The Brew Keeper / Mad Brewer

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
34445 Center Ridge Rd, North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA 44039
Out of business

Operated 2007 to 2009
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Mad Brewer 2Ch2St - Double Chocolate Stout 7.59/16/2006Rate 3.234546
Mad Brewer Affinity Lager 4.59/16/2006Rate 2.987514
Mad Brewer Anger Management 119/23/2008Rate 3.14616
Mad Brewer Baltic Porter 8.98/30/2008Rate 2.912
Mad Brewer Black Storm 11.59/23/2008Rate 3.514067
Mad Brewer Blackberry Pilsner 5.57/13/2008Rate 2.814
Mad Brewer Boo Beer 5.78/5/2007Rate 3.298918
Mad Brewer Bourbon Stout 10.52/19/2009Rate 3.1368
Mad Brewer Bunsen Bock 8.98/5/2007Rate 3.073518
Mad Brewer Bunsen Cubed 1010/11/2008Rate 2.92
Mad Brewer Chocolate Porter (alias) -9/23/2008
Mad Brewer Divine Intervention 118/9/2007Rate 3.688857
Mad Brewer Farmhouse Ale 5.759/11/2008Rate 3.071
Mad Brewer Hazelnut Porter 5.23/31/2009Rate 2.91
Mad Brewer Hop Fusion IPA 6.759/16/2006Rate 3.659342
Mad Brewer Infra-Red 5.258/5/2007Rate 34910
Mad Brewer Mad Bee Honey Wheat Ale 5.258/18/2008Rate 2.748
Mad Brewer Mad Cow Stout 7.08/5/2007Rate 2.941226
Mad Brewer Mad-Arillo 7.08/5/2007Rate 3.061523
Mad Brewer Magnum IPA 8.09/16/2006Rate 3.072
Mad Brewer Marzen Project 6.010/5/2008Rate 2.935
Mad Brewer Neds Ale 7.55/9/2008Rate 2.995
Mad Brewer Porter 5.22/22/2008Rate 2.91320
Mad Brewer R Lager 4.69/12/2009Rate 2.884
Mad Brewer RBI IPA 6.89/23/2008Rate 3.072226
Mad Brewer Scotch Ale 8.59/11/2008Rate 2.995
Mad Brewer Solstice 4.51/9/2008Rate 2.794010
Mad Brewer Summer Mead 129/5/2008Rate 2.582
Mad Brewer West 12 10.54/13/2008Rate 3.5773105
Mad Brewer White Storm 118/5/2007Rate 3.344083
Mad Brewer Wisenbier 5.54/5/2009Rate 2.57219
Mad Brewer XXX-Mas Ale 101/1/2008Rate 3.025117

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