Custom Brewcrafters

Brewer rating: 90/100 900 ratings
300 Village Square Blvd. , Honeoye Falls, New York, USA 14472
Mon-Thu 5-8PM
Fri 3-8PM
Sat 11-6
Sun 12:30-PM

Associated place: Custom Brewcrafters

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Buffalo Tap Room Amber Ale 5.22/4/2004Rate 2.683
Buffalo Tap Room Baltic Porter 6.759/5/2014Rate 0
Buffalo Tap Room Blonde Ale -7/20/2009Rate 2.741
Buffalo Tap Room Brown Ale -8/21/2003Rate 2.955
Buffalo Tap Room Cherry Wheat -7/20/2009Rate 2.753
Buffalo Tap Room Dark Wheat 5.59/5/2014Rate 0
Buffalo Tap Room Double IPA 8.39/5/2014Rate 0
Buffalo Tap Room Holiday Ale -12/20/2005Rate 2.82
Buffalo Tap Room IPA 6.010/2/2000Rate 2.981213
Buffalo Tap Room Lager -7/20/2009Rate 2.731
Buffalo Tap Room Maibock -4/2/2004Rate 2.933
Buffalo Tap Room Oktobertfest 6.010/2/2000Rate 3.096
Buffalo Tap Room Porter -10/2/2000Rate 3.092011
Buffalo Tap Room Pumpkin Ale 4.59/5/2014Rate 0
Buffalo Tap Room Springfest Ale (alias) -9/5/2014
Buffalo Tap Room Strawberry Blonde Ale -7/20/2009Rate 2.731
Buffalo Tap Room Summerfest 4.510/2/2000Rate 2.935
Buffalo Tap Room Unfiltered Rye -10/10/2003Rate 2.661812
Buffalo Tap Room Winterfest 5.012/20/2004Rate 2.825
Alexander St. Pub Amber Ale -10/18/2000Rate 3.132
Allen St. Hardware Pile Driver IPA -12/1/2008Rate 2.966
Alternative Brews Gargoyle Pale Ale -8/29/2007Rate 3.222
Alternative Brews Hazelnut Brown Ale 4.710/29/2003Rate 2.842012
Arbor Hill Gully Washer IPA 5.56/10/2012Rate 2.811
Arbor Hill Turtle Crawl Porter 6.610/4/2013Rate 2.841
Barley Yards American Black Lager 5.01/25/2009Rate 31
Barley Yards IPA 6.01/25/2009Rate 2.961
Barnstormers Red Baron Ale -10/1/2000Rate 3.112
Beale Street Blues Amber Ale 5.010/1/2000Rate 2.948
Beale Street French Quarter IPA -3/27/2010Rate 2.842
Beale Street Mojo Magic Stout 4.254/27/2004Rate 3.285
Beehive Brew Pub Bee Hoppy IPA 6.610/8/2013Rate 2.893
Beers Of The World Wanna Leiya Pineapple Wheat 5.57/6/2014Rate 2.82
Bennigans Three Leaf Clover Ale 5.05/30/2005Rate 2.841
Bill Gray’s Bull Moose Ale 5.64/18/2014Rate 2.92
Brewery Pub & Grill Brew #10 4.710/3/2006Rate 2.892
Brewery Pub & Grill Gazeebrew -10/2/2000Rate 3.180
Brickyard Brown Ale 4.7511/25/2005Rate 2.73
Bug Jar Brown Hornet Ale 4.910/1/2000Rate 3.14
California Rollin Plum Ale -7/11/2002Rate 2.554
California Rollin Wasabi Brew 4.610/1/2000Rate 38
Cottage Hotel Cottage Ale 4.7510/3/2006Rate 2.865
Cozumel Border Patrol 5.08/12/2004Rate 3.086
Cozumel Loaded Goat 5.010/1/2000Rate 2.878
Custom Brewcrafters "Barry" Double Wit -8/17/2009Rate 3.06639
Custom Brewcrafters "Jack" -1/29/2011Rate 35
Custom Brewcrafters "Jack" Oak Aged Wee Heavy -12/12/2011Rate 2.933
Custom Brewcrafters "Mabel" Breakfast Lager -4/17/2011Rate 2.855
Custom Brewcrafters "Ryan" Imperial Pale Ale -4/15/2010Rate 2.951010
Custom Brewcrafters 10th Anniversary Wee Heavier Ale 10.67/17/2008Rate 2.843
Custom Brewcrafters 1803 Fat Ox Ale -8/5/2010Rate 3.285
Custom Brewcrafters Ales for ALS 6.012/15/2013Rate 3.061
Custom Brewcrafters Black Jack Licorice Stout 5.012/14/2012Rate 3.134
Custom Brewcrafters Bonobo Session IPA 4.58/15/2015Rate 3.095
Custom Brewcrafters Buzz Bock 5.68/10/2013Rate 2.822
Custom Brewcrafters Caged Alpha Monkey 6.512/27/2010Rate 3.324563
Custom Brewcrafters CanalTown Brown Ale 4.758/23/2006Rate 2.946
Custom Brewcrafters Canandaigua Lake Ale 4.758/7/2005Rate 2.681834
Custom Brewcrafters Chief Thundercloud Dunkel Weisse 5.312/13/2012Rate 2.811
Custom Brewcrafters Christmas Ale 5.012/16/2001Rate 3.135621
Custom Brewcrafters Cottage Hotel Christmas At the Cottage 6.11/15/2017Rate 31
