Canuck Empire Back Country IPA
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
-3/25/2015Rate 0
Canuck Empire Coast Trail Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
5.52/26/2014Rate 3.24814
Canuck Empire Creekside Coffee Stout
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
5.212/22/2014Rate 3.13299
Canuck Empire Pumpkin Patch Ale
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
6.09/25/2014Rate 3.085113
Canuck Empire StarGazer Chamomile Wheat
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
6.08/8/2014Rate 3.05519
Canuck Empire Sunrise to Sunset Saison
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
5.85/16/2016Rate 3.017
Backwoods Christmas Ale (alias)
Brewed by/for Canuck Empire Brewing
Backwoods Maple Wheat 4.58/18/2003Rate 2.351
Backwoods Winter Warmer 7.012/27/2002Rate 3.195
Dead Frog 10th Anniversary Sour Raspberry Nut Brown Ale 7.010/15/2017Rate 3.026
Dead Frog 2 ½ Year Anniversary Ale 4.53/25/2010Rate 2.765
Dead Frog Atomic Berry -2/18/2017Rate 2.871
Dead Frog Atomic Cherry Tart Cherry Ale 5.011/14/2016Rate 2.794
Dead Frog Belgian Buckwheat Ale 6.57/9/2014Rate 2.841
Dead Frog Big Stump Spruce Golden Ale 6.58/16/2014Rate 3.178412
Dead Frog Blueberry Blast Kettle Sour 5.98/24/2016Rate 2.4719
Dead Frog Brazen Northwest Ale 7.54/26/2013Rate 3.298
Dead Frog Bucking Black Sheep 6.510/11/2014Rate 3.148
Dead Frog Bucking Black Sheep - Cocoa Nibs 6.510/24/2014Rate 2.922
Dead Frog Bucking Sheep IPA 6.58/27/2014Rate 3.277
Dead Frog Bucking Sheep IPA - Pineapple and Sweet Orange 6.510/24/2014Rate 2.861
Dead Frog C.R.E.A.M. Key Lime Milkshake IPA 6.59/5/2017Rate 3.122
Dead Frog Chocolate Mint Brown Ale 5.01/28/2011Rate 3.024320
Dead Frog Christmas Beeracle 5.012/9/2010Rate 2.944526
Dead Frog Citra IPA 6.51/29/2011Rate 3.447636
Dead Frog Cold Brew Red Ale 5.010/25/2015Rate 2.863
Dead Frog Cold Brew Red Ale - Vanille, Plum, Raspberry 5.011/4/2015Rate 2.871
Dead Frog Colin Jack Memorial 6.59/15/2013Rate 2.945
Dead Frog Commander Imperial Stout 10.54/13/2013Rate 3.26928
Dead Frog Commander Reserve 2013 (alias) 10.51/3/2017
Dead Frog Fearless IPA 6.511/1/2012Rate 3.233643
Dead Frog Fearless IPA - Pineapple, Jalapeño & Cilantro 6.57/17/2015Rate 2.952
Dead Frog Field Tripper Rye IPA 6.89/10/2016Rate 3.06149
Dead Frog French Oaked Stiff Stout 6.52/12/2012Rate 3.315019
Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA 9.04/1/2013Rate 3.332628
Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA - Grapefruit, Jalapeño & Orange 9.08/4/2015Rate 3.072
Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA - Mango 9.06/19/2015Rate 3.041
Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA - Pineapple, Jalapeño & Citra Hops 9.04/12/2015Rate 2.912
Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA - Strawberry 9.08/14/2015Rate 3.061
Dead Frog Fusion Hopped IPA 6.510/21/2011Rate 2.9712
Dead Frog Fusion Hopped Pilsner 5.08/14/2011Rate 3.066
Dead Frog Green Magic IPA -7/19/2017Rate 3.016
Dead Frog Green Tea Test Sour 7.06/30/2016Rate 3.174
Dead Frog Honey Brown -7/31/2000Rate 2.621217
