Half Moon Abbey Road IPA 6.71/15/2015Rate 2.92
Half Moon All Day Session IPA 5.04/9/2015Rate 3.042
Half Moon Amazing Apple Red Ale 5.96/4/2015Rate 3.041
Half Moon Another I.P.A. 7.06/9/2016Rate 2.941
Half Moon Apex IPA 6.18/26/2015Rate 3.052
Half Moon Applebottom ESB 5.259/1/2008Rate 2.94
Half Moon Apricot Blonde Ale 4.854/7/2016Rate 2.941
Half Moon Apricot Wheat 4.53/3/2014Rate 3.273
Half Moon Back In Black IPA 6.558/26/2014Rate 3.112
Half Moon Barley Legal Pale Ale 5.81/6/2013Rate 0
Half Moon Big Bad India Brown Ale 6.957/2/2010Rate 2.841
Half Moon Big Black IPA 6.45/1/2012Rate 2.912
Half Moon Big Scotty 5.657/16/2014Rate 2.861
Half Moon Big-Timer Blonde Ale 4.851/2/2015Rate 2.811
Half Moon Blueberry MILF Rocket -10/20/2013 U  2.811
Half Moon Bry-PA 7.311/27/2008Rate 2.982
Half Moon Campside Session IPA (alias) 4.57/25/2014
Half Moon Cannon Shot Cream Ale 5.49/4/2008Rate 2.775
Half Moon Cherry/Vanilla Lambic 5.76/25/2016Rate 3.041
Half Moon Chief Kokomo Imperial Red IPA 8.52/25/2015Rate 2.791
Half Moon Chipotle IPA 6.711/9/2013Rate 2.861
Half Moon Citra Love IPA 7.04/28/2016Rate 3.041
Half Moon Cole Porter 7.35/12/2007Rate 3.193816
Half Moon Dastardly Dunkelweizen 5.59/12/2012Rate 2.963
Half Moon Dreaming of Summer Wheat 5.112/28/2013Rate 3.072
Half Moon Elwoods IPA 7.15/12/2007Rate 3.112611
Half Moon Emerald Isle Irish Style Stout 5.79/12/2012Rate 2.962
Half Moon Glacial IPA 6.557/16/2014Rate 2.81
Half Moon Golden Glory 6.07/9/2013Rate 2.911
Half Moon Grapefruit I.P.A. 7.32/14/2017Rate 3.041
Half Moon Hazelnut Brown Ale 5.77/22/2008Rate 3.013
Half Moon Heavenly Hefeweizen 5.95/11/2008Rate 2.986
Half Moon Honey-Rye 7.057/23/2008Rate 2.83
Half Moon Hoplander Double IPA 7.753/13/2014Rate 2.791
Half Moon Hoptomumbler 9.09/19/2016Rate 3.041
Half Moon Hoptonium 9.012/10/2014Rate 2.952
Half Moon Indiana Maple Brown Ale 7.15/11/2016Rate 3.041
Half Moon Indiana ReplicAle 9.02/5/2013Rate 2.841
Half Moon Jack'ed Up Blueberry Blast! 6.54/21/2016Rate 3.021
Half Moon Jack'ed Up Oatmeal Stout 8.06/13/2017Rate 2.981
Half Moon Jack'ed Up Scottish Ale 7.05/26/2016Rate 31
Half Moon Joe Roggenbier 5.06/22/2010Rate 2.771
Half Moon K-Town Brown 5.87/9/2013Rate 3.346
Half Moon Lemon Rocket Wheat -10/20/2013 U  2.871
Half Moon Lil Sumpin' Wheat IPA 6.112/30/2015Rate 2.941
Half Moon Lil' Scotty Scottish Ale 6.02/28/2014Rate 2.861
Half Moon M.O.P.A. IPA 7.13/25/2015Rate 3.283
Half Moon Maibock -8/28/2013Rate 2.831
Half Moon Maple Monster 8.05/27/2015 U  0
Half Moon Midas Touch Golden Ale 5.18/16/2015Rate 3.021
Half Moon MILF-n-Honey Wheat 5.88/16/2009Rate 3.055615