Custom Brewcrafters Double Dark "Joe" Stout -5/5/2009Rate 3.032
Custom Brewcrafters Double Dark Cream Porter 5.02/8/2003Rate 3.082673
Custom Brewcrafters Downtown Boogie Brown -6/28/2003Rate 31
Custom Brewcrafters Duffs Beer Ale 4.712/18/2004Rate 2.774
Custom Brewcrafters English Pale Ale 5.110/18/2000Rate 2.52935
Custom Brewcrafters Experiment X 8.55/18/2013Rate 2.862
Custom Brewcrafters Finger Lakes Summer Wheat -1/3/2012Rate 2.845
Custom Brewcrafters Fresh Hop Harvest Pale Ale 4.510/14/2012Rate 0
Custom Brewcrafters Georgia Peach Beer 5.06/3/2014Rate 2.945
Custom Brewcrafters Golden Ale -10/18/2000Rate 3.031
Custom Brewcrafters Hanz Doppelbock -4/12/2009Rate 2.71
Custom Brewcrafters Harvest Jack Pumpkin Ale 5.59/1/2013Rate 2.967
Custom Brewcrafters Hefe Hefeweizen -6/12/2009Rate 2.718
Custom Brewcrafters Hop Harvest -10/18/2000Rate 3.212612
Custom Brewcrafters Hose 22 Amber -11/1/2010Rate 2.842
Custom Brewcrafters Joe Latte’ Vanilla Coffee Stout 5.511/23/2013Rate 3.213914
Custom Brewcrafters Krysztoff 102/21/2011Rate 3.425120
Custom Brewcrafters Live Edge Saison 7.01/15/2017Rate 3.021
Custom Brewcrafters MacBubba 6.510/16/2011Rate 2.89819
Custom Brewcrafters Makumba Double IPA 9.51/7/2016Rate 3.193
Custom Brewcrafters Maple Nut Brown -10/20/2008Rate 3.031
Custom Brewcrafters Max -7/2/2010Rate 2.856
Custom Brewcrafters McAudle 5.07/31/2005Rate 2.771
Custom Brewcrafters Night Owl Cream Porter 5.010/3/2013Rate 3.315010
Custom Brewcrafters Oak-Aged Alpha Monkey IPA 6.53/13/2012Rate 2.811
Custom Brewcrafters Oktoberfest Lager 6.210/6/2006Rate 3.118412
Custom Brewcrafters Phat Burner 6.04/27/2004Rate 3.151
Custom Brewcrafters Pierre -9/5/2010Rate 3.091813
Custom Brewcrafters PIledriver IPA -4/3/2011Rate 2.811
Custom Brewcrafters Pizza Plant Inferno Pod Ale 6.010/1/2000Rate 3.536732
Custom Brewcrafters Poor Richards Ale 8.51/17/2006Rate 2.932
Custom Brewcrafters Raspbeery Wheat Ale 4.510/18/2000Rate 2.896416
Custom Brewcrafters Raspberry Porter -4/8/2006Rate 3.071
Custom Brewcrafters Red Rhino 7.511/15/2013Rate 2.951
Custom Brewcrafters Rye Ale -6/27/2006Rate 2.754
Custom Brewcrafters Salena’s Golden Agave Ale 4.98/12/2013Rate 2.841
Custom Brewcrafters Signature Series "Margaux" -12/16/2012Rate 2.923
Custom Brewcrafters Signature Series “Cassie” Belgian-Style Black Currant Ale 7.85/18/2013Rate 2.971110
Custom Brewcrafters Signature Series Borislav 9.42/4/2012Rate 3.483812
Custom Brewcrafters Signature Series George -2/10/2012Rate 2.911
Custom Brewcrafters Silverback Double India Pale Ale 8.71/18/2014Rate 3.254
Custom Brewcrafters Spring Fever 6.510/18/2000Rate 2.94299
Custom Brewcrafters St. Patricks Irish Ale 4.94/27/2004Rate 2.883622
Custom Brewcrafters Sweet 16 Mango Wheat Anniversary Ale 7.510/4/2013Rate 2.861
Custom Brewcrafters Talk To Me IPA -3/7/2008Rate 2.912
Custom Brewcrafters The 19th Hole Ale 4.21/7/2004Rate 2.785112
Custom Brewcrafters Town of Mendon Bicentennial Ale -5/27/2013Rate 2.811
Custom Brewcrafters Twang 6.04/22/2014Rate 3.17
Custom Brewcrafters Upstairs Pils -8/15/2012Rate 2.842
Custom Brewcrafters Vanilla Infused Double Dark Cream Porter -9/1/2007Rate 3.151
Custom Brewcrafters Wasabi Brew (alias) 4.67/11/2002
Custom Brewcrafters Wee-Heavy Winter Ale 8.110/18/2000Rate 3.167
Custom Brewcrafters Weizen Bock -1/25/2009Rate 3.112
Custom Brewcrafters Whim Barley Wine 102/16/2015Rate 2.82
Custom Brewcrafters Whim Hefeweizen 4.56/8/2014Rate 2.811
Custom Brewcrafters White Fox 5.05/18/2017Rate 2.981
Custom Brewcrafters White Hop Belgian IPA 4.38/7/2013Rate 2.92
Custom Brewcrafters XV Anniversary Ale 8.59/23/2012Rate 3.455515