Dead Frog Immaculate India Golden Ale 6.58/26/2013Rate 3.11259
Dead Frog Lager 5.012/29/2002Rate 2.549227
Dead Frog Mandarin Orange Amber Ale 5.011/18/2010Rate 2.58817
Dead Frog Maple Cream Ale 5.05/16/2013Rate 2.982
Dead Frog Nut Brown - Oaked 5.08/6/2007Rate 2.974
Dead Frog Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout 6.111/9/2014Rate 3.314323
Dead Frog One-Eyed Jack Imperial Pilsner 8.08/1/2015Rate 3.03709
Dead Frog Pale Ale 5.012/16/2002Rate 2.944449
Dead Frog Pepper Lime Lager 5.05/14/2010Rate 2.381529
Dead Frog Pilsner 5.06/7/2015Rate 2.985
Dead Frog Prime Time Pilsner 5.08/24/2016Rate 2.416
Dead Frog Raspberry Saison -10/15/2014Rate 2.791
Dead Frog Red Dragon Imperial Red 8.03/25/2015Rate 3.22014
Dead Frog Red Dragon Imperial Red - Orange Blossoms & Blood Orange 8.05/7/2015Rate 3.111
Dead Frog Red Dragon Red Lager 5.02/16/2016Rate 2.684212
Dead Frog Red Strawberry Ale 5.510/11/2014Rate 2.792
Dead Frog Reina de Fuego 6.01/17/2017Rate 2.92811
Dead Frog Rocket Man Interstellar ESB 6.56/22/2014Rate 3.167016
Dead Frog Rocket Man Pale Ale 5.010/25/2015Rate 2.941714
Dead Frog Sahti -9/2/2010Rate 2.771
Dead Frog Spring Loaded Saison 6.53/25/2014Rate 2.762
Dead Frog Steel Toe Lager 5.06/29/2017Rate 2.874
Dead Frog Stout - PB&J -12/28/2015Rate 2.981
Dead Frog Sunset Sencha Sour Saison 6.010/1/2015Rate 3.145
Dead Frog Super Fearless Imperial IPA 9.011/21/2013Rate 3.616829
Dead Frog Super Fearless Imperial IPA - Tropical 9.08/11/2015Rate 2.862
Dead Frog The Bold Belgian Pale Ale 5.07/29/2013Rate 3.063229
Dead Frog The Classic Nut Brown Ale 5.07/31/2000Rate 2.922663
Dead Frog The Festive Winter Saison 5.511/29/2013Rate 2.772
Dead Frog The Obsidian Dagger IPA Noire 6.54/7/2014Rate 3.628627
Dead Frog The Seasonal Citrus Wit 5.07/30/2013Rate 2.93513
Dead Frog The Session Vienna Lager 5.07/30/2013Rate 3.048422
Dead Frog Tip Hop Spruce White IPA 6.57/12/2017Rate 3.217
Dead Frog Toasted Coconut Wit 5.07/18/2011Rate 2.724021
Dead Frog Tropic Vice 5.04/14/2016Rate 2.884516
Dead Frog Uber Nutter Imperial Nut Brown Ale 9.02/23/2014Rate 2.986
Dead Frog Udder Domination Imperial Milk Stout 7.93/10/2016Rate 3.21715
Dead Frog Valiant Belgian IPA (alias) 9.04/1/2013
Dead Frog Weeping Reaper Blood Orange Helles Bock 7.010/8/2014Rate 2.994214
Dead Frog Wet Hop S.M.A.S.H. (Cascade) 5.811/17/2015Rate 2.853
Dead Frog Winter Beeracle 7.512/24/2012Rate 3.095126
Dead Frog Winter Seasonal Amber Ale 5.011/8/2014Rate 2.843
Gas Lamp Apricot 5.07/4/2013Rate 2.742
Gas Lamp Maple Cream Ale (alias) -7/25/2013
Gas Lamp Nut Brown Ale (alias) -7/25/2013
Gas Lamp West Coast IPA 5.612/23/2015Rate 2.912
Gas Lamp Winter Seasonal (alias) -7/25/2013
Fuggles & Warlock Hopper Texas Brown 6.53/20/2015Rate 3.379010
Fuggles & Warlock Hyper Combo Red Rye IPA 8.02/9/2015Rate 3.348
Brewed by/for uberculture
-1/6/2006Rate 3.283
Wild Craft Wild 1 Pilsner
Brewed by/for Wild Craft
5.03/4/2015Rate 2.786
Wild Craft Wild Amber
Brewed by/for Wild Craft
5.53/4/2015Rate 2.635
Wild Craft Wild Hops
Brewed by/for Wild Craft
6.53/4/2015Rate 2.847

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