Half Moon Moon Beam IPA 6.68/31/2013Rate 3.344911
Half Moon Moon Beam IPA #3 (alias) 7.31/6/2013
Half Moon Moon Beam IPA #4 (alias) 6.253/1/2013
Half Moon Moon Beam IPA #5 (alias) 6.69/8/2013
Half Moon Newton's Apple Wheat 5.12/14/2017Rate 2.871
Half Moon Off Kilter 7.23/23/2016Rate 2.961
Half Moon Oh Baby! Blueberry Wheat Ale 5.11/21/2015Rate 2.872
Half Moon Oktoberfest 6.410/7/2014Rate 3.072
Half Moon Old Ben Brown 6.35/12/2007Rate 2.835
Half Moon Old Reggiewig's Wee Winter Warmer 7.21/30/2011Rate 2.871
Half Moon Paramount Pale Ale 5.255/21/2015Rate 2.941
Half Moon Peace, Love and Hoppiness IPA 6.511/24/2015Rate 3.021
Half Moon Peanut Butter Cup Porter 7.012/28/2013Rate 3.363
Half Moon Pekko Boo IPA 6.03/3/2016Rate 2.982
Half Moon Pioneer Double IPA 7.7510/15/2014Rate 3.163
Half Moon Polar Vortex Pale Ale 5.92/28/2014Rate 2.81
Half Moon Pre-Prohibition Pilsner 4.15/12/2007Rate 2.474
Half Moon Raspberry Wheat 5.255/15/2014Rate 2.831
Half Moon Raz-Rye Beer 5.99/3/2010Rate 0
Half Moon Roggenbier 5.59/25/2014Rate 3.193
Half Moon Roughshod Red IPA 6.711/17/2014Rate 2.812
Half Moon Rye of the Moon IPA 5.95/15/2014Rate 2.881
Half Moon Rye So Serious Double Rye IPA 8.010/22/2015Rate 2.981
Half Moon Seismic Stout 5.92/14/2017Rate 3.041
Half Moon Select Golden Ale 5.353/27/2013Rate 2.941
Half Moon Semi-Lunar Coffee-Vanilla Rocket Stout 6.21/20/2013 U  3.013
Half Moon Semi-Lunar Oatmeal Stout 6.21/18/2013Rate 3.086
Half Moon Skull Splitter Double IPA 8.48/14/2010Rate 0
Half Moon Star Spangled IPA 6.57/1/2015Rate 2.941
Half Moon Stoplight City Red 5.75/12/2007Rate 2.863015
Half Moon Strawberry Blonde 5.05/11/2008Rate 2.811
Half Moon Summer Wheat 5.57/23/2010Rate 3.044
Half Moon Sycamore Stump Stout 6.611/27/2008Rate 3.031
Half Moon The Funky Dunkel - a.k.a. Funky D 5.69/9/2013Rate 3.125
Half Moon The Hop Hugger I.P.A. 7.17/7/2016Rate 3.021
Half Moon The KokoMonster 8.05/13/2008Rate 2.97521
Half Moon Thor's Thunder 8.82/8/2016Rate 2.941
Half Moon Twisted Kilt Scottish Ale 6.76/17/2015Rate 3.061
Half Moon Valley View Pale Ale 4.66/13/2017Rate 3.041
Half Moon Vanilla Red -4/26/2015 U  2.961
Half Moon Very Very Blueberry Wheat 5.93/1/2013Rate 0
Half Moon Vicious Vanilla Porter 6.71/7/2015Rate 2.972
Half Moon Wild Bill's Wild Cherry Wheat 5.110/20/2013Rate 2.831
Half Moon Wild Cherry Wheat 6.01/14/2016Rate 2.941
Half Moon Wildcat Wheat 4.55/12/2007Rate 2.833916
Half Moon Winter Warmer -2/21/2009Rate 3.111
Half Moon Winter Wheat -2/15/2010Rate 2.994
Half Moon Winterfest ReplicAle 2011 8.01/30/2011Rate 0

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