410
Nethergate Sweet Chariot 4.611/22/2003Rate 2.621
Nethergate Three Mills 3.93/16/2012Rate 2.958
Nethergate Three Point Nine (alias) 3.95/3/2005
Nethergate Too Good To Go Down 4.09/4/2015Rate 2.932
Nethergate Trophy Special 4.37/6/2010Rate 2.871
Nethergate Umbel Ale (Bottle) 3.812/9/2001Rate 2.9848101
Nethergate Umbel Ale (Cask) 3.91/5/2001Rate 3.056863
Nethergate Umbel Magna 5.08/21/2002Rate 3.325088
Nethergate Vixen 4.31/13/2004Rate 2.948
Nethergate Waterloo Sunset 3.86/28/2015Rate 2.871
Nethergate Wheat 4.18/9/2010Rate 2.837
Nethergate Wild Fox 4.32/18/2005Rate 3.044
Nethergate Wild Goose Bitter 4.58/31/2006Rate 2.924
Nethergate Winning Try 3.82/28/2016Rate 2.921
Nethergate Wise Monkeys 4.26/6/2004Rate 2.742
Nethergate Young Howler 4.48/10/2007Rate 2.975
Redcar Best Bitter 3.99/17/2008Rate 2.924718
Redcar Jules Rimet IPA 3.66/16/2010Rate 2.844
Redcar Sheaf IPA 3.55/28/2009Rate 2.741
Redcar Summer Ale 4.59/17/2008Rate 2.811011
Trumanís Clean & Jerk
Brewed by/for Trumanís
3.88/20/2012Rate 2.792
Trumanís Summer Runner
Brewed by/for Trumanís
4.05/29/2011Rate 2.791

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