Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 80/100 346 ratings
The Old Brewery, West Bay Road, Bridport, Dorset, England DT6 4JA
Places associated: New Inn (Palmers), Palmers Wine Store, Ferry Inn (Palmers)
Founded 1794. Became Palmers in 1896.
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Palmers 200 5.06/23/2002Rate 3.115147
Palmers Barley Mo 4.611/29/2014Rate 2.72
Palmers Best Bitter 4.26/23/2002Rate 2.954561
Palmers Bridport Bitter 3.28/5/2000Rate 2.532
Palmers Colmers 4.08/1/2015Rate 3.188511
Palmers Copper Ale 3.76/23/2002Rate 2.954438
Palmers Dorset Gold 4.57/13/2003Rate 2.964464
Palmers Festival Late Hop 4.68/7/2017Rate 3.025
Palmers HIX India Pale Ale 4.28/31/2011Rate 2.95469
Palmers HIX Oyster Ale 5.54/8/2011Rate 3.264510
Palmers IPA (alias) 4.21/13/2005
Palmers Lamb and Flag Gold (alias) 4.58/25/2005
Palmers Light Pale Ale 3.09/18/2007Rate 2.654
Palmers Nut Brown Ale 3.09/22/2007Rate 2.621
Palmers Spring Hop 3.84/19/2015Rate 2.81
Palmers Summer Ale 3.98/13/2014Rate 3.03588
Palmers Tally Ho Ho Ho 5.511/17/2016Rate 3.365
Palmers Tally Ho! (Bottle) 5.53/17/2017Rate 3.223521
Palmers Tally Ho! (Cask) 5.58/5/2000Rate 3.385541
Palmers Trawlerman 4.410/31/2016Rate 2.982
Palmers Waterloo (alias) 4.55/30/2012
Dorset Orchards Apple Bee Cider 4.59/28/2015Rate 3.034
Dorset Orchards First Press Cider 5.59/28/2015Rate 2.981

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