DBGB Truth Serum IPA 6.12/4/2012Rate 2.791
Distillery Scottish Ale 5.72/4/2012Rate 2.994
Donnellys Dysfunction Ale 5.29/26/2004Rate 2.942
Empty Mug Mugs Master Brew -10/18/2000Rate 3.071
Flaherty’s Christmas Ale 5.512/21/2012Rate 2.771
Flaherty’s Rye IPA 5.52/4/2012Rate 2.811
Froggys Bull Frog Ale -10/2/2000Rate 2.960
Gabriels Brown Ale 5.012/8/2003Rate 3.128
Genesee Country Village and Museum Intrepid Ale 4.010/4/2013Rate 2.791
Greenes Gargoyle Ale -7/29/2004Rate 3.16
Greenes Gargoyle Blackberry Porter -3/5/2005Rate 2.841
Greenes Gargoyle IPA -3/5/2005Rate 2.747
Hogans Apricot Blonde -8/7/2004Rate 2.312
Hogans Pale Ale 5.210/2/2000Rate 3.126
Hogans Park Ave Ale 4.610/2/2000Rate 2.876
J. B. Quimbys Nathans Private Stock Ale 5.23/19/2008Rate 3.111
J.G. Crummers Kick Arse Ale 4.410/1/2000Rate 2.934
J.P. Bullfeathers Tarred and Bullfeathered IPA 5.510/10/2003Rate 3.147
Jack Astors 2 Loud Bucking Ale -10/1/2000Rate 3.362
Jeremiahs Anniversary Amber Ale 4.510/1/2000Rate 2.933
Jeremiahs Frog Grog 4.510/1/2000Rate 2.965
Jimmy Macs Awesome Amber 5.010/2/2000Rate 3.323
Johnnys Irish Red Ale 5.24/28/2004Rate 2.763
JP Bullfeathers IPA -8/7/2003Rate 3.151
Landmark Double Wit 7.010/18/2009Rate 2.771
Lux New Olde Horny Brew 4.410/4/2013Rate 2.81
Magnolias Lemon Wheat -9/26/2004Rate 2.723
Magnolias Moondance Wheat -5/16/2010Rate 2.71
McArdles Irish Ale 4.610/18/2009Rate 2.876
McBane’s Strawberry Wit 5.010/11/2009Rate 2.822
McBane’s Tall Dark and Naked -9/24/2011Rate 2.861
McBane’s Unfiltered Expo Pils 5.48/26/2011Rate 2.813
Mex El Destructo 5.510/1/2000Rate 3.153
Montys Fathead IPA 6.02/26/2006Rate 3.041712
Napa Harvest Basil Brown Ale 5.67/10/2015Rate 0
Napa Wild Fire IPA 6.47/10/2015Rate 2.812
Old Toad 20 8.65/18/2010Rate 3.37179
Old Toad Morning After Porter 5.111/7/2012Rate 2.92
Old Toad Morning After Porter with Smoked Bacon 5.32/6/2016Rate 3.041
Old Toad Nut Brown Ale 4.710/1/2000Rate 3.226615
Old Toad Pink Peppercorn IPA -7/27/2009Rate 2.954
Old Toad Pumpkin Ale -9/28/2009Rate 2.791
Old Toad Sheffield Best Bitter -10/1/2000Rate 3.27
Old Toad Smoking Toad Porter -10/20/2011Rate 34
Old Toad Squashy Brown Ale 6.411/24/2013Rate 2.81
Old Toad Timmy’s Tipple -12/8/2009Rate 2.912
Otter Lodge Wet Whiskers Ale 5.010/6/2006Rate 2.985
Papa Murphys Irish Amber Ale 6.010/2/2000Rate 3.045
Penfield Pour House Pour Man’s Broo 5.210/4/2013Rate 2.771
Pumpkin Hill Crazy Goat 3.010/2/2006Rate 2.51
Rochester Tap Room In Session IPA 4.72/26/2015Rate 2.952
Rochester Yacht Club Spinnaker Ale -9/26/2004Rate 2.731
Shamrock Jacks Pale Ale 4.89/26/2004Rate 2.942
Stoneyard Rippers Red Ale -11/10/2012Rate 2.912
Stoneyard Rock Hard IPA 5.811/10/2012Rate 2.92
Strathallan Stout 5.05/13/2007Rate 3.162
The Gallery Grill Double Eagle Ale 4.89/20/2005Rate 2.83
Village Tavern 1821 Scotch Ale 5.22/4/2012Rate 2.771
Village Tavern Old Post Road Porter 5.610/3/2013Rate 2.861
Whiteys Irish Safari Ale -10/18/2000Rate 2.921
Ya Ya Bayou Brewhouse Amber Ya Ya Ale 4.810/15/2004Rate 0
Ya Ya Bayou Brewhouse Bourbon Street Brown 5.510/1/2004Rate 3.052
Ya Ya Bayou Brewhouse Great Satchmo Stout 4.510/15/2004Rate 0
Ya Ya Bayou Brewhouse Jazzy Blonde Ale 4.010/15/2004Rate 2.771
Rogers Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
5.52/19/2011Rate 2.813
Rogers The Boxer Ruby Red IPA
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
6.16/17/2014Rate 3.073
Rogers The Bulldog IPA
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
6.58/18/2011Rate 2.81
Rogers The Hound Dog Scotch Ale
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
6.62/9/2013Rate 2.846
Rogers The Labrador Double Chocolate Porter
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
8.13/25/2014Rate 3.174
Rogers The Mutt Double IPA
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
8.012/24/2012Rate 3.137
Rogers The Rottweiler Oktoberfest Lager
Brewed by/for Rogers Beer Company
6.39/16/2013Rate 2.894
The Distillery House Ale
Brewed by/for The Distillery
-5/19/2017Rate 31
Three Heads Amalgamation Brown Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.510/28/2013Rate 3.26709
Three Heads Big Head Stout
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.010/17/2012Rate 3.323927
Three Heads Blimey English Style Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.012/7/2010Rate 3.29038
Three Heads Blimey IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.74/15/2013Rate 3.253822
Three Heads Bromigo Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.09/9/2011Rate 3.329166
Three Heads Buffalo Soul Jah Imperial Red Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
9.21/8/2015Rate 3.495911
Three Heads Captain Banana Unfiltered Wheat
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.06/12/2015Rate 3.194
Three Heads Cobbs Hill Black Lager
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.05/30/2012Rate 3.338531
Three Heads Common Man Special Lager
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
5.53/21/2012Rate 3.187754
Three Heads Country Shwheat Imperial Wheat
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.66/13/2013Rate 3.042614
Three Heads Double Skunk Imperial Black IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
8.52/23/2015Rate 3.454814
Three Heads Giant Panda Dub Style IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
8.78/14/2015Rate 3.435
Three Heads Java Sutra Coffee Porter
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.512/7/2010Rate 3.590112
Three Heads Kings Scotch
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
-5/27/2013Rate 2.912
Three Heads Loopy Oatmeal Red Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.61/11/2012Rate 3.598111
Three Heads Moho Smoked Porter
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.43/5/2014Rate 3.326113
Three Heads Ontario Coast IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.56/7/2011Rate 3.324656
Three Heads Population Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
5.510/9/2014Rate 3.194512
Three Heads Rebel Soul Imperial Coconut Porter
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.61/8/2016Rate 3.46829
Three Heads Rochestafarian Wee Heavy Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.02/22/2013Rate 2.971061
Three Heads Rye-Dye Smoked IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.56/13/2014Rate 3.386914
Three Heads Sir Shock-A-Lot Double Chocolate Milk Stout
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
7.53/13/2015Rate 3.264114
Three Heads Skunk Black IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.512/7/2010Rate 3.4957106
Three Heads The Kind IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
6.812/7/2010Rate 3.4773191
Three Heads Too Kind DIPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
8.51/10/2013Rate 3.433994
Three Heads Tre Kind Triple IPA
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
101/8/2014Rate 3.586448
Three Heads Tropical Kind - Rum Oak
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
8.59/26/2014Rate 2.892
Three Heads Tropical Kind Double India Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
9.07/28/2014Rate 3.21212
Three Heads Wendigo Winter Ale
Brewed by/for Three Heads Brewing
8.510/29/2014Rate 3.39479

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